Christie’s Geneva Rare Watches Spring Sale

A selection of timepieces showcasing the history of the City by the Lake as the cradle of watchmaking and Métiers d’Art craftsmanship

Christie’s Geneva Rare Watches Spring Sale
Christie’s Rare Watches Geneva Live auction | 10 May, Four Seasons les Bergues, (230 lots, estimation: CHF 12,786,900) Online auction | 7 – 18 May (215 lots, estimation: CHF 1,613,700)
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Christie’s is proud to present its Spring auction season combining a live “Rare Watches” auction on 10 May and one special online sale from 7 to 18 May, in Geneva, the City by the Lake, where watchmaking history continues to be written and the finest traditions of Métiers d’Art craftsmanship live on.

The sale brings to market Métiers d’Art timepieces that epitomise the highest mastery of the arts of enamelling, precious metal smithing and gem setting, of movement decoration and engraving, alongside iconic vintage and contemporary watches that have become legends in their own time – exceptional pieces that collectors the world over have been waiting for, and that a broader audience of watch lovers will be keen to discover.

Discover a rare Patek Philippe’s ref. 605 HU (Heure Universelle) world time pocket watch in pink gold with a cloisonné enamel dial depicting a magnificent map of the United States of America (one of only four such models known to exist).

Patek Philippe ref. 2526 in a white gold case, made by the Geneva master case maker F. Baumgartner, with an ivory-coloured enamel dial itself highlighted by diamond hour-markers, is particularly scarce.

A highly sought-after F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain from the year 2000 with a brass movement and a gold-coloured dial is another highlight.

Other important Patek Philippe models include a beautiful ref. 1518 in pink gold, featuring the rare double signature of the Venezuelan retailer Serpico Y Laino and the rare white gold Patek Philippe ref. 3974G répétition minutes. Less than 12 pieces were made in white gold, with only two examples ever showing up at auction.

The live sale is estimated to achieve between CHF12,8 and 20,8 million/US$13.9 and 22.6, showcasing the strength of the market currently, and the work of Christie’s specialists in Geneva.

Rémi Guillemin, Christie’s Watches Specialist, says“Geneva remains the most prestigious platform for vintage and modern watches alike. The upcoming Christie’s Geneva Rare Watches auction celebrate Geneva’s watchmaking heritage and will offer true horological treasures. From museum-grade pocket watches to iconic vintage timepieces and modern masterpieces, the sale will appeal to all international collectors searching for the exceptional. An online auction will complement the live sale, allowing watch lovers the time to discover and examine the many exclusive lots.”

THE LIVE SALE, 10 May 2021 at 10:30AM & 2:30PM at Hotel Four Seasons, Les Bergues


Patek Philippe Reference 605 HU (Heure Universelle– Among the highlights of Christie’s Geneva Rare Watches spring auction, collectors will discover a Patek Philippe ref. 605 HU (for Heure Universelle) world time pocket watch in rose gold with a cloisonné enamel dial. Of all Patek Philippe pocket watches made in the middle of the 20th century, few come close to matching the rarity and beauty of this particular model. This reference was one of the first to feature Louis Cottier’s world time system, and each watch was made under Cottier’s direct supervision. From 1939 to 1964, Louis Cottier and Patek Philippe produced a total of 95 pieces – 68 in yellow gold and 27 in rose gold. Reference 605 was available with a plain metal dial or a unique cloisonné enamel dial depicting individual continents, hemispheres, or the entire world. Today, only around 12 examples with a cloisonné dial are known to exist, only four of which, including the present watch, are decorated with the map of North America.

