De Bethune stands by The Womanity Foundation

De Bethune stands by The Womanity Foundation
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The Womanity Foundation: If all the women of the world could learn to read and write, had the right to study and work, and knew their rights, then the social, economic and political development of the countries they live in would be that much faster. Around the world, girls and women are victims of gender stereotypes and discrimination that violate their human rights. In much of the world, gender stereotypes still shape everyday life and continue to prevent girls and women from becoming empowered.

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When women can fully live out their role, the results are immediate. They are in better health, the economic situation of their families is improved, and their children lead more fulfilled, happier lives.

If we want our efforts to succeed in building a better, more sustainable, more peaceful and equitable world, schools around the world must be filled with girls as well as boys. Women must be able to learn and be empowered.

De Bethune is a discreet ‘Maison’ of Swiss high watchmaking that has always placed a premium on sustainability and quality, but also on independence, entrepreneurship and freedom.

Within our small team and in our workshops in the Swiss Jura, we cultivate these essential values on a daily basis, because we believe in people and in a better and sustainable world.

Pierre Jacques, CEO de De Bethune comments“We look at our own growth with measure and reason, we work at it little by little, through the confidence our customers place in us and though the way we care for them, with the aim of designing and producing the most beautiful timepieces. Authenticity and respect are at the heart of our DNA. Creativity, freedom and entrepreneurship are essential. By supporting Womanity, De Bethune wants to do its part in underscoring the importance of respect for these values, which are essential for keeping the promise of peace and human progress towards a better world”.

These are the values that inspired the minds that created and the hands that crafted the famous De Bethune DB25 Starry Varius, a watch made of titanium with a dial that shows the stars on a given night on a given date, which the buyer may specify. The proceeds from the auction of this watch will be entirely donated to Womanity on the occasion of the grand gala celebrating the foundation’s 15 years of global action to empower women and girls.

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