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First Hand-on with De Bethune DB28GS Grand Bleu

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I got the chance to have a more intimate look to the newest creation of De Bethune – the DB28GS Grand Bleu. Even if I didn’t get the chance to get too deep into technical detail, I was impressed not only by its beauty but also by the intriguing and innovative movement. More details in the integral press release available after gallery.

This independent brand has a special place in my heart. Even if my love for horology has many spaces dedicated to a relatively large number of brands in my heart, De Bethune has a large one. Years after years, De Bethune released amazing watches. An example here: De Bethune Maestri’Art Collection. As expected, this excellency is properly rewarded: De Bethune receives the prize for the best watch of the year in the prestigious “Chronometry”.

The De Bethune DB28GS Grand Bleu is a new step for the brand. A new uncharted territory. Please enjoy some first-hand pictures, taken with the mobile phone.

For more information, please check the official press release below.

Geneva, December 10th 2018 Placing innovation at the heart of the creative process. Adopting a continuity-based approach with regard to the work undertaken by the master-watchmakers of the Age of Enlightenment. Integrating creativity! Driving innovation! Veering firmly off the beaten track! Not repeating, but instead inventing; pursuing ingenious reflection while improving precision, reliability, readability and comfort: the DB28GS Grand Bleu was designed and developed to be a resolutely sporty watch, adapted to the active life of today’s men, while cultivating the aesthetic elegance cherished by De Bethune.

Just 10 years ago, De Bethune began developing timepieces with a more contemporary spirit with the first DB28. Already at that time, De Bethune’s founder and Master Watchmaker, Denis Flageollet, an outdoor sports enthusiast, felt the need to create watches adapted to an active lifestyle. In 2015, the first DB28GS was launched.
Particularly ingenious lighting

Based on the observation that a sports watch must be perfectly readable in any kind of weather and every possible situation, a special lighting system has been developed.
To illuminate the watch and the movement from the inside, the slightly bluish white light source is produced by a fully mechanical means that works on the dynamo principle.
The result is as simple as the lighting of a bicycle, fully mechanical with no electronics and no battery. A pusher at 6 o’clock activates a small gear train driven by the twin barrel. This gear train, by means of a miniature dynamo, provides the necessary energy for lighting the watch. A few seconds of light is more than enough to read the time, even in the middle of the night.

A bezel that rotates the crystal

The rotating bezel made its first appearance in watchmaking in 1952. It serves to enable accurate calculation of immersion time, as well as the transition through various decompression stops. of the different levels. Generally, all the numerals relating to the minutes counter are indicated on the bezel, which tends to create a more crowded visual effect.

For the DB28GS Grand Bleu, these indications appear on the sapphire crystal driven by the bezel. This developed in the workshops of the Manufacture in L’Auberson enables the model to remain elegantly slender and instils a pleasing casual chic aesthetic.

A new calibre, the 27th bearing the De Bethune signature

Hand-wound, with central seconds and a five-day power reserve indicated on the dial, this is the 27th calibre entirely developed and manufactured by the Manufacture De Bethune, equipped with a state-of-the-art in-house-made balance wheel.

The presence of the titanium / white gold balance wheel and balance-spring with flat terminal curve ensures an ideal mass / inertia ratio for an optimal frequency of 28,800 vph suitable for wristwatches.

It is endowed with numerous properties – such as optimised efficiency, reliability, regulating quality, thermo-compensation, anti-magnetism – leading to concrete results, since De Bethune has already improved the efficiency of its sprung-balance-escapement ensemble by achieving a 20% increase in power reserve.

The calibre is also equipped with the triple pare chute system. De Bethune was not only the first to design a bridge symmetrical held on both sides and thus serving to maintain the balance wheel perfectly in position, but also added two shock absorbers on either end as well as that of the balance wheel itself. Hence the name triple pare-chute.

Watertightness, shock-resistance, wearer comfort

Finally, the DB28GS Grand Bleu does not escape the special attention devoted to the refined work of hand-crafted finishing performed within the company workshops in L’Auberson, such as blued titanium components, zirconium case middle and Microlight decoration.

Water-resistant to 105 metres (10 ATM), the DB28GS Grand Bleu is no exception to the strict rule of wearer comfort that De Bethune applies to its models in general and particularly to the DB28 collection. This exceptional comfort stems from a combination of the light feel of the titanium case, the softness of its hand-polished finish, the 12 o’clock crown position and above all the presence of the patented system of floating lugs that adapt to wrist size and movements.

For the DB28GS Grand Bleu, the lugs have been completely redesigned in a medium size tailored to the sporting spirit of the watch, featuring the famous cones that are especially prominent in this model and adorned with black zirconium inserts recalling the sides of the case middle.

The model is delivered with two straps: a canvas version and a striated natural rubber iteration with titanium folding clasp, which also contributes to the practical and pleasant wearer comfort of this timepiece.

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