David Bernard from the Time Æon Foundation

Interview: David Bernard of Time Æon Foundation

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I had the pleasure, during SIHH2019, to have a lovely conversation with David Bernard. David is one of the active members of Time Æon Foundation. For those of view unfamiliar with the Foundation, I recommend you to have a look at these articles from Quill&Pad, SJX, Deployant, FHH Journal and the Federation of the Swiss watch industry FH. Those guys at the Time Æon Foundation are fantastic and I am happy for the initiative. Please have a look at my conversation with David. 

The topics touched varies from personal questions for David Bernard, the Time Æon Foundation, past, present and future in watchmaking and the need to promote the true values in watchmaking.

Personal impressions about Time Æon Foundation

I am grateful that the Foundation exists. Due to a considerable effort of some special people, the true values of traditional watchmaking have a chance to survive in this modern, mass production  industry. Cause there is a real danger that, in time, the art and the knowledge of pure hand-made traditional watchmaking are lost.

In interview with David Bernard from the Time Æon Foundation

Other efforts in bringing knowledge to the public are done by Peter Speake-Marin. We touched this subject in the video. And true, it is another direction. But any effort is welcome.

From my side, I will always support initiatives as the Time Æon Foundation and excellency in traditional watchmaking.

For more information about Time Æon Foundation can be found on their Website. I warmly recommend to have a look at the links in the first paragraph.


The interview was filmed during SIHH 2019. It is my first video interview and, as you can notice, I lack the knowledge and experience of a professional. I apologies for the poor quality of audio and video.

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