Reading Time: 2 minutes There are not too many watches out there with an inspiration coming from historic and political characters and the choice of dedicating a watch to a special man of the past is as romantic as the story of that man. Georg the Bearded, Duke of Saxony, was born in 27Continue Reading

Reading Time: 6 minutes Today I will continue my BaselWorld2017 experience with the remaining personal stories from the 24th March. For those who didn’t read the first parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 are available with pictures from a few independent watchmakers and watch brands. I am not a professional photographer, but some of the picturesContinue Reading

Reading Time: 4 minutes I can not continue my third part of my impressions at BaseWorld 2017 without a small recap of Part 1 and Part 2: it was my first visit in Basel and at Baselworld, without any plan or any meeting scheduled. I just wanted to improvise and have fun: I’ve met DanielContinue Reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today I will continue to reveal my BaselWorld2017 experience but not before I make a small recapitulation of Part 1: my first time in Basel, had a look at the Nord Zeitmaschine Freesdial watches, wondering around the MB&F timepieces and creatures, enjoying, at last, the Fiona Krüger Petit Skull Blue andContinue Reading

Baselworld 2017

Reading Time: 3 minutes Friday, 24.March 2017 was a great day for me. I decided at the last minute to go to Baselworld, with some help from my wife, that supports my horological hobby very much – Thank you, dear! To make everything simpler, or more complicated, depending on the point of view, IContinue Reading

Reading Time: 4 minutes Looking forward to this year’s Baselworld I remembered some of the last year’s releases. One of the watches unveiled at Baseworld 2016 (wow, another year has passed) comes from Glashütte – one of the most important horological regions in Germany – the ATUM Pure M from Moritz Grossmann. Even if the GrossmannContinue Reading


Reading Time: 4 minutes Every springtime unfolds in Stuttgart one of the biggest retro and classics automotive fair in Europe – Retro Classics. Between historical and rare cars, spare parts and automobile tuners I had a pleasant surprise to meet Mr  Hermann Grieb, the first part of the Grieb & Benzinger brand name. Mr GriebContinue Reading