The Kairos Collection

Christie’s announces The Kairos Collection: A single private collection of 128 contemporary Patek Philippe timepieces

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The finest collection of Patek Philippe contemporary timepieces ever to appear at auction
Curated by a private distinguished collector with a discerning eye for excellence and the ability to acquire the rarest watches, The Kairos Collection is the fruit of years of dedicated focus and a passion for the most prestigious of provenances, with every single timepiece in absolutely pristine condition.

Live Sales : 9 May – Geneva, 24 May – Hong Kong, 8 June – New York New York – Christie’s announces The Kairos Collection: Exceptional Contemporary Timepieces by Patek Philippe. This extraordinary collection of 128 contemporary Patek Philippe timepieces will be offered by Christie’s in three parts during the spring 2022 live auction calendar. On May 9th, 30 pieces will be presented in Geneva as Part I, with highlights including fabled grand complications such as a Ref. 5959R-001 Split-Seconds Chronograph in rose gold with black dial and a Ref. 5074R-001 Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar in the same livery. On May 24th, Christie’s Hong Kong will present a further 30 lots as Part II, with similarly sought-after standouts, including a platinum Ref. 5951P-012 Perpetual Calendar Split-Seconds Chronograph and a Minute Repeater Ref. 5078R-001 in rose gold. On June 8th, the remaining 68 timepieces of the Kairos Collection will be presented at Christie’s Rockefeller Center salerooms in New York as Part III, showcasing the modern evolution of Perpetual Calendar Chronographs, Split-Chronographs, Métiers d’Art artisanal techniques, World Time references and Complications – and not to be missed highlights that include several Tiffany & Co. dual-signature dials. IMPECCABLE PROVENANCE, MASTERFUL CURATION, FLAWLESS CONDITION One might imagine entering a Salon at the prestigious Maison itself in Geneva: From a Ref. 5227J Calatrava to the gamut of Métiers d’Art techniques – from cloisonné to marquetry – to chiming complications and quite a few extremely rare exemplars, such as a stainless-steel Ref. 5950/1A-010 Split-Seconds Chronograph with the blue dial, The Kairos Collection recounts a thrilling narrative of contemporary watchmaking at the highest level of excellence.

Extraordinarily, yet unsurprisingly, each watch of The Kairos Collection is in exceptional condition, accompanied by its original Certificate of Origin and all associated product literature, presentation box and outer packaging. Each watch was stored in a transparent, protective clamshell-shaped box to both preserve its original condition and allow its unencumbered beholding. BEYOND KAIROS The Kairos Collection was formed by a private collector of the highest order with a most discerning eye for excellence and the ability to acquire the rarest of items, who has actively collected watches for over 35 years. Impeccable taste, a deep appreciation for the highest level of horology, and a passion for Patek Philippe only begin to characterise this collection, the fruit of years of dedicated focus, educated curation, and personal vision.

Such singular, uncompromising focus on a contemporary time period, the absolutely pristine condition of every single timepiece, and the most prestigious of provenances… In ancient Greece, there were two sides to the concept of time: chronos and kairos. Both are still used today. The former simply refers to all time. The latter refers specifically to opportune, auspicious time, and thus its preciousness. Chronos is quantitative, Kairos qualitative. Indeed, it is called The Kairos Collection for this reason.

The Kairos Collection On Tour

Leading up to sales across Geneva, Hong Kong and New York, a global series of previews at select Christie’s locations will showcase highlights from this exceptional collection. Open to the public, these special events will offer not only a rare opportunity to view up close such a rare constellation of the finest examples of modern watchmaking by Patek Philippe. Christie’s Watches specialists will be present as well to provide insights into the evolution of the brand’s fabled complications. The tour schedule (dates are subject to change and will be kept up-to-date on our website) is as follows: 

  • April 5-8 London
  • April 30-May 11 New York
  • May 6-8 Geneva
  • May 13-16 Dubai
  • May 15-18 Hong Kong
  • May 21-24 Hong Kong
  • May 24-26 San Francisco
  • June 3-7 New York

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