(Est. CHF550,000-750,000 / €500,000-680,000 / USD600,000-820,000)

Ilbery. An extremely fine and important 18K gold and enamel openface pocket chronometer with Peto cross detent escapement, the enamel attributed to Jean-Louis Richter, made for the Chinese market – This exceptional timepiece made for the Chinese market impressively combines the work of two of the most celebrated artists of their time: the high-precision movement of the watchmaker William Ilbery of London and the lavish gold case distinguished by the magnificence of the finely painted enamel miniature attributed to the Genevan enamellist Jean-Louis Richter (1766-1841). The Charming bucolic painted enamel scenes such as that of the present watch derived from English genre paintings by artists from the Royal Academy such as Joshua Reynolds, Francis Wheatley, William Hamilton and William Redmore Bigg, who specialized in images of romanticized English rural life in the last quarter of the 18th century. Their paintings were engraved and sold as prints which were enormously popular and were used as models for the Genevan enamellers.

(Est. CHF45,000-90,000 / €40,000-80,000 / USD50,000-100,000)


Attributed to Charles-Abraham Bruguier. A very fine and rare 18K gold and enamel singing bird box – This beguiling singing bird box is an exceptional example of the horological craftsmanship Geneva became synonymous with. Extraordinary for its mechanical complexity and tonal quality, this apparently unsigned exemplar is attributed to eminent artisan Charles-Abraham Bruguier the younger. The exquisitely enameled case is in the style of Jean-Georges Rémond. First seen in Geneva in the late 18th century, these marvels uncannily imitated real life, from simpler “Bras en l’Air” figures whose arms indicated the time, to stunning depictions of pastoral, theatrical or other scenes such as that on this box. These works of art and engineering were highly appreciated not only in Europe, but also by Chinese and Ottoman dignitaries.

(Est. CHF75,000-110,000 / €68,000-100,000 / USD82,000-130,000)

Attributed to Piguet & Capt. An exceptionally rare and very fine 18K gold and enamel pearl-set trefoil-shaped musical vinaigrette with automaton scene and clock, original fitted box – This exquisite precious object still possesses the power to enchant more than 200 years after it was made. Incredibly rare, this automaton vinaigrette table watch is both a superb jewel and a mechanical marvel that would make a worthy addition to even the most exalted collection. Its identical ‘twin’ is on permanent exhibition at the prestigious Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. Incorporating a musical movement, watch and automata, it is a fascinating object of beauty as well as highly ingenious engineering and design. Attributable stylistically to Piguet & Capt, the most important Geneva makers of complicated small automata and watches in the early 19th century, this exemplar’s movement is impressively small, almost miniaturized, a feat that required exceptional skill to achieve.

(Est. CHF65,000-90,000 / €58,000-82,000 / USD70,000-100,000)

Attributed to Charles Ducommun. An extremely fine and very rare, large and important 18K rose gold, enamel and pearl-set open face quarter repeating pocket watch with virgule escapement and polychrome gold automaton depicting ‘Moses striking the rock.’ – The ‘Moses’ automaton watches are perhaps the most famous and iconic among all the Swiss automaton timepieces made in the early years of
the 19th century. These extremely rare and highly complex automatons fascinate with the sheer difficulty of conceiving and realizing a mechanical movement capable of operating a series of delayed actions and combining it with a multicolored gold and enamel scene of highest aesthetic quality. To the best of our knowledge, this spectacular specimen is the first to be offered at an international auction in a decade. It is an exciting moment indeed that Christie’s finds itself in the privileged position to give today’s collectors the once-in-a-generation opportunity to own one of these most elusive of automaton watches.

(Est. CHF90,000-140,000 / €80,000-125,000 / USD100,000-150,000)


Patek Philippe reference 3974. A very rare 18K gold automatic minute repeating perpetual calendar wristwatch with moon phases, 24 hour and leap year, day/night indication – One of the most important watches ever produced in series, the Patek Philippe ref. 3974 launched in 1989 to celebrate Patek Philippe’s 150th anniversary was simultaneously the firm’s and the world’s most complicated wristwatch. The very first movement was numbered 1’906’000. Research reveals that only around 160 examples of reference 3974 were ever made, the majority in yellow gold. The ingenious Calibre 27 RQ impresses not only by the 467 parts it numbers, but also by Patek Philippe’s mastery in combining a 22K micro-rotor, minute repeating, perpetual calendar, 24-hour indication and phases of the moon mechanisms in a proportionally thin 12.2 mm movement. Cases of the early examples were made by Jean-Pierre Hagmann, with the very first ones, such as the present one, bearing his ‘JPH’ mark. Later series were fitted with Ateliers Réunis cases.

