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Watch I Love was born on 23 December 2014 with the first post on Blogger,  https://watchilove.blogspot.com/. The main reason was to get closer to the watch industry, to learn more about watches, about watchmaking and about the people behind our daily wrist companions. The blog was put to sleep for more than a year only to be revived in the middle of September 2018 with a new website.
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Watchilove.blogspot.com introduced me to a magical world. I started to meet and know the people behind the watches I like. I learned about watchmaking techniques, the work behind the complication I like and about the history of the brands.


About me

My name is Dan-Andrei Kluska. I was always fascinated by watches from a young age. My first “real” watch was a hand-wound Russian Poljot watch. At the age of 13, I learned that I need to take care of it, wind it regularly and be careful with the shocks it takes. I was born and raised in Romania and moved to Germany at maturity. Changing residence to Western Europe made easier a closer contact to the watch industry. I started the Watch I Love blog at the end of 2014 in an attempt to make a structured entity with the information I found.

At the beginning of 2017, I also wrote for the WatchIsThis blog. From May 2017 until the end of Juli 2018, I dedicated my time to Deployant, as voluntary writer. This opportunity allowed me to learn a lot about different aspects of the industry. I visited factories and watchmakers, I talked directly with the persons involved in the watchmaking process and so on. After taking a vacation away from everything, I decided to revive my Watch I Love project.


Palas iasi
The Palas Complex from Iasi – my hometown



The team behind Watch I Love is in a continuing quest for information from the watch industry. We want to bring you honest reviews in a descriptive but also personal manner, news and information from the vast and beautiful world of watches.


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If you want to get in contact with the people behind Watch I Love just drop an email to info@watchilove.com.

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