Hermes Cape Cod Martelée

Hermes Cape Cod Martelée

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A true goldsmith’s artwork, the new Hermes Cape Cod Martelée highlights its anchor chain shape in a subtle play of forged and patinated surfaces.

Hermes Cape Cod Martelée
Hermes Cape Cod Martelée

In 1991, the Cape Cod was born from the unfettered pencil strokes of Henri d’Origny, who was originally supposed to draw a square watch. His creative freedom decided otherwise: it would be «a square within a rectangle». As boldly original as it is rigorously disciplined, the Cape Cod is composed of two Chaîne d’ancre half-links, the famous motif created by Robert Dumas in 1938 and inspired by ships’ anchor chains. A timeless icon, the Cape Cod is perpetually transformed and lays itself open to all kinds of whimsical interpretations.

Hermes Cape Cod Martelée

Today, this ever-evolving classic lends its finely balanced shapes to the excellent jeweller’s skill known as hammering. This complex and sophisticated technique enhances the steel case with a unique patina-type effect. The likewise hammered dial is coated with a thin layer of translucent lacquer, in graded shades ranging from anthracite to black. The raw yet crafted material, with all its depth and roughness, results in an object with an entirely unexpected look. Finally, the Cape Cod Martelée combines its offbeat temperament with an understated black calf strap in single or double tour versions.

Hermes Cape Cod Martelée

Hermes Cape Cod Martelée Technical Specifications


  • Henri d’Origny (1991)
  • Small Model (PM), 23 x 23 mm
  • “A square within a rectangle”
  • Hammered 316L steel case
  • Anti-glare sapphire crystal


  • Shaded-black lacquered and hammered dial


  • Quartz,
  • crafted in Switzerland


  • Hours, minutes


  • 316L steel pin buckle,
  • 12 mm


  • Black Barenia calf strap

Hermes Cape Cod Martelée

Time, a Hermès object

Hermès creates objects. Objects shaped by the hands of artisans to make them true companions for those who wear them. Practical, functional and stemming from uncompromising expertise, they radiate the lightness of the unexpected. They make everyday life their playground, and each instant a uniquely special moment. For Hermès, time is also an object. Its inherent tension is translated by the house into a singular characteristic. Rather than measuring, ordering, and seeking to control it, Hermès dares to explore another time, designed to arouse emotions, open up interludes and create spaces for spontaneity and recreation.

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