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Edition Fifty Fathoms, the sharing of a passion

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Ever since the launch of the first Fifty Fathoms in 1953, Blancpain has been consistently associated with the sea. Twelve years ago, to share its passion for diving, exploration and the beauty of the world’s oceans, the Manufacture launched the Edition Fifty Fathoms project, a collection of annual publications dedicated to the most stunning underwater photographs.Blancpain Ocean Commitment Partnerships

Blancpain is convinced that public awareness is vital to achieve its goals of preserving and protecting the world’s oceans. In continuation of the important role played by the Fifty Fathoms watch in the history of diving, the Manufacture collaborates with Editor Dietmar W. Fuchs, and invites renowned photographers to share the wonders of the underwater world. The result, Edition Fifty Fathoms, is an annual limited-edition publication launched in 2008 which presents four underwater photography portfolios. Fifty photographers have published their work, starting with the patriarch of underwater photography, Ernest H. Brooks II, who notably uses light and shadow to display his passion and creativity.

Blancpain Ocean Commitment Partnerships

The Edition Fifty Fathoms concept

Edition Fifty Fathoms has been methodically designed to pay tribute to the first modern diving watch, the iconic Fifty Fathoms. Each book consists of 50 double-page spreads, each measuring one fathom around its perimeter when open, hence a total of 50 fathoms, and comprises a selection of 50 underwater photographs. The number 12 also has its own significance in the conception of the publication. It is the magic number in watchmaking, as a watch depicts 12 hours on its dial. In addition, 12 is the number of letters in the name Fifty Fathoms. The collection of Edition Fifty Fathoms books will be completed this year, 12 years after its launch.
“Edition Fifty Fathoms epitomizes Blancpain’s genuine passion for the ocean and illustrates our commitment initiated with the creation of the first modern diving watch almost 70 years ago.”
Marc A. Hayek, President & CEO of Blancpain

Published photographers

Ernest H. Brooks II
Maurine Shimlock & Burt Jones
Udo Kefrig
Helmut Horn
Amos Nachoum
Doug Perrine
Norbert Probst
Masa Ushioda
Chris Newbert
Kurt Amsler
Reinhard Dirscherl
Stephen Frink
Aaron Wong
William Winram
Fred Buyle
Ethan Daniels
Imran Ahmad
Laurent Ballesta
Martin Strmiska
Keri Wilk
Eric Cheng
Michael Aw
Mark Strickland
Marc A. Hayek
Alan Lo
Mikhail Semenov
Werner Thiele
Steve Jones
Vincent Truchet
Ellen Cuylaerts
Tony Wu
Uli Kunz
Becky Kagan Schott
Harald Hois
Tobias Friedrich
Zena Holloway
Christian Vizl
Anuar Patjane
Yoshi Hirata
Greg Lecoeur
Alex Mustard
Ace Wu
Henley Spiers
Octavio Aburto
Dietmar W. Fuchs
Chuck Davis
Jade Hoksbergen
Jonas Dahm
Jorge Cervera Hauser

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