Beauregard Dahlia C1

Press Release: Beauregard Dahlia C1

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Founded by Alexandre Beauregard and based in Geneva, BEAUREGARD brings watchmaking and jewellery together in an entirely new way, offering exceptional Swiss timepieces of highly original design, set with sublime stones that are hand-handcrafted in its Montreal atelier.

Beauregard Dahlia C1
Beauregard Dahlia C1

These watches are the fruit of a passionate project that goes beyond making a watch, in a process that is closer to the work of an artist.

Distinctive, contemporary and unquestionably precious, BEAUREGARD’s watches are offered as pièces uniques.

Beauregard Dahlia C1
Beauregard Dahlia C1

The birth of a brand

Creative concept

The genesis of BEAUREGARD was a desire to create a bridge between horology and jewellery, while trying to defy obvious paths and traditional conventions. To find a new and original expression balanced by keen awareness of the past, something timeless and yet utterly contemporary, underpinned by a profound respect for craftsmanship. A beautiful object with a useful function, a reminder that time is truly precious.

Beauregard Dahlia C1
Beauregard Dahlia C1

From vision to reality

To develop his vision, Alexandre allowed himself the freedom to explore his innate design talent over the course of many years, while harnessing it to technical expertise.
Driven by passion, he elaborated on his ideas, continually evolving them through sketches and trials, inventing and reinventing, working with craftsmen, seeking new ways of mastering the arts of both jewellery and watchmaking in order to make his vision tangible.

This intensely personal quest led to meetings and collaborations with world-renowned craftsmen.
Just as their knowledge helped to shape Alexandre’s creative concepts, his vision encouraged them to explore new means of expression. Thus, the project has a deeply human dimension at its foundation: the joy of sharing a common passion.
Among those who share BEAUREGARD’s vision and values, many have become collaborators and friends, establishing connections that go far deeper than a normal supplier-client relationship. These are relationships of complicity and mutual support, with each collaborator playing a complementary role.

Beauregard Dahlia C1
Beauregard Dahlia C1

Dahlia collection

A garden in high summer: a riot of colour, plants overflowing their borders, a sense of joy, nature in celebration. And amid the profusion, dahlias, strong and elegant, with their flowers sophisticated and sumptuous.
This first collection of watches pays tribute to the dahlia, which, in the language of plants, symbolises dignity and elegance – qualities that are central to BEAUREGARD’s ethos. The design of the watch carries a strong imprint of the flower: substantial yet delicate, its complex layers of petals creating strength and volume, the dahlia has a singular and timeless beauty that lends itself naturally to BEAUREGARD’s fresh and contemporary elegance.

Beauregard Dahlia C1
Beauregard Dahlia C1

Ultimate femininity

A study of balance and proportion, the designs express an exquisite tension between softness and strength, restraint and extravagance. The glow of the polished stones, their three-dimensional sculptural quality, the play of volume and lightness and the clear colours lend them richness, harmony – and a unique vibrancy.

Enchanting, highly original and immediately recognisable, BEAUREGARD’s watches are both timeless and modern, a finely nuanced blend of New World flair and European refinement. Bold and assertive, yet perfectly feminine.

Beauty meets technical sophistication: dahlia C1

Given Alexandre’s lifelong fascination for the delicate moving parts of mechanical watch movements, it was imperative to coordinate such aesthetic beauty research with technical sophistication. Therefore, the mechanical movement with a central flying tourbillon was developed specifically for BEAUREGARD and is entirely made and assembled in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.Beauregard Dahlia C1

A highly refined arrangement of open-worked bridges and a hand-polished rotor segment reflect the floral richness of the watch face. Under the domed sapphire crystal, the tourbillon cage is formed of hand-polished gold petals that echo the shape of the gemstone petals on the outer dial, as well as the delicately forged hour and minutes hands.Beauregard Dahlia C1

Every single one of the 48 gemstone petals on the dial is sculpted and polished by hand, each in a precise shape and size, to respect the tolerance of a mere .02 millimetre allowed by the setting technique. The invisible mounting, specifically elaborated for the design, is underpinned by complex engineering – a real feat of technique and design that epitomises the values of traditional craftsmanship at the heart of BEAUREGARD.Beauregard Dahlia C1

Set in a circle beneath the polished-stone petals, 144 diamonds are drawing light into the dial, adding intensity to the coloured stones, while the 38mm case is set with 330 additional diamonds. The floral theme is carried through to the crown, which is sculpted in the shape of a flower bud, with a cabochon stone at its centre.Beauregard Dahlia C1

Elegantly curved lugs ensure that the watch is a comfortable fit for every wrist size and the hand-made strap is attached by a white gold folding clasp set with 124 diamonds.

A Beauregard watch is a rare and precious object, designed with passion, crafted with patience and offered with love.

In September 2018, the dahlia C1 is nominated at the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève. The first collection is competing the Ladies Complication category.

Beauregard Dahlia C1
Beauregard Dahlia C1 GPHG

Technical specifications Beauregard Dahlia C1


Self-winding mechanical calibre with central flying tourbillon, developed exclusively for BEAUREGARD.
Power reserve: 65 hours
Frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
Jewels: 38
Entirely made and assembled in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland


Central open-worked flower-shaped tourbillon cage surrounded by 48 hand-carved and polished gemstone petals.
White gold base dial set with 144 white diamonds (VVS DEF) for 0.27 carats
Entirely made and assembled in Switzerland


Round, white gold case set with 330 diamonds (VVS DEF quality) for 1.17 carats
Dimensions: 38.8mm diameter x 15.05mm height
Glass: convex sapphire crystals on front and back, with double anti-reflective coating on both sides
Water resistance: 5 ATM (approx. 50m)
Entirely made and assembled in Switzerland

Strap & buckle

Strap hand-made in Geneva; white gold triple-fold clasp set with 124 white diamonds (VVS DEF) for 0.39 carats, made and assembled in Switzerland


Born in Montreal, Alexandre showed a distinct talent for design, even as a child. Equally, he became fascinated by timepieces and while studying graphic and fashion design, he worked on the creation of unusual and original timepieces.

Possessing a rare blend of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and tremendous focus, he eventually founded two businesses in completely unrelated fields, which continue to flourish to this day. The success of those ventures enabled him to dedicate himself back to his first love – timepieces and design – and in 2011, at the age of 35, he founded BEAUREGARD and threw himself into the grand horological adventure.

Alexandre Beauregard

Since founding the brand, he has immersed himself in learning all that he could about watchmaking and jewellery, meeting the leading practitioners in many specialised fields – some of whom were to become friends and collaborators. Today, in the spirit of both architect and choreographer at the head of a team of passionate, slightly crazy and highly talented people, he leads BEAUREGARD as it prepares to unveil its first collection.

Entirely devoted and totally hands-on, Alexandre is at the heart of all aspects of the brand, from the sourcing of the stones to the cutting and polishing and from the aesthetic design of the watch to the conception of its movement.

Passion never sleeps.

For further information, please contact Julia Michel Roubaud –

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