Tennis Manager 2021

Frederique Constant enters the world of gaming as Tennis Manager 2021’s Official Timekeeper

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While the Wimbledon tournament is taking-off, Frederique Constant is proud to join the field of e-sports and announces its new partnership as Official Timekeeper of the Tennis Manager 2021 video game, the best managing simulation PC game where players can have the opportunity to take the reins of a tennis academy and become the best manager.

Tennis Manager 2021

On May 25th, 2021, the French studio Rebound CG launched its managing simulation Tennis Manager 2021 on PC in Early Access, a realistic simulation in which the user finds himself in the role of the manager of a professional tennis academy and aims to lead it and its players to success on and off the court. In the tradition of the well-known “Football Manager” series, Tennis Manager 2021’s features and player database are to be updated every year to offer countless hours of entertainment for both management games fans & newcomers.

Full features

Giving players the opportunity to take the reins of a tennis academy, and to become the best manager, Tennis Manager 2021 figured out how to introduce tennis playing in the entirety of its profundity and to move it into virtual space in an engaging manner.

Tennis Manager 2021

Tennis enthusiasts, as well as experimented players, will have the opportunity to choose their academy or create their own from scratch, shape their champions, and rise to the top of the tennis scene and embrace the life of a manager by dealing with finances, infrastructures, staff, coaching and much more.

Tennis Manager 2021

Scouting for 5000 players of both the female & male, junior & pro circuits to recruit the legends of tomorrow, Tennis Manager 2021 gamers will also manage the schedule of their pro team, participate in conferences and press interviews to make a name for themselves and their players. By participating in over 2000 tournaments, they will travel the world to coach their players on court directly from the box with a unique 3D match-sim engine. Finally, they will also have to adapt the playstyle of their player in real time, thanks to a deep set of analytics that will help them make the right choices.

Tennis Manager 2021Live your Passion!

As Official Timekeeper of this virtual tennis game, Frederique Constant joins forces with Rebound CG to allow tennis aficionados to live their passion, immerse themselves in their dream, win challenges and achieve their goals thanks to their commitment, dedication and hard work.

Tennis Manager 2021

Frederique Constant’s history is only 33 years old, and it all started with Aletta and Peter Stas’ passion for watches. Two adults in their twenties, devoted to creating a brand of their own. Then, together with their passionate watchmakers, they embarked on a magnificent journey to build a thriving watch manufacture. A real success story, embodied in the Brand’s slogan “Live your passion”, encouraging people to share their passion.

Tennis Manager 2021

Building a successful team, improve their management skills, aim for the top, these are shared core values between Tennis Manager 2021 and Frederique Constant, and which both entities have at heart to pass on the users.

Tennis Manager 2021Early Access

Due to the appeal of the project and the endless possibilities of additional features, the studio decided to release the game in Early Access. Within the first week of its release, Tennis Manager 2021 had already been streamed by over a hundred streamers across the globe and gathered thousands of players in the community on Discord, who have helped the team to improve the game and came up with valuable ideas for future features.

Tennis Manager 2021

Pro players and pro streamers who have tested Tennis Manager 2021 are embracing the game; the public will love it!”, says Augustin Pluchet, Founder and CEO of Rebound CG.

Tennis Manager 2021

Bi-monthly updates are scheduled to enrich its content, up to the final release scheduled for later this year. The game is now available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages. The game is available on Steam and the Epic Game Store for $34,99 // 34,99 € // 29,99 £ on Early Access (vs. $39,99 // 39,99 € // 34,99 £ at full release).

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