Christie’s HK presents The Triazza collection

Exceptional watches : Christie’s HK presents The Triazza collection

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Hong Kong – Christie’s is proud to present The Triazza Collection – an unprecedented collection of five exceptional, rare, and important Patek Philippe timepieces manufactured from 1924 – 1987, astutely acquired by a prominent private Asian collector.

The non-selling exhibition will offer watch lovers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appreciate the exceptionally rare and beautiful vintage treasures by Patek Philippe, which encompass a possibly one and only large-size Geneva Observatory 1st Prize winning tourbillon ref. 2330 with both cases and both dials surviving intact, made in 1924; the Esmond Bradley Martin ref. 605 HU cloisonné dial ‘North America’ manufactured in 1950; one of only three Patek Philippe ref. 2523 in yellow gold known to exist with a cloisonné map dial depicting North America, manufactured in 1955; the only platinum ref. 2499/100 in private hands, formerly the property of Eric Clapton; as well as an 18k gold ref. 2499 with double-signed dial, retailed by Tiffany & Co., made in 1977. 

The event is not only “the place to be” for viewing some of the most extraordinary Patek Philippe creations in its watchmaking history, but also serves as an exciting lead-up to Christie’s Hong Kong’s Important Watches Autumn Auction on 27 November, further demonstrating Christie’s market leadership and unparalleled client network when it comes to offering the most valuable Patek Philippe timepieces in Asia.



Patek Philippe. A stainless steel openface observatory tested pocket chronometer with tourbillon regulator, lever escapement, sector dial and additional gold case, enamel dial and hands, ref. 2330, manufactured in 1924.
This important and large-size Geneva Observatory 1st Prize winning tourbillon is not only in exceptional condition and one of the finest high-precision Patek Philippe watches, it is also possibly unique in retaining both its original gold case and white enamel Breguet numeral dial and, in addition, its original antimagnetic observatory contest case and original contest silver sector dial. To the best of our knowledge, no other Patek Philippe observatory chronometer in private hands is known publicly with both cases and both dials surviving intact.

Patek Philippe. An 18k gold openface world time keyless watch with cloisonné enamel dial depicting a map of North America, ref. 605, manufactured in 1950.
This exemplary example of Patek Philippe’s reference 605 HU (Heure Universelles) World Time dress watch with cloisonné enamel ‘North America’ dial is one of only a handful of these sublimely beautiful horological masterpieces known publicly. Furthermore, it has wonderful and impeccable provenance, its first owner was one of the great American watch collectors of the 20th century – Esmond Bradley Martin, who purchased this watch from Tiffany & Co. in New York in December 1957. For the past decade, it has been a highlight of an important private watch collection.

Today, only around 12 surviving examples of reference 605 HU are known with cloisonné dials, however only four, including the present watch, are decorated with the map of North America.

Patek Philippe. An 18k gold two crown world time wristwatch with 24 hour indication and cloisonné enamel dial depicting a map of North America, ref. 2523, manufactured in 1955.
This imposing watch is one of only three Patek Philippe reference 2523 in yellow gold known to exist with a cloisonné map dial depicting North America. Part of a highly important private collection, its exclusivity and desirability is further enhanced by its spectacular overall condition.
The cloisonné dial two-crown reference 2523 is one of the ultimate world-class rarities, sitting alongside the other Patek Philippe wristwatch legends such as the steel reference 1518 and the first series 2499.  Combining the highest degree of rarity with the beauty and permanence of grand feu enamel artistry and the confident simplicity of 1950s design, the present reference 2523 cloisonné ‘North America’ world time watch is one of these elusive masterworks from the ‘golden age’ of Patek Philippe wristwatches.

The reference 2523 was made in very small numbers, a total of only 26 examples were ever made in either yellow or pink gold and one example in white gold

Patek Philippe. A platinum perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch with moon phases, ref. 2499/100, manufactured in 1987.
It is always a thrilling moment when a truly world-famous wristwatch of almost mythical status returns to auction. Not seen in public for over 10 years as a highlight of a highly important private collection, Christie’s is extremely pleased to exhibit to collectors without doubt the most important, beautiful and desirable reference 2499/100 in the world. Formerly the property of Eric Clapton, it is the only platinum reference 2499/100 in private hands, only two were ever made, the other was never sold and is today in the collection of the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva.

Patek Philippe. An 18k gold perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch with moon phases, retailed by Tiffany & Co., ref. 2499, manufactured in 1977.
The reference 2499 is regarded as one of the ‘must have’ wristwatch models for collectors of Patek Philippe’s vintage complicated watches. The present watch offers an added layer of exclusivity with its double-signed dial, retailed by Tiffany & Co. It is thought that only around 6 examples of the third series reference 2499 were ever double signed by Tiffany & Co. Over a period of 35 years, the 2499 was made in four separate series in a total production of only 349 pieces, the majority cased in yellow gold. A 2499 is considered the ultimate statement watch today, instantly recognizable and coveted by collectors of modern and vintage alike.

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