Alpine Eagle 41 XPS in Lucent Steel A223

Chopard at Watches & Wonders 2023

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For Watches & Wonders 2023, Chopard prepared a series of pieces from its main collections: Alpine Eagle 41 XPS, Happy Hearts, Happy Sport and IMPERIALE.

Alpine Eagle 41 XPS in Lucent Steel A223

Alpine Eagle 41 XPS in Lucent Steel A223

A new model with small seconds indication, double chronometer and Poinçon de Genève certification

With Alpine Eagle, Chopard has created a contemporary sporty-chic collection featuring a pure design paired with a sophisticated mechanism. Following a flyback chronograph movement, a high-frequency calibre and a flying tourbillon, Alpine Eagle is extending its range with an ultra-thin model featuring a small seconds indication. Measuring just 3.30 mm thick, the L.U.C 96.40-L movement is just one of the feats achieved by the watchmaking artisans of Chopard Manufacture. Its advanced features enable the Alpine Eagle 41 XPS to beat with chronometer-certified accuracy, while guaranteeing 65 hours of power reserve thanks to Chopard Twin technology. The Alpine Eagle 41 XPS with its 41 mm-diameter case and integrated bracelet is entirely crafted in the Maison’s workshops from Lucent Steel A223: an exclusive, ultra-resistant and remarkably shiny alloy made from 85% recycled materials. Its optimal proportions and textured “Monte Rosa Pink” dial endow this model with undeniable elegance and distinction; while its finishes, reflecting the highest Haute Horlogerie standards, have earned it recognition by the coveted Poinçon de Genève.

Inspired by a historic Chopard model reinterpreted by three generations of men from the Scheufele family, the Alpine Eagle collection has been constantly enriched by new achievements since its launch. The latest of these is a signature movement from Chopard Manufacture, developed thanks to the watchmaking expertise steadily acquired by its workshops since 1996 – and to which the introduction of the L.U.C 96.40-L movement with small seconds indication within a watch in the Alpine Eagle collection bears vibrant testimony. Greatly appreciated by watch enthusiasts, the small seconds display made its collection debut with the 2022 release of the Alpine Eagle Flying Tourbillon model. It now once again embodies the horological roots of this collection comprising timepieces powered by in-house movements with chronometer-certified precision, meticulously decorated and equipped with key innovations from the Manufacture, such as the gold micro-rotor and Chopard Twin technology. With the Alpine Eagle 41 XPS, Chopard orchestrates an encounter between the finest Chopard Manufacture movements and the sporty elegance of the Alpine Eagle collection.

A precision-certified movement

The main immediately identifiable characteristic of the L.U.C 96.40-L movement is its extreme thinness: resulting from the development of the first Chopard Manufacture calibre (the L.U.C 96.01-L presented in 1997), it measures just 3.30 mm thick. To facilitate precise time-setting, it is equipped with a stop-seconds function. It also features a swan’s neck enabling finer adjustment of the oscillating frequency – and thus the rate of the watch – by helping to modify the active hairspring length. In addition to its technical interest, the swan’s neck endows the calibre with a more elaborate aesthetic. The precision of this movement, which also powers a small seconds dial display, is certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, as evidenced by the “Chronometer” inscription on the dial below the logo. This demand for accuracy embedded in the DNA of Swiss watchmaking lies at the very core of the philosophy upheld by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele (Co-President of the Maison) and drives the entire creative process of the Manufacture.

Thanks to its two stacked barrels based on Chopard Twin technology, the L.U.C 96.40-L movement guarantees a 65-hour power reserve, and its automatic winding system operates via a 22-carat gold off-centre micro-rotor whose density contributes to the movement’s slenderness. Recalling the attention to detail cultivated by the artisans of emotions, each bridge is adorned with a Côtes de Genève motif and all other movement components are finished in compliance with the Poinçon de Genève criteria.

Alpine Eagle 41 XPS in Lucent Steel A223

Sophisticated aesthetics

The thin movement has contributed to optimising the proportions of the Alpine Eagle 41 XPS watch: the case is only 8 mm thick, while the sides and bezel have been trimmed compared to a classic Alpine Eagle Large model, resulting in a wider dial. These well balanced proportions that have always characterised the collection imbue this timepiece with a gracefully elegant appearance. 