(Est. CHF240,000-330,000 / €220,000-300,000 / USD260,000-360,000)

Patek Philippe reference 3974. An extremely rare 18K gold automatic minute repeating perpetual calendar wristwatch with moon phases, 24 hour and leap year and day/night indication – Presented in very good overall condition and fresh to the market, the dial of the present Patek Philippe ref. 3974 is certainly one of the most attractive to adorn this model. The striking, highly charismatic black dial was fitted at the special request of a previous owner. An extremely rare find, black dials are part of the most coveted versions of reference 3974. Originally born with a silver opaline dial, this particular timepiece is made highly appealing through the contrast of the deep black with the yellow gold. According to our research, the present reference 3974 is the only known example with a black dial and gold applied hour markers. As indicated by ‘JPH’ stamped underneath the lower left lug, the impressive case was made by renowned casemaker Jean-Pierre Hagmann of Geneva.

(Est. CHF240,000-420,000 / €220,000-380,000 / USD260,000-460,000)

Patek Philippe reference 5079. An extremely rare 18K gold automatic Cathédrale Minute repeating wristwatch with enamel dial and box – This Patek Philippe ref. 5079 embodies the most iconic traits of a Patek Philippe wristwatch as a pure repeater, without any further complication. The epitome of elegance, the dial is deceptively simple with only subsidiary seconds, Roman numerals, and railway track divisions. The piece’s significance is hinted at by the dial: the result of an extremely costly, lengthy and difficult process reserved only for exceptional watches. Only an estimated 80 were made from 2001 to 2005. Last, not least, it is a cathedral repeater, meaning a deeper and longer chime due to extra-long gongs. Fitting such resonators in a wristwatch case is a feat left only to the very best of watchmakers. Combining elegance, rarity, understatement and engineering prowess, reference 5079 epitomises what collectors look for in a Patek Philippe.

(Est. CHF200,000-300,000 / €190,000-270,000 / USD220,000-330,000)

Patek Philippe reference 5016. An extremely rare and highly important platinum minute repeating perpetual calendar wristwatch with tourbillon, retrograde date, moon phases, leap year indication and Breguet numerals – Patek Philippe ref. 5016, introduced in 1994, incorporates all the complications sought after by discerning collectors: a minute repeater with sublime resonance, a retrograde perpetual calendar with moon phases, and a tourbillon. As lubrication oils will degrade with exposure to light, the latter is not visible. Together with references 5050, 5059 (and later 5159), it is also the only watch to feature a retrograde date with triple calendar windows and moon phases combined with subsidiary seconds.

(Est. CHF330,000-520,000 / €310,000-470,000 /USD360,000-570,000)

Patek Philippe reference 5016. An extremely rare and highly important 18K rose gold minute repeating perpetual calendar wristwatch with tourbillon retrograde date, moon phases, leap year indication, black dial, certificates and box – Consigned by the original owner, an important private collector, this Patek Philippe ref. 5016 in rose gold with the arresting combination of black dial with Breguet numerals is one of the most beautiful and desirable examples – of one of the most intricate references ever created by Patek Philippe. A world-class trophy, the watch is in excellent overall condition and comes with a full set of accessories. Our research indicates the present timepiece is one of only 6 of 5016’s made in rose gold.

