Christophe Claret Vasyl Lomachenko

Christophe Claret signs a partnership with boxing champion Vasyl Lomachenko

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Christophe Claret Vasyl Lomachenko

Christophe Claret is pleased to announce its collaboration with Vasyl Lomachenko – winner of one Europe championship title, two Olympic gold medals and three World Championship titles – and the forthcoming creation of a new watch. Text and images Christophe Claret.Christophe Claret Vasyl Lomachenko

April 12th 2019: Vasyl Lomachenko, nicknamed the “Picasso” of world boxing, achieves yet another masterful feat. In his Los Angeles fight against Englishman Anthony Crolla, Vasyl Lomachenko successfully defended his WBA and WBO lightweight belts by beating his opponent with a spectacular knockout in the fourth round. The Ukrainian boxer has already won the title of Europe champion in Liverpool (2008) in the featherweight category, the title of double Olympic champion – in Beijin (2008) in the featherweight category and in London (2012) in the lightweight category – as well as three World titles in only 12 professional fights: in Chicago (2007) and in Milan (2009) in the featherweight category and in Baku (2011) in the lightweight category.

That same day, Christophe Claret met Vasyl Lomachenko in Los Angeles through Saïd Taghmaoui, a famous Franco-American actor who made his breakout in the film La Haine in 1996 and has been the Christophe Claret brand Ambassador since January 2019. The encounter gave rise to a collaboration between the watchmaker and the boxer that is soon to result in a timepiece combining their shared passions.

Christophe Claret Vasyl Lomachenko

Precision, Rigorous Discipline, Patience, Speed, Elegance and Talent are the shared qualities demonstrated by these two Maestros in their respective arts.

This alliance is no coincidence. In 2013 already, Christophe Claret drew inspiration from the world of boxing based on a simple observation: the ringside boxing bell is one of the most recognizable sounds in sport, signaling the moment boxers go head to head in the ring. A boxing bout is divided into rounds, punctuated by one-minute periods of rest, all announced by the ringside bell. So it’s only natural to mark the start of a chronograph with such a sound. This led to the creation of the Kantharos model, a mono-pusher chronograph with constant force escapement and cathedral-gong striking mechanism, equipped with an ingenious chiming system activated in each mode (start, stop, reset).

This new round embodying a rapprochement between Haute Horlogerie and boxing is set to pack a powerful punch!

For more information, please visit the Christophe Claret Website.

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