Drawing inspiration from the power of Nature, the Alpine Eagle collection clearly reflects Chopard’s creative richness and visionary spirit. The Alpine Eagle 41 XPS remains true to this aesthetic: a round case with stylised flanks, a crown engraved with a compass rose, a bezel with eight functional screws set at a tangent, a stamped dial with intense colours, luminescent indications and an eminently wearable metal bracelet.

Lucent Steel A223: an innovative metal

Demonstrating Chopard’s commitment to the use of raw materials combining performance and responsible origins, the Alpine Eagle 41 XPS timepiece is made of Lucent Steel A223, an innovative steel alloy composed of 85% recycled materials, developed by Chopard for its anti-allergenic virtues, its robustness and its incomparable brilliance achieved through a meticulous recasting process. 

Alpine Eagle 41 XPS in Lucent Steel A223

An unprecedented “Monte Rosa Pink” dial colour

The dial is textured on a brass base according to a pattern inspired by the eagle’s iris. It is adorned with gold hands, enhanced with Grade X1 Super-LumiNova® – which is 60% more luminous than traditional LumiNova and more resistant to ageing. A new colour is making its debut on the dial of this new model: like Aletsch Blue, Bernina Grey or Pink Dawn, “Monte Rosa Pink” is inspired by the palette of natural colours composing the beauty of the Alpine landscape. This novel hue that is sure to stoke the desire of collectors, evokes the pinkish shimmer after which the second highest mountain range in the Alps is named. The Dufourspitze/Punta Dufour located there is also the highest Swiss peak.

Poinçon de Genève: a guarantee of fine craftsmanship

Vertically integrated throughout its production process, Chopard makes and assembles all the components of its Alpine Eagle collection in-house, from movement to case to bracelet. The entire timepiece is thus certified by the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. The latter guarantees the impeccable quality and smooth functioning of the timepieces assembled in the Canton. Stamped on the back of the watch and on the main movement bridge, it represents the coat-of-arms of the city of Geneva composed of a gold key and above all an eagle: a symbol recalling the original inspiration for the Alpine Eagle collection. After the Alpine Eagle Flying Tourbillon, the Alpine Eagle 41 XPS is the second watch in the collection to earn recognition by this prestigious label of excellence.

Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts

The collection welcomes a pink opal heart

The epitome of softness with its voluptuous lines. Moving and colourful. Profoundly ethical. Since its launch in 2009, the Happy Hearts collection – combining the Maison’s iconic dancing diamonds with the heart motif so dear to Caroline Scheufele – has established itself as a jewellery icon. Modern jewellery that is easy to wear solo or stacked, to which the latest addition is a dainty, throbbing pink opal heart in a complete set comprising a pendant necklace, a bracelet, a ring and a pair of earrings.

The heart: a symbolic shape that Chopard has made its own over the years. An emblem cherished by Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele and that she brilliantly and tirelessly reinvents through daytime versions as well as splendid and unique Haute Joaillerie creations.

Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts: the perfect match

The Happy Hearts collection is a perfect example of this constantly renewed creativity, in the ultimate match between two Chopard signatures: the heart and dancing diamonds. Light and joyful, fresh and twirling, coloured or lit up with diamonds, Happy Hearts have truly won women’s hearts.

Happy Hearts

Their very essence provides scope for all sorts of fanciful touches. In making a solo appearance, they take their place discreetly while radiating a strong presence. When several are stacked, they create a festival of light and colour: malachite, white or Tahitian mother-of-pearl, onyx, carnelian, sparkling diamonds – and now pink opal. Happy Hearts performs a veritable pas de deux, in a dainty face-to-face encounter between fine gemstones and dancing diamonds. 

By day or night, paired with casual or dressy outfits, Happy Hearts fulfil the varied desires of the women who wear them. Crafted from ethical gold like all Chopard creations since July 2018, the collection is interpreted through pendant necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

Happy Hearts

Pink opal, gentleness and serenity

This new addition to the Happy Hearts collection features pink opal. In addition to its soft and delicate colour, pink opal – mainly found in the Peruvian Andes – also enjoys a fine symbolic reputation. Regarded as a heart chakra stone in traditional Indian medicine, it is said to have soothing properties on emotional wounds, procuring a feeling of peace and serenity. It is also thought to stimulate the imagination and creativity, as well as to encourage open-mindedness and self-acceptance. These powerful emblems naturally resonate with the Happy Hearts talismans, undoubtedly endowing the big-hearted women they adorn with some of their magic. 