(Est. CHF280,000-460,000 / €260,000-420,000 / USD300,000-500,000)


Patek Philippe Reference 1518 – A beautiful Patek Philippe ref. 1518 in rose gold, featuring the rare double signature of the Venezuelan retailer Serpico Y Laino, will be available in the sale. Only a handful of retailers worldwide had the privilege of having their name appear alongside that of Patek Philippe on the dial of the timepieces they sold, making these pieces highly desirable. Patek Philippe’s reference 1518 was the world’s first perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch to be serially produced, and is now also the rarest. Only 281 pieces were ever made from 1941 to 1954, in yellow and rose gold, with a few examples in steel. Its scarcity frustrated a great number of the company’s clients, as the reference was reserved for the most prominent Patek Philippe patrons such as Henry Graves Jr, the King of Jordan, and the King of Egypt.

 (Est. CHF450,000-900,000 / €410,000-820,000 / USD490,000-1,000,000)

Patek Philippe reference 5970. A very rare platinum perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch with moon phases, 24-hour indication, additional case back, certificate of origin and box  – One of fewer than 500 pieces in platinum, this Patek Philippe ref. 5970 in excellent condition comes with all the original accessories. To the best of our knowledge, it has never been offered in public before. So far only 39 have come back to market.

(Est. CHF150,000-250,000 / €140,000-230,000 / USD160,00-275,000)




Vacheron Constantin. An exceptional sculptural 18K gold, crystal, lapis lazuli, cacholong, silver-gilt, diamond, emerald and ruby-set 8-day – This exquisite three-dimensional mystery table clock is sculptural art as a horological masterpiece. This mystery tourbillon was created by Brun of Paris, based upon Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin’s invention. Here, the tourbillon carriage is fixed to the plate, creating the illusion of a clock floating in mid-air. It is in fact powered through a glass plate mounted with teeth on its periphery which is in turn set between the concave rock crystal dial plates, with the tourbillon carriage revolving on the second axis once in fifteen minutes.

(Est. CHF140,000-230,000 / €130,000-210,000 / USD150,000-250,000)

F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain – Consigned by an important private collector and preserved in excellent condition Christie’s Geneva is delighted to present one of François-Paul Journe’s early Tourbillon Souverain timepieces from the year 2000. In 1999, Journe sold 20 Tourbillon Souverain wristwatches with a remontoir d’égalité by subscription, and collectors scrambled to obtain one. This timepiece comes in platinum with a brass movement and a gold-coloured dial that is highly appreciated by collectors.

(Est. CHF240,000-330,000 / €220,000-300,000 / USD260,000-360,000)


F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain. An extremely rare and magnificent limited edition tourbillon wristwatch in platinum with power reserve, constant-force remontoire, dead-beat seconds, mother-of-pearl dial, certificate and box – Extremely rare and of great interest and certain appeal to connoisseurs, the present timepiece is situated at the intersection of design, eccentricity and engineering. Exclusively made for the Singaporean retailer Sincere Fine Watches, this particular watch is part of a limited edition of 15 pieces only. Crafted in platinum and featuring a black mother-of-pearl dial, the watch is a rare variant of the celebrated Tourbillon Souverain – and one of a small, yet significant collection of F.P. Journe watches made with a stone dial.

(Est. CHF300,000-500,000 / €280,000-450,000 / USD330,000-550,000)

F.P. Journe reference TN. A very rare 18K rose gold tourbillon wristwatch with power reserve, constant-force remontoire, dead-beat seconds, certificate and box – Consigned by a private collector and in excellent overall condition, this is the highly sought-after rose gold version of the Reference TN – for Tourbillon Nouveau – introduced in 2004. It is the direct descendant of the celebrated Reference T, F.P. Journe’s first production watch and the first wristwatch ever with a constant-force remontoire. Applying a constant force to the balance wheel, whether the watch is fully wound or not, greatly increases precision. François-Paul Journe’s ingenious masterpiece is the first wristwatch to combine a constant-force remontoire, dead-beat seconds and a tourbillon regulator. In 2004, the Tourbillon Souverain won the Aiguille d’Or at the Geneva Grand Prix d’Horlogerie and the Watch of the Year Award in Japan.

