Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Ferrari GTC4Lusso skiing test

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What could be more fun for Sacha Theocharis, a Mogul skiing champion who is also a fan of Formula 1 and of Ferrari, than a mountain road trip in a Ferrari GTC4Lusso?

This was the fantastic opportunity that Ferrari afforded Sacha Theocharis, five-time French champion and member of the national team at the last Winter Olympics, in Pyongyang.

Sacha enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to test a Ferrari GTC4Lusso from Lyon to the ski resort of Méribel. Driving the GTC4 Lusso along ‘home’ roads that he knows perfectly he was able to appreciate the versatility of a car that can be driven in all conditions.

As a professional skier he first and foremost took advantage of the car’s internal space that meant he had no problem storing his skiing equipment and luggage. Sacha was also very impressed by the double personality of the GTC4Lusso. He was able to appreciate its comfort and ease of driving, in both the Lyon traffic and on the motorway.

But as soon as he reached the twisting mountain roads going up to Méribel he put to the test the power of its engine, its precise gearbox and the incredible road holding that combined to make for a very sporty drive in all road conditions.

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