Happy Sport – 25 mm

Happy Sport – 25 mm

The watchmaking icon expresses its Joie de Vivre in a new size

A timepiece for women who stride boldly towards their destiny and whose vitality impels playful dancing diamonds to stage a mesmerising show. At the heart of the new Happy Sport, reinvented in a 25 mm diameter case in steel or steel and ethical gold, the course of dancing diamonds becomes even more fascinating. This new-sized iteration of the Manufacture‘s iconic watch comes in four variations featuring a choice of materials, straps – including a new double tour option – and diamond settings.

Happy Sport – 25 mm

Admiring the path of time

A round dial, softly caressing like a protective cocoon and sparkling like a champagne bubble. A fascinating and soothing sight in which we come to immerse our gaze and catch our breath before setting off again on our hectic rush. A companion always on hand to provide playful, poetic time-out from the pace of a world perpetually on the move.

One glance at this watch reveals an invigorating mirror of our own energy, extended through the ballet of five dancing diamonds, caught up by means of a slim gold spinning top in a wonderful game of chance and kinetic energy. Happy Sport is the story of a free-spirited attitude and infinite Joie de Vivre daily reinvented by women everywhere.

Happy Sport – 25 mm

A miniature case for an everlasting dance

The Happy Sport watch returns in a version that is daintier than ever with a 25 mm case celebrating the spirit of jewellery watches and staging the wonders of five dancing diamonds. The softness of the pearly silvery grey dial draws the gaze and envelops it in an ultra-chic chromatic texture. This subtle shade accentuates the jewel-like quality of the collection, forming a luminous heart that is an inexhaustible source of soothing gentleness where the eye can come to recharge its batteries at will.

This Happy Sport 25 mm has retained several of the collection’s key characteristics, including the deliberate association of materials belonging to radically different registers: steel, ethical gold and diamonds. Thus unleashed, diamonds are rendered more accessible while losing nothing of their magic and their fascination.

Four versions of this unprecedentedly sized case – the most miniature version of the Happy Sport ever produced – are available: in fully polished steel, or adorned with a diamond-set bezel; and in steel featuring a crown, cabochons and polished or diamond-set bezel in ethical 18-carat rose gold.

Happy Sport – 25 mm

A double tour strap: bold style

On the two non-gemset versions, a magnificent double-tour leather strap adds an ultra-chic touch to the Happy Sport. Every inch the daring fashion accessory, this slim, elongated band graces the wrist by reinventing the watch in a manner simply unprecedented within this collection as it prolongs the motion of the dancing diamonds through a light aesthetic touch.

A splendid midnight blue shade has been chosen to enhance the strap: a celestial colour echoing the traditional sapphire adorning the crown and reaffirming the legitimacy of the collection’s classic design codes, adjusted to the most contemporary chromatic palette. Teamed with steel and ethical gold, this sultry shade adds an incredibly stylish accent to any look.

The two versions featuring a diamond-set bezel are fitted with a timelessly elegant alligator leather strap, also in midnight blue.

Infinite creativity

The purity of this 25 mm model reveals a new facet of the Happy Sport’s eminently versatile essence. Since its inception, the spirit of the collection has been expressed through multiple shapes and variations echoing the spirit of freedom in which it was conceived. A true style icon, Happy Sport has been playing the mix & match game since 1993, freely combining genres, steel and diamonds, the timeless and the ephemeral. Its visionary and avant-garde designer Caroline Scheufele designed a beautiful watch that was anything but formal.  Sophisticated, yet sporty. Unburdened by conventions, joyful, playful and so very modern, it plays with codes while losing nothing of its femininity. Accompanying the movements of the world, the evolutions of style as well as inner transformations, Happy Sport paves the way for infinite metamorphoses, whisking along in its merry whirl a world on the move (and a work in progress): that of women’s emancipation. “Be Happy”, like a talisman on the wrist.



