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A Tribute to Inspiring Women: Carl F. Bucherer and WOMEN IN BUSINESS Celebrate Their New Partnership

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For the past 133 years, inspiring women have been shaping Carl F. Bucherer in all aspects of business, becoming an integral part of the brand’s rich heritage and lively traditions. These women have been pacesetters for the development of the brand ever since 1888. From Wilhelmina Bucherer-Heeb, who remarkably contributed to the international growth of the company, to Chinese actress Li Bingbing, CFB’s first Global Brand Ambassador, they all left a mark with their inspirational work and talent. Thus, Carl F. Bucherer is especially excited to be partnering with WOMEN IN BUSINESS for joint projects, interesting talks, and new media formats – paying tribute to inspiring women who shape time daily.

Carl F. Bucherer
Louise Bucherer in front of the first Carl F. Bucherer Shop. (Carl F. Bucherer)

An Inspiring Entrepreneur: Wilhelmina Bucherer-Heeb

In 1888, Carl Friedrich Bucherer opens his first boutique for watches and jewellery together with his wife Louise in Lucerne. Their sons, Carl Eduard and Ernst Bucherer, quickly expand internationally, opening stores in Berlin and Santiago de Chile together with the dedicated support of Wilhelmina Bucherer-Heeb, Carl Eduard’s wife. Her sharp business sense and entrepreneurial advice help to pave the way for developing the firm into a cosmopolitan brand.

Carl F. Bucherer
Wilhelmina Bucherer-Heeb. (Carl F. Bucherer)

To honour the memory of this truly inspiring woman, who died far too young in a shipwreck on one of her trips to South America, Carl F. Bucherer launches a special women’s watch in 2005. Limited to only 70 pieces and in a lavish art deco style, it is a tribute to Wilhelmina. Its design was inspired by the very first wristwatch the Lucerne-based manufacturer ever presented in 1919: an elegant women’s timepiece.

Carl F. Bucherer
Ramona Bachmann. (Carl F. Bucherer)

A Long-Standing Tradition: The CFB Family

Nowadays, the rich legacy of the inspiring women in CFB’s history is not only reflected in various product lines in its portfolio, but also in the numerous partnerships it maintains and cherishes with outstanding women around the world. There is the award-winning Chinese actress Li Bingbing – the first Global Brand Ambassador for CFB – the Olympic and World Cup winner Wendy Holdener, professional soccer player Ramona Bachmann, and the outstanding athletes of the Swiss national women’s soccer team.

Carl F. Bucherer
Li Bingbing. (Carl F. Bucherer)

Together with the many talented women in CFB’s manufacture and company worldwide, they stand in the long-established tradition of powerful, entrepreneurial women such as Wilhelmina who have used their talent to be shining beacons, setting an example, and inspiring others with their passion, creativity, and courage.

Carl F. Bucherer
Bex Carter. (Carl F. Bucherer)

The women in our CFB family authentically reflect the values we stand for as a brand: dedicated and independent, with a distinct sense for perfection and a passion for what they do, they inspire people in Switzerland and internationally. We are truly proud to be working with them,” says Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer, commenting on these collaborations.

Carl F. Bucherer
Laura Bonderer. (Carl F. Bucherer)

A New Chapter: The Partnership with WOMEN IN BUSINESS

For all women who shape time daily with their inspirational work, WOMEN IN BUSINESS offers an amazing platform. This community of women in leading positions in Switzerland offers networking and exchange opportunities and in-depth information on business topics, careers, finances, and many other important subjects.

Carl F. Bucherer
Ines Triebenbacher. (Carl F. Bucherer)

With our new partnership with WOMEN IN BUSINESS, we are successfully bridging the gap between the remarkable women in our history and the outstanding ladies in our present CFB family, into a bright future with further inspiring leading female entrepreneurs and executives. We are proud to be supporting this amazing network of leading ladies in Switzerland and are very much looking forward to stimulating discussions and motivating stories by inspiring women,” comments Moeri on the new partnership.

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