High Jewelry Timepieces – Precious Emerald by Harry Winston

Precious Emerald by Harry Winston
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Inspired by the natural world and adorned with Mother Nature’s most precious diamonds, two novelties join Harry Winston’s High Jewelry Timepiece collection. Recreating motifs that are dear to the House, the Precious Emerald by Harry Winston flaunts a stunning platinum bracelet set entirely with marquise-cut diamonds for a dazzling touch of red-carpet glamour.

Precious Emerald by Harry Winston

Exquisite dimensions

The petite case size of the Precious Emerald, coupled with its opulent diamond-set bracelet, position this timepiece as a high jewellery creation that pairs perfectly with other pieces from Harry Winston’s high jewellery collections.
The petite platinum case features an elegant octagonal silhouette, a direct reference to Mr. Winston’s fondness for the emerald cut. Framed by 20 brilliant-cut diamonds set on the case, the dials, in both blue and green, are crafted in hand-painted mother-of-pearl. Used widely across Harry Winston timepieces, mother-of-pearl, with its iridescent quality, provides a dreamy background that plays with light. The information on the dial is deliberately limited to hour and minute indicators and Harry Winston’s hallmark emerald-shaped white gold applique at 12 o’clock.

Adorning the case at 5 and 10 o’clock are ten splendid marquise-cut diamonds. Diamonds, in varying sizes, fan out from the confines of the case with dramatic flair in dynamic arrangements that recreate Harry Winston’s iconic Cluster motif.

The Winston Cluster

Mr. Winston developed the Winston Cluster in the early 1940s after admiring the random way in which snowflakes had settled on a decorative holly wreath. Breathing fresh air into jewellery design, Mr. Winston and his designers pioneered the clustering technique, in which individual diamonds, not rigid metal settings, would dictate jewellery design. By placing diamonds at different angles and on different planes, clusters of stones were transformed into lively three-dimensional sculptures. An iconic aesthetic in Harry Winston’s jewellery portfolio, the Winston Cluster continues to be reimagined in new generations of red carpet jewels.

The gem-set bracelet of the Precious Emerald is an artistic masterpiece. It glows with the light of 126 marquise-cut diamonds that flow from the extremities of the case all the way to the discreet clasp, in varying but determined sizes. The platinum supporting structure and claws are invisible to the naked eye, allowing the endless white diamonds to dominate the scenery. To ensure flexibility and comfort, the individual marquise-cut diamonds are set to move ever so slightly in unison with the wearer.

Eight brilliant-cut diamonds on the clasp complete this high jewellery timepiece, fitted with a high-end Swiss quartz movement for carefree maintenance.

Precious Emerald by Harry Winston

Precious Emerald by Harry Winston Technical Specifications


  • Precious Emerald by Harry Winston




  • HW1051


  • Quartz

Movement dimensions

  • Diameter: 11.3 mm
  • Thickness: 2.50 mm


  • Hours and minutes


  • Platinum

Case dimensions

  • Dimensions: 17.5 mm x 17.5 mm
  • Height: 6.08 mm


  • Sapphire with anti-reflective coating on both sides


  • 3 bar (30 meters)

Gem-setting on the case

  • 20 brillant-cut diamonds
  • 10 marquise-cut diamonds


  • HJTQHM18PP009: Blue beaded mother-of-pearl, 18K gold Emerald applique
  • HJTQHM18PP010: Green beaded mother-of-pearl, 18K gold Emerald applique


  • Platinum fully set
  • 126 marquise-cut diamonds
  • 8 brilliant-cut diamonds

Total Gem-Setting

  • 136 marquise-cut diamonds (approx. 14.95 cts)
  • 28 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.24 carat)


  • High Jewelry Timepieces

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