A splendid complication exuding poetry tinges time with a sapphire and diamond sky

IMPERIALE is enriched with a limited numbered edition of 25 original timepieces crafted in ethical 18-carat rose gold and highlighting the magnificence of the lotus flower. The collection’s emblematic floral motif appears against the backdrop of a sky whose ever-changing beauty evolves with the passing hours thanks to a rotating mechanism that distinguishes between daytime and night-time. Set with sapphires and diamonds and adorned with engraved gold lotus petals, the dial exudes an aura of absolute refinement, brought to life by L.U.C Calibre 96.30-L developed by the Artisans of the Manufacture.


The lotus is a sacred flower – particularly in Egypt and India – that has been associated with the sun since the dawn of time. According to an Egyptian legend, the sun rises from a lotus corolla every morning before returning to its petals at nightfall… Chopard observed Nature and drew inspiration from it in designing this 25-piece numbered limited edition in the IMPERIALE collection. “Lotus flowers open and close at sunrise and sunset”, explains Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele. “It seemed natural to us to enrich this watch with a day/night indication which is a watchmaking complication that is both romantic and attractive.” This link is all the more obvious in that design of this flower is one of the signatures of the IMPERIALE collection launched in 1994. Its shape appears on the crown of the models and on certain dials. It also adorns the flying tourbillon and moon phase models. In 2017, Chopard won the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in the Jewellery category with the ‘Lotus Blanc’: an exceptional secret watch crafted in its Haute Joaillerie workshops and graced with diamond-set petals opening and closing at will on the dial.


Excellent skills

Celebrating the union of glamour and poetry, Chopard has designed an extremely feminine watch that instantly reveals its radiance through a case in ethical 18-carat rose gold entirely set with diamonds. The dial of the IMPERIALE expresses the quintessence of the Maison’s jewellery and watchmaking expertise. To depict the lotus at the centre of this creation, the jewellery artisans have exercised their art by playing with voids and solids by means of petals arranged in a polished rose gold lacework delicately resting on other curved petals in engraved and satin-brushed gold. This sacred flower is rimmed by sparkling diamonds.


A changing landscape as the hours go by

The rotating disc of the day/night indication is a masterpiece of miniature sophistication revealing a sky that changes according to the time of day. Chopard has applied several artisanal techniques to creating this infinitely nuanced diurnal and nocturnal scene.

The delicately crafted mother-of-pearl mobile dial of this IMPERIALE model is lacquered in an exquisite cerulean gradient enlivened by seven gold-powder stars. Snow-set diamonds and sapphires in six different shades of blue wonderfully expresses the transition from day to night. This steady motion is made possible by the L.U.C 96.30-L calibre developed entirely in the Manufacture’s workshops.

Endowed with a 65-hour power reserve, this self-winding mechanism driving a day-night disc with a 24-hour rotation is an ingenious variation on the first calibre to emerge from Chopard Manufacture. This IMPERIALE model gradually changes face in passing from darkness to light, After midnight, the star-studded sapphire dome gives way to morning lights represented by a white diamond sky behind which the night stars fade away until the following day… A fascinating show starring Time itself.

Technical Specifications

Alpine Eagle 41 XPS in Lucent Steel A223

Alpine Eagle 41 XPS in Lucent Steel A223

  • Case:
  • Lucent Steel A223
  • Total diameter                                                           41.00 mm
  • Thickness                                                                 8 mm
  • Water resistance                                                       100 metres
  • Lucent Steel A223 crown
  • with compass rose                                                    6.65 mm
  • Vertical satin-brushed case middle with polished bevels
  • Lucent Steel A223 bezel with eight screws set at a tangent
  • Glare-proofed sapphire crystal
  • Exhibition case-back with glare-proofed sapphire crystal


  • Mechanical with automatic winding                                       L.U.C 96.40-L
  • via an engraved 22-carat yellow gold micro-rotor
  • Number of components                                                       176
  • Total diameter                                                                     27.40 mm
  • Thickness                                                                           3.30 mm
  • Number of jewels                                                                29
  • Frequency                                                                          28,800 vph (4 Hz)
  • Power reserve                                                                     65 hours
  • Two stacked barrels – Chopard Twin technology
  • Bridges adorned with Côtes de Genève motif
  • Variable-inertia balance
  • Balance-spring with Phillips terminal curve
  • Chronometer-certified (COSC)
  • Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark

