Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

Reading Time: 5 minutes Since 2016, the Bugatti Chiron has remained an incomparable icon of hypersports car performance. Limited to just 500 units, the final Chiron has now been hand-assembled by the craftspeople in Molsheim; a vibrant piece of bespoke art known as ‘L’Ultime’. This final farewell to Chiron marks the closing of anContinue Reading

In GDR times, the number of ladies' watches produced was at least on a par with the amount of watches produced for men.

Reading Time: 4 minutes For almost 150 years, Glashütte has been manufacturing watches specifically for women. Over the course of time, their wearers have repeatedly proved themselves to be trendsetters. While men struggled with the transition from pocket watches to wristwatches until the middle of the 20th century, the catalogue of historical ladies’ modelsContinue Reading

Bugatti Sur Mesure

Reading Time: 5 minutes The genius of Jean Bugatti – the visionary designer and engineer who imbued the entire automotive world with his pioneering creations – lay not only in his engineering prowess but the unmatched aesthetic proportions of his designs. The yield of Jean’s legacy endures, and the Type 55 stands as aContinue Reading

The Famous Project

Reading Time: 4 minutes Richard Mille is delighted to announce a new challenge of high performance on the high seas. The brand is getting on board The Famous Project, initiated by world-renowned sailor Alexia Barrier. Beyond the athletic aspect of the challenge, the project is also reaching new heights in seafaring.Continue Reading

Bulgari Aeterna

Reading Time: 10 minutes Bvlgari chooses the Eternal city of Rome, its hometown and everlasting source of inspiration, to unveil Aeterna, its new High-End Collection, presenting for the occasion a precious assortment of over 500 creations, including High Jewelry and High Jewelry Watches, High-End Bags and Very High-End Fragrances. An occasion to celebrate, withContinue Reading

Louis Vuitton Core Values Campaign

Reading Time: 3 minutes Louis Vuitton is pleased to reveal a new chapter in its storied Core Values campaigns, captured through the lens of celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz. The inspirational campaign features tennis’s most revered champions, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, as they ascend to the summit of Italy’s Dolomites mountain range. Embodied inContinue Reading