First Bugatti Pool Table ready for delivery

The first of a total of 30 exclusive pool tables crafted by Bugatti and IXO® is now ready to be shipped to its owner.

Bugatti Pool Table
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Announced earlier this year, BUGATTI and IXO® (Iconic Xtrem Objects) joined forces to present a new product for the Bugatti Lifestyle collection. The intricately designed pool table is the most exclusive model currently available, adorned with exquisite carbon fibre, aluminium, titanium and leather – built to match the exceedingly high-quality standards of the French luxury marque’s globally renowned hyper sports cars.

The Bugatti Lifestyle collection continues to expand with the addition of the Bugatti Pool Table that reflects the very highest of qualities resonant in the marque’s hyper sports cars crafted in Molsheim, France. A discerning customer from the US will receive the first officially licensed Bugatti Pool Table featuring a unique plate, adorned with the iconic EB logo and an engraving detailing the unit’s edition number of 1/30, illustrating its rarity.

Bugatti Pool Table

Before shipping to the United States, Spanish manufacturer IXO® photographed its masterpiece, along with a Bugatti Divo serving as visual inspiration, in the ten-year-old Ciudade da Cultura Galicia in Santiago de Compostela – an imposing structure of geometric and flowing forms designed by famous US architect Peter Eisenman.

Bugatti Pool Table

To accompany the Bugatti Pool Table, complimentary items have also been developed. The wall-mounted cue support is finished in carbon fibre, also featuring a 13-inch, high-resolution touch screen to keep track of scores and remotely control table and lamp operations. The carbon fibre pool cues feature anodized, CNC-machined aluminium ends that are formed in the same design as the buttons of the Bugatti Chiron and Divo.

Bugatti Pool Table

Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti President, said: “It is our pleasure to witness the first example of the Bugatti Pool Table completed by IXO®. Working with a manufacturing partner that matches the qualities and values of Bugatti with extremely high-end materials and unparalleled standards is of great importance for us.

Bugatti Pool Table

Pedro Sanchez, General Manager at IXO®, said: “We started working on the project last year and we are delighted to have finished the very first piece. Having Bugatti’s stunning Divo accompany the Pool Table is a demonstration of their equal quality and intricate details. We poured our hearts into this first production and we’re sure that each of the 30 customers will enjoy the pool table as much as we relished producing it.

Bugatti Pool Table

Customers are able to commission fully customized Bugatti Pool Tables, selecting individual carbon and leather colours to form their very own piece of personal art.

Bugatti Pool Table

For more than 12 years, Spanish company IXO® has been recognised as one of the leading carbon fibre manufacturers, and is synonymous with unrivalled attention to detail, craftsmanship, and exclusivity. Thanks to masterful care and expertise in engineering, the quality achieved by IXO® is something extraordinary. With the best industrial processes, IXO® mixes dedicated craftwork with the ultimate materials to create luxury and exclusive objects, recognized as true works of art. IXO® is therefore the perfect partner for Bugatti to expand its brand lifestyle section.

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