MING 27.02: Gradient guilloché

MING 27.02: Gradient guilloché

Reading Time: 5 minutes Evolution and hindsight Design isn’t an instantaneous process – on average, it takes 18-24 months from initial sketches to first delivery. This gives us plenty of time to live with prototypes, play around with design elements and ask ourselves ‘what if?’. The MING 27.02 is a result of this question, […]

Angelus x Thibault Magnin
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Angelus x Thibault Magnin – Angel Face

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thibault Magnin, the talented young Spanish-Swiss skier on the world freestyle scene specialising in the big air and slopestyle disciplines, becomes an Angelus ambassador, choosing a U41 tourbillon to accompany him in his exploits.