For her: Galop d’Hermès

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Flowing and luminous, it plays with time.
Dynamic and companionable, it takes pleasure in the passing hours.
Mischievous and bold, it flaunts a crown at 6 o’clock.
At 8, it recalls the entire history of Hermès, a harness and saddlemaker from the start.
It is a transformed stirrup.
A dreamlike arch.
A futuristic space vessel.
All three at once?
It is attuned to its time, it tells its own story.
Immediate, sensitive, self-evident tempo.

Galop d’Hermès was born of Ini Archibong’s detailed observations of bits, stirrups and harnesses in the Conservatoire des créations Hermès. The designer drew inspiration from every object and component of the harness collections. Hybridisation. He grasped their ingenuity, their technicality, their perfect balance, their avant-garde nature – and thus their beauty. A mission that lost nothing of the movement that shifts lines, or the function that embodies and gives life – with complete elegance.

Yesterday hands down to tomorrow its virtues and intuitions of the future. Aerodynamic curves, functional purity, kinetic flow… Galop d’Hermès also stems from work on light. Reflection(s). Day and night defined the shape of this object. Openness. The corners are blurred, the ergonomics are perfect, nothing jars the eye. Light is reflected in the curves, warming the metal and suffusing the shapes with vibrancy. Through the domed sapphire crystal, it exalts the gentleness of the dial. Organic simplicity. A sudden vision of a pebble swept along by a river, the river of time…

Pebble, galet, gallop, galop. An onward rush through the golden flow of time.

The case? A vessel hurtling through the air, shooting through the space-time continuum. Back to the future.

For one brief moment, the eye lingers on the hand pointing to the 8. In a singular transformation, the symbol of infinity becomes an inverted stirrup. Mise en abyme. The movement resumes. Acceleration.

Ini Archibong has designed a progressive typeface, the size of the numerals gradually unfurling, smaller and leaner at the front so as to create a sense of perspective. Aboard, they focus on the quality of movement. In a final mischievous touch, the 6 o’clock crown creates a symmetrical effect.

Its name?

A witty play on masculine and feminine. Observe its moderation and its speed, at one and the same time. Serene strength, refined execution. The art of the gallop.

The material I work with is light. I create shapes to catch the light. I have learned to design aerodynamic shapes and futuristic lines that use surfaces in order to explore light effects.” – Ini Archibong, designer

More than a piece of jewellery and more than a watch, Galop d’Hermès is a style object devoid of any formalism. It is free-spirited, witty and passionate.” – Philippe Delhotal, Design and Development Director, Hermès Horloger

G A L O P  D ’ H E R M È S


  • Grained silvered, opaline centre
  • Silver-powdered / Gilt-powdered transferred Arabic numerals, dark grey contour
  • Rhodium-plated hands / Gilded hands


  • Designed by Ini Archibong
  • Shape inspired by the world of equestrian tack
  • 316L steel / Rose gold set with 150 diamonds (≈ 0.66 ct) or non-gemset
  • 40.8 × 26 mm, 10 mm interhorn width
  • Antiglare sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistant to 3 bar


  • Quartz, Swiss made


  • Hours, minutes


  • Barénia: calfskin natural or black
  • Polished alligator: sapphire blue, amber, raspberry, elephant grey or black
  • Matt alligator: étoupe

Pin buckle in 316L steel / rose gold, 10 mm

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