(Est. CHF130,000-170,000 / €120,000-150,000 / USD140,000-180,000)

Patek Philippe reference 944/1. An extremely fine and important, very large and unique 18K gold open face, high-precision keyless lever pocket watch with one-minute tourbillon regulator by Hector Golay – Patek Philippe’s early 20th century tourbillon watches destined to compete in the Observatory Contest are by their very nature among the very best precision timepieces ever made. The prestige conferred by obtaining consistent Observatory prizes was considerable. As a result, Patek Philippe’s track record in winning the timepieces made to extremely fine tolerances resulted in greater commercial success for the brand as a whole. In the 1980s, Patek Philippe created a small number of very special watches around these exceptional historic high-precision movements – to be offered only to a very select few clients. This one-off Patek Philippe ref. 944/1 therefore represents a very rare opportunity for discerning collectors to obtain a historic Patek Philippe Observatory-tested tourbillon.

(Est. CHF280,000-460,000 / €260,000-420,000 / USD300,000-500,000)

Lange & Söhne ‘Pour le Mérite’ Tourbillon. An extremely rare 18K rose gold limited edition tourbillon wristwatch with fusée-and-chain transmission, power reserve and bracelet – Offered for the first time at Christie’s, the present timepiece is number 112 of a strictly limited edition of 150 examples of the Tourbillon ‘Pour le Mérite’. Made for some of the firm’s most loyal clients, the model has only been seen twice at auction, a testament to its exclusiveness. According to A. Lange & Söhne, of the 150 examples produced, 24 pieces were crafted in rose gold, 19 in white gold, 106 in yellow gold and 1 in stainless steel.

(Est. CHF110,000-170,000 / €100,000-150,000 / USD120,000-180,000) 



Patek Philippe Reference 2526 – Presented at the live auction, this very rare piece in white gold is rightly famous for its elegant ivory-coloured enamel dial. Around 2,400 pieces were made in yellow gold, 360 in rose gold, 70 in white gold, and 70 in platinum. Although the same number were made in white gold and platinum, the white gold version is now rarer: Only around 20 examples have been discovered to date, compared to 24 platinum watches. The present watch is one of the finest examples of the reference in white gold to be seen on the market for some time.

(Est. CHF140,000-230,000 / €130,000-210,000 / USD150,000-250,000)



Patek Philippe reference 3974. An extremely rare 18K white gold automatic minute repeating perpetual calendar wristwatch with moon phases, 24-hour, leap year, day/night indication and box – This Patek Philippe ref. 3974 belongs to one of the most important watch series, introduced in 1989 to celebrate Patek Philippe’s 150th anniversary, reference 3974 was at the time not only the firm’s but also the world’s most complicated wristwatch. The ingenious Calibre 27 RQ impresses not only by the remarkable total of 467 components, but, and perhaps especially so, by Patek Philippe’s masterly performance in combining a 22K micro-rotor, minute repeating, perpetual calendar, 24-hour indication and phases of the moon mechanisms in an impressively thin movement of 12.2 mm in height. The cases of the early examples, including this piece, were made by Jean-Pierre Hagmann in Geneva, bearing his hallmark

(Est. CHF550,000-900,000 / €510,000-820,000 / USD600,000-980,000)


Patek Philippe reference 5980R. A large and attractive 18K rose gold automatic chronograph wristwatch with date, bracelet, certificate of origin and box – Consigned by an important private collector, it is fresh to the market, equipped with a chronograph complication and features the fabled ‘bull’s eye’ subsidiary dial.

