Andreas Voll

Interview: Andreas Voll, IWC Schaffhausen COO

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After IWC Schaffhausen manufacturing centre has won the GEO Award last year, we reached out to Andreas Voll, IWC Schaffhausen COO, to tell us more about the manufacture.

We talk about the IWC Schaffhausen, brand’s and personal’s successes, circular economy and some personal preferences. Enjoy!

Video chapters:
0:00 “Factory of the Year” Award
1:22 IWC Schaffhausen Facility
2:36 Pandemic effects
3:55 Production in the facility cases
5:07 Movements production
6:49 Environmental aspects
10:55 Customer choices with the environment in focus
12:16 Going green coming naturally
13:26 Going green impact on the customer
16:01 Personal rewarding experience
18:06 Visiting the IWC Manufacture
19:22 Cyberloupe and digital experience
20:00 Personal favourite department
22:12 Personal favourite from IWC line up
24:35 The future of watchmaking

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