Breguet and Race For Water: the adventure continues

Breguet and Race For Water
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As the end of the year approaches the Race for Water teams have reached Asia, where their mission continues. As the endeavour’s main sponsor, Breguet is proud to support this foundation, which is committed to saving the oceans from the threat of plastic pollution. This association is in keeping with the aim of the House of Breguet’s President, Marc A. Hayek, who wishes for the brand to take an active role in protecting our planet.

Breguet and Race For Water

An Adventure Called “Race for Water”

The adventure began in 2010, when the Swiss entrepreneur Marco Simeoni founded Race for Water, which supports scientific research on the ecological balance of the deep ocean. After an initial expedition in 2015, the foundation launched a new five-year world tour in 2017 where the main objective is to save the oceans from the threat of plastic pollution and raise public awareness. The odyssey set off from Brittany in April 2017 on board a groundbreaking boat that is powered solely by renewable energy. It arrived in Asia after crossing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans over the course of two years including stopping in around 20 cities. The boat and its crew intend to reach Shanghai at the beginning of 2020, after their long stay in Hong Kong.Breguet and Race For Water

Breguet and Race for Water

The watchmaker and the foundation have a great deal more in common than their shared passion for the sea. Both entities are committed to saving the planet. When asked why Breguet chose Race for Water over another foundation, Breguet, replied that what sets Race for Water apart is its global scope and realistic approach. What makes the foundation unique is its outreach, and the proactive work with young people in particular. It has a strong educational aspect, and the scientific component is also vital. Collecting waste is great, but repurposing it and transforming it into clean energy is even better. This is the ambition behind this project.Breguet and Race For Water

Destination Japan 2020

In 2020, Race for Water will set sail for Shanghai before Japan, and Tokyo in particular, where it will then remain throughout July. The timing was deliberately chosen because it coincides with the Summer Olympic Games. This will be their longest stopover.

While the aim of each stop is to engage with local authorities, private individuals and of course lots of schoolchildren (nearly 15,000 people have received outreach since 2017, including more than 5,500 schoolchildren), it is also crucial for the foundation to be present in places that are highlighted by major events. The Bermuda stage in 2017, for example, coincided with the America’s Cup and the odyssey will call at Dubai for Expo 2020. In Tokyo, as elsewhere, the foundation will be greeted by senior officials. Race for Water makes clear: “Raising public awareness is important, but the emphasis is on reaching those who have the power to take decisions and action.”

Breguet and Race For Water

The Adventure Continues on Land

While one of Race for Water’s main missions is to generate awareness about ocean pollution, it also works to find a solution to the issue of transforming and repurposing plastic waste based on optimized high-temperature pyrolysis technology. Deployed on a massive scale, this could end the majority of ocean contamination caused by plastic waste.

Breguet and Race For Water

About Race for Water, a Foundation to Preserve Water

The Race for Water Foundation is an organization dedicated to water preservation and the ocean in particular. This indispensable resource is under massive threat from plastic pollution and must be protected. The Foundation aims to identify, promote and implement solutions that will give end-of-life plastic a value and create new sources of income for the people most affected by pollution. Using this innovative approach inspired by the principles of a circular economy and social entrepreneurship, Race for Water Foundation seeks to prevent plastic litter from reaching waterways and leaking all the way down to the ocean.

About Breguet

Breguet, established since 1775, embodies watchmaking excellence and forms part of the European cultural heritage, brimming with history and emotions. Its creations have been owned by the world’s most prominent individuals. Breguet’s famed archives record every watch sold since 1787. The timepieces emerging from the Manufacture Breguet are works of art rendered unique by artisans’ hand, and endowed with genuine soul. From the start, Breguet has woven close ties with science and astronomy. Breguet takes pride in offering exceptional models, such as the Marine Tourbillon Équation Marchante 5887, a Grande Complication model that marks the start of a new era for the contemporary Marine collection.


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