(Est. CHF100,000-200,000 / €90,000-180,000 / USD110,000-220,000)




Patek Philippe reference 5990/1A-001. A large and attractive stainless steel automatic chronograph dual time wristwatch with date, bracelet, certificate of origin and box – Launched in 2014, Patek Philippe’s ref. 5990/1A-001 quickly attracted both loyal brand enthusiasts and watch lovers at large. Considered to be the most complicated Nautilus ever made, it combines a dual-time zone with a flyback chronograph and day/night indicator.

(Est. CHF100,000-200,000 / €91,000-180,000 / USD110,000-220,000)



Patek Philippe reference 5711/1R-001. A 18K rose gold automatic wristwatch with sweep center seconds, date, bracelet, certificate of origin and box – This fresh-to-the-market Patek Philippe ref. 5711/1R-001 was purchased by the present owner, at Tiffany & Co. in New York. Already one of the most coveted Patek Philippe contemporary timepieces, this reference 5711/1R-001 with the Tiffany & Co. signature is a grail example for Nautilus collectors. Made in limited numbers, the model has never been seen at public auction, a testimony of its exclusivity.

(Est. CHF140,000-235,000 / €130,000-210,000 / USD150,000-255,000)



Patek Philippe reference 3700/11JA very rare and highly attractive 18K gold automatic wristwatch with date, bracelet and original box – A superb example of the sought-after Nautilus series launched in 1980 and produced in very small numbers only. According to research, fewer than 300 examples of the model and its sister ref. 3700/1 in gold have appeared in public to date. A rare opportunity to acquire one of the exceedingly rare examples of the legendary ref. 3700/11J.

(Est. CHF100,000-200,000 / €91,000-180,000 / USD110,000-220,000)



Rolex ‘Jean-Claude Killy’ reference 6036 in yellow gold will seduce Rolex aficionados. This timepiece is the third generation of the celebrated Dato-Compax Oyster triple calendar chronograph, the most complicated timepiece ever proposed by Rolex. The family of Rolex Dato-Compax calendar chronograph wristwatches (references 4768, 5036, 6036, and 6236) is linked to the legendary alpine ski racer Jean-Claude Killy. An Olympic champion and a man of extremely refined taste, Killy has been associated with Rolex for over 40 years as an official Rolex Ambassador, also serving on the Rolex Board of Directors. Reference 6036 only had a short production run and was never reissued, which makes it so rare and desirable today.

(Est. CHF140,000-230,000 / €130,000-210,000 / USD150,000-250,000)


Rolex Submariner reference 5513 ‘Comex.’ A very rare stainless automatic wristwatch with sweep center seconds, date, bracelet and box – The present timepiece in splendid overall condition is a striking example of the rare reference 5513 made for COMEX (Compagnie Maritime expertise). The very rare and well-preserved dial shows an attractively discoloured luminous material.

(Est. CHF75,000-110,000 / €68,000-100,000 / USD80,000-120,000)




Rolex Submariner reference 16660 ‘Comex.’ A very rare and extremely attractive stainless steel automatic wristwatch with sweep center seconds, date, helium release valve, bracelet, original warranty papers, anchor and box – Offered by its original owner, this most appealing example of the rare reference 16660 made for COMEX impresses not only by its original overall condition. It also with its full set of period accessories – all rarities by themselves. The owner was an employee of ConocoPhillips, active in North Sea oil and gas exploration, who had contracted COMEX for diving services. He received the watch in 1987 by Rolex retailer Jamieson & Carry of Aberdeen, Scotland, it has since been a reliable companion on diving trips all over the world.

(Est. CHF40,000-60,000 / € 36,000-54,000 / USD44,000-65,000)


Eberhard & Co. A very rare and highly attractive stainless steel split seconds chronograph with tropical dial and start/stop/lock device – This gorgeous example of an Eberhard split seconds chronograph wristwatch catches the eye with its 40mm diameter, already quite large for the period but also by today’s standards, but the main attraction is no doubt the tropical dial. The overall condition of this nearly 80-year-old timepiece is excellent. As the full proportions and sharp edges to the triple stepped bezel attest, the case has not been subject to careless polishing. The original dial shows clear gilt scripts, creating an appealing contrast with the tropical dial.

