Reading Time: 2 minutes I can say that this year, at BaselWorld 2017, I found My Way, my guilty pleasure. If you ask me, I am an Haute Horlogerie guy, a complication lover and horological finishes obsessed person, but encountering these watches was something magical. It was late when I saw these fluffy beautiesContinue Reading


Reading Time: 2 minutes For the coming spring, I have the feeling that the ladies watches are a better subject. Searching for the best idea I asked myself what kind of watch would a woman choose. So I asked my wife what watch impressed her in the last days. The answer was Grand Bal ReineContinue Reading


Reading Time: 2 minutes Ladies watches are a special watch category that plays by other rules as men’s watches. A special kind of game plays this watch by Chanel – a watch created for the smart girls out there that want to impress a man with their watches, to seduce him with something else than herself.Continue Reading

Christophe Claret Margot

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s great when independent watchmakers take the time to create a marvel. It’s even greater when they design a timepiece dedicated to ladies. So is the case of the Margot watch from Christophe Claret.   The complication of this timepiece is the “He loves me… he loves me not” (“Effeuiller la marguerite”Continue Reading

Reading Time: 2 minutes This beautiful lady watch appeared for the first time in the 2015 year’s Revue Thommen catalogue with Ref. 108.01.0x. I consider it a good option for a lady in search of a classic lady automatic watch. The Urban Lady collection has 4 watches that I like a little bit more than othersContinue Reading


Reading Time: < 1 minute A Tiffany travel clock from the 1940s serves as an inspiration for this interesting wristwatch. A classic design, but with a touch of difference. It’s a watch that always catches our attention when we (Mrs. and me) visit the Tiffany’s boutique. It’s simple, lovely and has that “je ne saisContinue Reading

Omega Orbis

Reading Time: 2 minutes “A cuddly companion given to children undergoing eye surgery is the inspiration behind OMEGA’s new collection of watches, made in support of Orbis International and its Flying Eye Hospital. The teddy, which is given to every young Orbis patient, makes it easier for doctors to explain what’s about to takeContinue Reading


Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to ladies watches, the market is not so full of choices. But the main issue is that a lot of the ladies models are just quartz. My wife told me she is always frustrated that for her, the usual (to read the only) choice must be, inContinue Reading