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I have no idea about how long it is since I started to follow Fratello Watches. I just remember thinking to myself and sharing their images and posts – “Woah, Fratello did it again!“. So yes, they impressed me during the years and they still keep my interest high.

I read Fratello’s Watches articles regularly since I have discovered them on Facebook, years ago. I was aware of their existence on the great web, but the social media platform made it easy. It is hard to believe one never heard of them. Their #speedytuesday is now a tradition that is kept, week by week, with religiosity on their website and Instagram / Facebook. And not only by the team, but the world of watches also followed them.

Maybe, the most important achievement is, now at the second edition, the #speedytuesday Omega Speedmaster. Two watches, sold out in no time, that celebrate the known hashtag. While I salute and congratulate the team for these pieces, I am more happy about the immense amount of information they gathered about the Speedmaster. Maybe “the first watch on the Moon” tells you something…

fratello watches

The #speedytuesday success can only be attributed to the founder of Fratello Watches – Robert-Jan Broer. A devoted family man with a huge passion for watches. I am more than sure that he never thought, 14 years ago when he started Fratello Watches, that he will be not only an authority but also a trendsetter. Every time I have met Rober-Jan, he was just this cool, relaxed guy, always willing to talk about a nice piece.

You will see that Robert-Jan has no issues in writing articles about various watches, from cheap Hamilton or even watches under 100€, up to high-end timepieces. In a relaxed and friendly tone, he puts “on the paper” the goods and the bads in a way that can help someone in a search for his next piece.

fratello watches

I wanted to write about Fratello Watches for a long time but the trigger was a post of Balazs Ferenczi: Top 10 Watch Tools Watch Guy Needs. I was like: Yes, finally, someone put in one article what a guy like me needs. This was not the first article I have read about the topic, but was the first one to make me happy with the choices. Balazs (or Blaise) is a guy that makes good articles. But the most I admire at him is his passion for vintage watches, Omega, in special.

His articles are diverse. I like the ease with which he touches various topics. And I enjoy reading his articles or listening to the answer he gives. I met him with several occasions and yes, he is a cool guy.

Fratello watches

I have to admit that when I open Fratello Watches, I don’t care that much who wrote that specific article, the team is good and the articles’ quality is excellent. I don’t know personally all the team members, but it is a detail unimportant to me since Fratello Watches family is nice. The kind of guys that you would like to have them as cool neighbours.

So when you have questions about Omega, I think the team is the best and the fastest method. But as I mentioned, their expertise is extensive and you can notice that from their article. I am a constant reader of Fratello Watches and always happy when I can learn something from them. You can follow them, individually, on Instagram. Trust me, it worth it.

But, even more, there are good news for the future: Fratello Watches family will grow, maybe a new website and a lot of surprises. Stick your Fratello Website link close, and enjoy, at least from time to time, a cool Fratello article.

Good work guys, keep it up! Cheers!

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