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Christie’s presenting the Patek Philippe 605 ‘Heures Universelles’ masterpiece

Reading Time: 5 minutes Christie’s Hong Kong presents a masterpieceof Haute Horlogerie debuting at auction PATEK PHILIPPE 605 HEURES UNIVERSELLES Highlighting Christie’s Hong Kong Live Sale, 24 May Hong Kong – It’s a horological masterpiece combining a movement of high mechanical ingenuity with a design of exceptional aesthetical appeal, in excellent condition and of extreme rarity, that will […]

The Kairos Collection
The vintage cabinet

Christie’s announces The Kairos Collection: A single private collection of 128 contemporary Patek Philippe timepieces

Reading Time: 4 minutes The finest collection of Patek Philippe contemporary timepieces ever to appear at auction Curated by a private distinguished collector with a discerning eye for excellence and the ability to acquire the rarest watches, The Kairos Collection is the fruit of years of dedicated focus and a passion for the most prestigious […]

vertical longitude
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The vertical longitude watch

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ferdinand Berthoud opened his Traité Des Montres À Longitudes[1], published in 1792, with a description of a vertical watch. Produced two years earlier, this newly developed timepiece was the first in a series featuring a vertically positioned dial. A portable timepiece, on sea and on land Around 1785, Ferdinand Berthoud […]

Vacheron Constantin Astronomical watches
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High Watchmaking: Vacheron Constantin Astronomical watches

Reading Time: 14 minutes Horology, the science of time measurement, was born from the observations of heavenly bodies and natural cycles. The mechanical instruments developed by horologists stem from these observations, reflecting an art that has continued to progress since the late Middle Ages. Founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin developed a perfect mastery of […]