1st of April: Introducing SEIKO Presage – the “Senbei” dial

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Since its foundation in 1881, Seiko has always pursued the art of watchmaking. The Seiko Presage collection of fine mechanical watches has previously featured dials inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics and craftsmanship such as porcelain enamel, “shippo” enamel, and “urushi” lacquer. Now, Presage is working with a traditional Japanese snack: “senbei” or Japanese rice cracker. Through the integration of two Japanese fields of expertise, this marvelous product was born.



The path to production, walked by Seiko engineers hand-in-hand with a highly skilled “senbei” artisan—was a challenge without compromise. They struggled to find the ideal combination of rice and soy sauce to give the dial its rich-taste and a grill temperature for perfect dial color. Yet through long trial and error, this watch was born.


SEIKO “Senbei” dial


The Roman numerals and logo mark on the Presage “Senbei” Dial are expressed in finely cut “nori,” placed by the careful hands of an artisan. The seaweed is from Japan, and goes well with soy sauce flavored “senbei.” The artistry residing in this watch elevates this masterpiece to the realm of art.

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