(Est. CHF30,000-50,000 / €27,000-45,000 / USD 32,000-55,000)



Breguet Equation of Time No. 1348 – This remarkable and exceptionally rare complicated watch by the great Abraham-Louis Breguet demonstrates his genius in conceiving new solutions for manufacturing Haute Complication timepieces. Reference No. 1348, with Gregorian and Julian calendars, equation of time, zodiac, and days of the week, is a significant historic masterpiece and a true prize for the serious collector.

(Est. CHF180,000-280,000 / €170,000-250,000 / USD200,000-300,000)


Breguet No. 2166. An exceptionally fine and highly important 18K gold open face minute repeating Grande et Petite Sonnerie striking clockwatch with four gongs, lateral lever escapement, triple train with independent trains for the time, striking and chiming, a secret portrait compartment, certificate and box – Minute repeating clockwatches with Grande et Petite Sonnerie are an exceptional rarity, even among Breguet’s most complicated watches. Seen as wondrous creations at the time, they were amongst the most expensive of Breguet’s timepieces, usually selling between 3,000 and 4,000 francs, on a par with a ‘perpétuelle’ and even more expensive than a tourbillon. The manufacturing complexity was reflected in the exorbitant price and only very few were made.

(Est. CHF140,000-180,000 / €130,000-160,000 / USD150,000-200,000)

Breguet No. 195/3759. An extremely rare and highly important 18K gold open face self-winding minute repeating pocket watch with jumping hours lever, free-spring helical balance spring and 60-hours power reserve – Christie’s is honored to offer connoisseurs and collectors of world-class works of art the opportunity to obtain a superlative example of horological mastery by the legendary Abraham-Louis Breguet. This watch belongs to a small and rarefied family of Breguet’s legendary self-winding perpétuelle watches. Arguably, it was the level of perfection achieved by Breguet’s self-winding watch that brought attention to his genius among a wider public. In addition to belonging to the self-winding perpétuelle series, a great rarity in itself, Breguet No. 195/3759 features the added complication of a minute repeater, thus combining two of the most important and advanced horological refinements of the period. Minute repeaters by Breguet are exceedingly prestigious, as almost all, apart from a very few examples, were ‘perpétuelles.’ After 1810, virtually all other Breguet repeaters were either quarter or half-quarter repeating.

(Est. CHF240,000-280,000 / €220,000-250,000 / USD260,000-300,000)


The 215 lots offered in the Watches Online: The Geneva Edit comprise an attractive range of wristwatches, pocket watches and clocks dating from the 17th century to the present day, as part of Luxury Week in Geneva. This season’s edit features signed examples by famous manufacturers, including Patek Philippe, Rolex, A. Lange & Söhne, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Cartier, Omega and Longines.

Rolex stainless steel Submariner “Hulk” and Rolex 18K gold GMT-Master II – An instant classic of contemporary Rolex production, Rolex stainless steel Submariner reference 116610 was launched in 2010 and immediately captured the attention of collectors thanks to its green dial and bezel combination, the reason behind its nickname ‘The Hulk’ (Est. CHF8,000-14,000 / Euro 7,200 – 13,000 / US$ 9,000 – 15,000).
The iconic 18K gold GMT-Master II reference 116718, originally developed for pilots, was introduced at Baselworld in 2005 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the famed GMT-Master model. The present example features the eye-catching green dial introduced for the occasion (Est. CHF20,000-40,000 / Euro 18,000 – 36,000 / US$22,000 – 44,000)

Christie’s Geneva
Monday, May 10th, 2021 at 10:30am & 2:30pm                     LIVE sale ‘Rare watches’
7 – 18 May 2021                                                                         ONLINE sale ‘Watches Online – Geneva Edit’

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