Happy New Year! And a short photographic retrospective of 2018

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Happy New Year 2019! First of all, best wishes for the new year. Hope for the best, expect for the worst!

2018 was a hard year but also fulfiling year. I know for sure that 2019 it will be a full year too. I will be on my own to SIHH 2019, running interviews and photographing novelties. You will notice… And this is only the beginning.

Until we get full into 2019, I thought that maybe is a good idea to remember some of the watches I have seen in 2018 and check my phone’s gallery. I have something over 23GB of photos on my phone, from which some thousands of photos only with watches. I have made for you a very small selection.

Since the pictures are made with the phone, in various lighting condition, some of the images are not the best. But light is just a part of the problems that me and all the other watch journalist face to bring you closer the world of watches. I do this with passion and until I will be a more than just an enthusiast and more a professional, I will give you the best I can.

Happy New Year!

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