Devon Tread 1

Devon Tread 1
Devon Tread 1
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It’s big, it’s noisy, it’s openwork and it’s very original: The Devon Works Tread 1. I first saw this watch on media in 2010 and I was impressed. I first saw it live in 2013 and I was more impressed.
Tread 1 is a big watch: 53.3mm x 47mm and 19mm thick. At my wrist looks like a strange military device, since I have a relatively small wrist (my favourite size is around 38-39mm) but for a bigger wrist is welcomed. The case is made of 316L steel with a DLC coated stainless steel, steel crown with a microswitch, stainless steel bezel and polycarbonate as crystal. Devon Works advise that you remove your watch before showering, swimming, or any other activity that may cause your watch to get wet since their design is protected with o-rings but cannot guarantee water protection.



The movement is an in-house development: powered by a wireless induction rechargeable lithium polymer cell and using microprocessor-controlled motors, 4 fibre-reinforced glass nylon belts of only 2 microns thickness are used via an optical control system to show the time. Easily said – motor controlled belts are showing time.



To turn the Tread 1 ON / OFF: push crown IN and RELEASE. If the Tread 1 is entering into ON mode, the Tread 1 will bring the indication belts to the current time. If the Tread 1 is entering into OFF mode, the Tread 1 will bring the indication belts to the 12:00:00 position and then advance the second belt to indicate battery reserve. (see Seconds / Battery Life Indicator).

It’s recommended to charge the watch after 36 hours of continuous use or when the battery levels drop lower than 50%. If the watch it’s not used can be charged every 20 days.

The Tread 1A – 18450 USD


The Tread 1E – 19450 USD
Tread 1B Gun metal 17490USD


The Tread 1F – 19950 USD


The Tread 1G 35000USD


You can read about the Devon Tread 1 also here:


I would like to thank DEVON WORKS for the images and information from the Devon Website and videos from the Devon Works Official Youtube Channel. The available watches can be seen Online or at one of the Official Retailers.  The Chrono24 prices can be checked here: Chrono24 – Devon.

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