Hermès Heure H

Hermes Heure H
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Interpreted in steel or gem-set rose gold, the Hermès Heure H appears adorned with coloured stones and diamonds.

Hermes Heure H

Capturing time inside a letter, mischievously framing it: more than just a watch, Hermès Heure H is a symbol, a singular idea imagined by designer Philippe Mouquet in 1996.

For the first time, Hermès Heure H is treated to coloured stone dials. Obsidian, malachite and aventurine: three expressions in turn precious and bold, rimmed by light gem-setting touches on the dial and around the case rim. Through fascinating plays on light and depth, the intense shades of the stones reveal their full vibrancy.

Hermes Heure H

Understated yet assertive, the new Hermès Heure H appears in a contrasting trio. The first creation, a medium-sized model in steel set with 120 diamonds, features a dial in silvered obsidian: a semi-precious hard stone derived from volcanic rock, set with 64 diamonds. The second version is a rose gold small model set with 124 diamonds framing a dial in malachite: a fine, intensely green stone set with 56 diamonds.

Finally, the third iteration – a small steel model set with 124 diamonds – is matched with aventurine, a hard stone made from a mixture of different quartz stones and set with 56 diamonds. Finely crafted in the Hermès Horloger workshops, the cases, dials and interchangeable alligator or calf leather straps all express the creativity and expertise cultivated by the House. As the years go by, Heure H is still a powerful signature that remains as edgy, fresh and dynamic as ever.

Hermès Heure H Technical Specifications


  • Hours, minutes


  • Quartz, crafted in Switzerland


  • Philippe Mouquet (1996)
  • Medium Model (MM), 26 x 26 mm, square
  • Gem-set 316L steel case, 120 diamonds (0.717 ct)
  • Small Model (PM), 21 x 21 mm, square
  • Gem-set 316L steel case, 124 diamonds (0.418 ct)
  • Anti-glare sapphire crystal


  • Gem-set silvered obsidian dial, 64 diamonds (0.16 ct).
    Rhodium-plated hands
  • Gem-set silvered obsidian dial, 56 diamonds (0.036 ct).
    Rhodium-plated hands
  • Gem-set malachite dial, 56 diamonds (0.036 ct).
    4N-gilded hands
  • Gem-set aventurine dial, 56 diamonds (0.036 ct).
    Rhodium-plated hands


  • Matt graphite alligator
    Evercolor pearl-grey calf
  • Polished green alligator
    Swift cactus green calf
  • Polished sapphire blue alligator
    Swift Navy blue calf


  • 316L steel pin buckle, 17 mm
  • 316L steel pin buckle, 14 mm
  • 5N 750 rose-gold pin buckle (≈ 4.21 g), 14 mm

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