Holthinrichs RAW Ornament Pale Gold dial detail

A photographic review of the Holthinrichs RAW Ornament

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I know about the Holthinrichs watches since 2016. The idea of 3-D printed metal was not new to me but watches printing was, certainly, uncharted territories. If I remember well, it was Michiel that approached me at first and we met at Basel in 2017. Since he is a crazy guy loving his watches and always innovating and I am another crazy guy loving watches and always in search for innovation and we both in the search for the new… You get the idea – an instant connection was made and now I am honoured to call him my friend. So this, let’s call it a “review”, will be different. I will let the pictures do the talking with me adding some info at the caption of each.

Disclaimer: the pictures are done in a photographic unfriendly environment and suffered some photoshop manipulation. Some photos lack the colour consistency, correct exposure and so on. But since this is not the usual review and Michiel liked the photos, I considered that is more important to showcase the watches. Before diving into the pictures, have a look at the video from Baselworld 2019.

Holthinrichs RAW Ornament White Rhodium and Pale Gold

The find information about the RAW Ornament you need to open the pictures in the gallery mode. Just click on the image. Enjoy!

For more information, please visit the Holthinrichs Watches Website.


  1. Best photos I’ve seen of these amazing watches!

    1. Author

      Thank you Jarrett. ?

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