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Bomberg watches
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The opening of an unprecedented BOMBERG Watches flagship store in Manila is planned in July 2020, followed by 5 additional mono-brand boutiques over the next three years.

  • BOMBERG continues to grow and expand dynamically in its niche markets. In the Philippines, the brand will be developed and supported by a strong local partner with a home advantage: 88 Prestige Brands.
  • Rebellious creativity, uncompromising quality, and particularly competitive and accessible price-quality positioning: Bomberg’s non-conformist spirit should appeal to the clued-in, cool contemporary Filipino clientele – all generations combined – that is accustomed to associating high-end Swiss watchmaking with traditional, classic watches.

It is in times of turbulence that one gains market share. Bomberg continues to expand its business at an even faster pace. After opening in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, and more recently in China with two experienced local partners (On Time Group & Forever Light Asia) over the last 18 months, Bomberg, the disruptive Swiss brand, is now entering the Philippines backed by a solid local partner, 88 Prestige Brands, who knows its market inside out.

Gabriele Boschi, CEO of 88 Prestige Brands says: “In my 21 years experience in Retail and Distribution in the Philippines, I’ve always looked for brands that have a story, a very strong and unique identity behind it. With BOMBERG, we found a brand with so much personality and unparallel quality which is found in the best Swiss Made watches. We are excited to reintroduce this brand back to the Philippine market, and would like to put emphasis that BOMBERG is not only about its’ watches, but it’s the look, character and lifestyle that comes with it.”

88 Prestige Brands had been on the lookout for a creative, accessible, dynamic, different brand to complement its portfolio of brands already established in the country. Bomberg was a natural match around a partnership agreement that provides for a full range of actions that will be rapidly deployed. Already in July an unprecedented flagship store for the brand will be inaugurated in Manila, in one of the capital’s upmarket districts. Over the next three years, 5 additional boutiques will be opening in Metro Manilla, where most of the business is concentrated.

David Sanchez, CEO of BOMBERG Watches
David Sanchez, CEO of BOMBERG

David Sanchez, CEO of BOMBERG, says : “It is during periods of high turbulence that market share is gained. Based on the proven principle of working with local partners who know their market and have experience in developing brands with a contemporary clientele, we return to the Philippines with an excellent, solid and experienced partner who is very confident in Bomberg’s potential. We have chosen 88 Prestige Brands for their know-how in developing watch brands. Our agreement covers 360° activation, accompanying Bomberg’s growth not only online through networks and e-commerce, but also offline by setting up a retail distribution network. The marketing strategy deployed will help build the brand in a targeted manner in the country. We look forward to working with the 88 Prestige Brands team to introduce Bomberg to the Filipino clientele receptive to a different kind of watchmaking.”

Under the leadership of the team around CEO David Sanchez, Bomberg is experiencing unprecedented growth in terms of business development and structuring a relevant offering in its markets. Already strongly established in Latin, Central America and the Caribbean – Mexico is one of its main markets (the brand is no. 5 among lifestyle brands there) – Bomberg has set out to maintain its momentum of success in the Asia-Pacific region.

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