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“Never give up!” – Interview with Phillip Brashear

Reading Time: 4 minutes Carl Brashear’s son Phillip leads the foundation that continues his father’s legacy, inspiring generations of people to overcome their challenges. Phillip, tell us a bit about yourself… I’m Phillip M. Brashear and I’m a government employee with the Defense Logistics Agency. I’m also a Command Chief Warrant Officer with the […]


URWERK UR-100V T-Rex: waiting to be tamed

Reading Time: 3 minutes T-Rex is the name given to the latest iteration of Urwerk’s UR-100 collection. It carries both Urwerk’s genome in its satellite hours and that of its namesake in the primal texture of its reinforced hide of bronze. The UR-100V T-Rex is decidedly a creature you’ll want to tame. But wouldn’t […]