Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant – A sparkling showcase for Chopard’s watch and jewellery skills

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The L’Heure du Diamant collection sums up the wealth of skills cultivated within Chopard, by artisans ranging from master watchmakers to gemsetters. It is reinvented in a new watch with an oval-shaped case fashioned from ethical 18-carat white or rose gold, graced with a textured mother-of-pearl dial and rimmed with diamonds. This creation is paired either with the emblematic tree bark-textured gold bracelet sculpted using a proprietary technique, or a leather strap. Another delightfully precious variation is adorned with a stunning bracelet in ethical white gold entirely paved with diamonds. Beating to the rhythm of a mechanical hand-wound movement, these timepieces bear within them the genius of expertise patiently nurtured through the years by Chopard’s Artisans of Emotion.

Tree bark-textured bracelet in ethical 18-carat white or rose gold; or red alligator strap; or bracelet in ethical 18-carat white gold entirely set with diamonds
Buckle in ethical 18-carat white or rose gold, polished or set with diamonds

A natural-born classic

With L’Heure du Diamant, all the elements contributing to the virtuoso construction of an artwork – encompassing artistic, technical, symbolic, artisanal and heritage dimensions – converge to perfection. Chopard once again demonstrates this wide-ranging prowess through a jewellery watch featuring modern lines and proportions testifying to the extraordinary vitality of its workshops. The oval-shaped case has been revisited in a smaller size accentuating the precious nature of this jewellery watch. Combined with the unique bark-textured strap, it revives the inimitable spirit of 1960s glamour, while embedding it firmly in contemporary aesthetic codes.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

Luminous gem-setting

The absolute purity of the diamond is majestically highlighted by the collection’s emblematic crown setting technique, which exalts the beauty of each of the gems by allowing the light to shine through. This ribbon of diamonds encircling the case lights up a delicate textured mother-of-pearl dial – itself dotted with 12 diamond hour-markers. Mother-of-pearl with its shimmering reflections provides an extraordinarily vivid mineral echo of the diamond mantle adorning the watch.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

A sculpted gold bracelet

The light also plays brilliantly across the tree bark-style bracelet featuring a texture, silky touch and impeccable comfort stemming from unique expertise. Reflecting the plant world, its extremely fine veins endow it with special vibrancy: this fine mesh give the gold an incomparably supple and light feel. The bracelet follows the curves of the wrist without ever snagging on fabric. This hand-crafted goldwork technique was developed by the Scheufele family in the 1960s. It epitomises the pinnacle of mental and manual brilliance displayed in this jewellery watch, the result of ancestral watchmaking and jewellery skills.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

This L’Heure du Diamant timepiece is also available with a slender black or red leather strap, as well as in even more precious variation further showcasing the enchantment of diamonds through an entirely gemset bracelet.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

Watchmaking and jewellery heritage

Powered by a mechanical hand-wound movement with a 40-hour power reserve, this watch testifies to the complementary skills nurtured by the Maison. Jewellery watches are a decades-long speciality of the Scheufele family currently at the helm of Chopard. An ideal blend of beauty and precision, L’Heure du Diamant collection reaps the benefits of this technical virtuosity dedicated to impressive artistic modernity. From designer to watchmaker and from jeweller to gemsetter and polisher, these creations were brought to life by the wide-ranging talents cultivated by the artisans within the Manufacture.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

Contemporary creation meets the forever radiance of diamonds

With the L’Heure du Diamant collection, Chopard’s artisan jewellers have brilliantly combined the unequalled beauty of diamonds with timeless designs. They now offer a renewed expression of their creativity with three supremely elegant pendants in ethical gold, enlivened by a refreshing touch of colour.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

Shapes and materials in perfect harmony

The L’Heure du Diamant collection is a veritable ode to the magic of diamonds. Each oval-shaped pendant is meticulously set with marquise-cut diamonds, creating perfect harmony between shapes and materials. More than just jewellery creations, these pendants are transformed into veritable talismans, bearing witness to the energy unleashed when creativity meets jewellery-making excellence.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

A palette of captivating precious stones

The distinctive feature of these new pendants is the cleverly concealed bow, hidden beneath an exquisite selection of precious stones. They alternately feature a diamond, sapphire or emerald, carefully chosen to enhance the brilliance of each creation and offering a bewitching palette of colours.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

Chopard’s peerless expertise in gold chain-making

The chains in ethical gold securing these pendants around the neck are entirely crafted in-house by Chopard artisans. Rightly proud of its rich family heritage in the realm of chain-making, the Maison guarantees an exceptional level of quality and expertise. Each chain is meticulously crafted to highlight the splendour of these pendants.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

The ultimate alliance between tradition and innovation

The L’Heure du Diamant collection embodies the perfect merging of the forever nature of diamonds and the boldness of contemporary design. Each pendant is a true work of art embodying timeless beauty and elegance. Wearing a piece of jewellery from the Chopard L’Heure du Diamant collection confers an aura of grace and distinction on every woman, revealing her unique personality.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant Technical Specifications

Chopard Chopard L’Heure du Diamant watch

Ref. 10A393-1106 – in ethical 18-carat white gold with tree bark-textured bracelet
Ref. 13A393-5106 – in ethical 18-carat rose gold with red leather strap
Ref. 10A393-1126 – in ethical 18-carat white gold entirely set with diamonds


Central hours and minutes


  • Mechanical hand-wound movement                                     
  • Dimensions                                                                    15.30 x 13 mm
  • Thickness                                                                             2.9 mm
  • Number of jewels                                                        17
  • Frequency                                                                  21,600 vph (3 Hz)
  • Power reserve                                                            40 hours


  • Ethical 18-carat white or rose gold
  • Dimensions                                                                           30 x 26.75 mm
  • Thickness                                                                       8.3 mm
  • Water resistance                                                                   30 m
  • Crown in ethical 18-carat white or rose gold set with a briolette-cut diamond
  • Bezel in 18-carat white or rose gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds (4.65 carats)
  • Glare-proofed sapphire crystal

Dial and hands:

  • White textured mother-of-pearl dial
  • Hour-markers set with 12 diamonds
  • Rhodium-plated or gilded hours and minutes hands


  • Tree bark-textured bracelet in ethical 18-carat white or rose gold; or red alligator strap; or bracelet in ethical 18-carat white gold entirely set with diamonds
  • Buckle in ethical 18-carat white or rose gold, polished or set with diamonds

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant Pendant

Pendant in ethical 18-carat white gold set with marquise-cut diamonds (2.80 carats).

  • Ref. 79A061-1001 – featuring a bow topped with a marquise-cut diamond.
  • Ref. 79A061-1401 – featuring a bow topped with a marquise-cut emerald.
  • Ref. 79A061-1501 – featuring a bow topped with a marquise-cut sapphire.

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