Christian Louboutin: L’Exhibition[niste]

Short presentation and long gallery

Christian Louboutin: THE EXHIBITION[NIST]
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From 26 February 2020, the Palais de la Porte Dorée will present a major exhibition devoted to the work and creativity of Christian Louboutin, the internationally renowned footwear designer and key figure in the fashion world. – That is the official description of Louboutin’s most interesting show, L’Exhibition[niste] (THE EXHIBITION[NIST]). We have visited the exhibition and decided to share with you some thoughts and a large gallery.

You don’t have to be necessary a shoes lover to enjoy this cultural and artistic exhibition. But if you like modern art, creativity in general, and the clever use of colours and materials, you will love this. But if you just like Louboutin sneakers, ’cause are expensive and you want to show off, this expo is not for you.

The connection between Christian and Palais de la Porte Dorée is special. It is the place that seeded the idea of shoes’ design in the creator’s heart and soul. A seed that grew to be extraordinary, in the sense that Louboutin’s pieces tend to be closer to art.

The show reveals works from Christian, including his first years, masterpieces, l’atellier, the nude concept and creative exercises.

For a more immersive feeling, please have a look at the exhibition’s official page Here you will have a nice introduction in the Christian Louboutin: L’Exhibition[nist] atmosphere.

My all-time prefered: combining the Louboutin’s hypnotic and sensual lines with denim

Personal preference and impressions

I am not a stranger from the Louboutin creations and I was still extremely impressed and amazed. Not only by creativity but by the clever use of materials, shapes and colours.  I was not expecting that a shoe can be used so, as a blank canvas of a masterpiece.

Example of creativity inspired by nature

L’Exhibition[niste] also reveals some “secrets” from the artist’s atelier, how the shoes are created and manufactured. The explanations and the videos are easy to digest for everyone.

The videos explain different stages of manual work involved in manufacturing a Louboutin shoe

Another important line that I particularly love, is the nude concept and collection. Christian’s nude is available for every skin colour.

L’Exhibition[niste] exhibition has an entire area dedicated to the Nude concept and collections.

Each mannequin body has its own particular physical characteristics and skin tone

The Nude collection expo uses mannequins with different skin tones to reveal human’s diversity.

The Nude collections

The image gallery is in the natural walking order and passes you in all the exhibition’s rooms. Of course, not everything is presented, Christian Louboutin: L’Exhibition[niste] has much more to offer. Enjoy!


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