Barbara Palumbo
Found on the Internet

Interview: Barbara Palumbo – jewelry and watch journalist, mother of two,the mind behind What’s On Her Wrist and Adornmentality

Reading Time: 4 minutes Today I will combine my “Found on the Internet” and “Interview” column for a special person – Barbara Palumbo. While the title summarises shortly Barbara, I am firmly convinced that, if you don’t already know her / about her and her work, after this you got yourself a new piece […]

fratello watches
Found on the Internet

Found on Internet: Fratello Watches

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have no idea about how long it is since I started to follow Fratello Watches. I just remember thinking to myself and sharing their images and posts – “Woah, Fratello did it again!“. So yes, they impressed me during the years and they still keep my interest high.

Pioneer Chronicles
Found on the Internet

The Pioneer Chronicles – watchmaking made humorous

Reading Time: 3 minutes In a secluded world, H. Moser & Cie makes a giant leap with a lovely and funny campaign to promote the Pioneer watch. The Pioneer Chronicles Website presents another face of the marketing. A concise, almost brutal, but definitively funny way to present a watch. Is this the best approach? Let’s have […]