Dial and hands:

  • Dial featuring a Monte Rosa Pink colour achieved by galvanic treatment, made of brass stamped with a radiating pattern inspired by the iris of an eagle
  • Applied white gold hour-markers and numerals enhanced with Grade X1 Super-LumiNova®
  • White gold baton-type hours and minutes hands enhanced with Grade X1 Super-LumiNova®
  • White gold baton-type small seconds hand enhanced with white lacquer
  • Black transfers


  • Central display of the hours and minutes
  • Small seconds at 6 o’clock
  • Stop-seconds function

Bracelet and clasp:

  • Lucent Steel A223 tapering bracelet with satin-brushed wide link and sides, polished central cap
  • Lucent Steel A223 triple folding clasp with safety pushers

Ref. 298623-3001 – in Lucent Steel A223 with Monte Rosa Pink dial

Happy Hearts Technical details

Jewellery in ethical 18-carat rose gold composed of a large pink opal heart and a small heart featuring a dancing diamond.

  • Ref. 797482-5620 – pendant necklace
  • Ref. @829482-5620 – ring
  • Ref. 837482-5620 – earrings
  • Ref. @857482-5620 – bangle

Happy Sport in stainless steel or two-tone stainless steel and ethical 18-carat rose gold


  • Stainless steel
  • Total diameter                                                                     25 mm
  • Thickness                                                                           8.74 mm
  • Water resistance                                                                 30 metres
  • Crown in stainless steel, or
  • Ethical 18-carat rose gold, set with a sapphire             4 mm
  • Cabochons in stainless steel or ethical 18-carat rose gold
  • Bezel in stainless steel or ethical 18-carat rose gold, polished or set with diamonds
  • Glare-proofed sapphire crystal
  • Solid engraved case-back


  • Quartz

Dial and hands:

  • Silver-toned dial with sunburst base
  • Blue transfers
  • Five dancing diamonds
  • Rhodium-plated or gilded Roman numerals
  • Cone-shaped rhodium-plated or gilded hours and minutes hands


  • Hours and minutes

Straps and buckle:

  • Iridescent blue alligator leather strap (on versions with a gem-set bezel) or double tour midnight blue calfskin strap (on versions with a polished bezel)
  • Steel buckle

Ref. 278620-3001 – in stainless steel with double tour strap
Ref. 278620-3002 – in stainless steel with diamond-set bezel
Ref. 278620-6001 – in stainless steel and ethical 18-carat rose gold with double tour strap
Ref. 278620-6002 – in stainless steel and ethical 18-carat rose gold with diamond-set bezel



Limited and numbered 25-piece edition in ethical 18-carat rose gold


  • Ethical 18-carat rose gold
  • Total diameter                                                                     36.00 mm
  • Thickness                                                                           10.15 mm
  • Water resistance                                                                 50 metres
  • Bezel and lug-covers in ethical 18-carat gold set with diamonds
  • Crown and lugs set with sapphires
  • Glare-proofed sapphire crystal
  • Exhibition case-back


  • Mechanical self-winding movement                                      Chopard 96.30-L
  • Number of components                                                       188
  • Total diameter                                                                     28.40 mm
  • Thickness                                                                           4.95 mm
  • Number of jewels                                                                29
  • Frequency                                                                          28,800 vph (4Hz)
  • Power reserve                                                                     65 hours

Dial and hands:

  • Décor in 18-carat rose gold featuring IMPERIALE lace pattern, polished and sandblasted with polished grooves
  • Rotating day/night disc with blue-gradient mother-of-pearl centre and powdered gold stars, framed by a diamond- and sapphire-set exterior.
  • Gilded openworked sword-shaped hours and minutes hands

Functions and displays :

  • Central display of the hours, minutes and seconds
  • Day/night function

Strap and buckle:

  • Seamless blue pearlescent alligator leather strap
  • Pin buckle in ethical 18-carat rose gold

Ref. 385388-5001 – Numbered 25-piece limited edition in ethical 18-carat rose gold. Available exclusively in Chopard boutiques.

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