Beauregard Lili

Introducing Beauregard Lili

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The independent brand Beauregard launches a new timepiece in their precious petals watch collection, the Beauregard Lili. The new watch is a completely new design. From the Beauregard Dahlia C1, a rounded lady piece with central tourbillon, the brand goes to a rectangular piece depicting the floral thematic and a more affordable quartz movement. Please read the press release below.

Beauregard Lili

Pursuing the tradition of capturing and reinterpreting the elegance of the world’s flowers, Beauregard is proud to unveil LILI, the latest creation in their ever-growing portfolio of head-turning designs, incorporating miniature gardens carved out of precious stones.Beauregard Lili

The delicate LILI cocktail watch is a feast to the eyes with its 33 natural stone petals in Turquoise, Opal and a myriad of fine stones, each carefully sculpted and polished by hand before being adjusted by a master jeweller whether in its gold and diamonds collection, or in the sleek steel configuration. For those who believe watches should tell more than time, Lili is a work of art bound to resonate with the soul.Beauregard Lili

Founded by Montreal-born Alexandre BEAUREGARD, the Swiss brand first took the industry by surprise with its DAHLIA collection, offering the unique combination of a central flying tourbillon framed in uniquely petal-shaped natural stones, now part of the brand DNA.Beauregard Lili

Unequivocally distinctive. Undeniably stunning. Unquestionably precious. However they may be described, BEAUREGARD watches are fashioned to dazzle free-spirited women, and exudes the maverick spirit of its founder in every detail.Beauregard Lili

‘’Jewellery watch brand Beauregard ads another feather
to its cap with Lili, a Swiss-made cocktail watch that is sure
to captivate with its enchanting sophistication and intricacy’’

BEAUREGARD is an all-in adventure for me and I have committed endless amount of time and energy to make this dream a reality. My intention is to build a lasting brand that will deliver enchanting, highly original, impeccably crafted and immediately recognisable time piece year after year.

Our Montreal workshop is a magical place where we create the tools and know how to craft the unlikely. Every petal of our Lili is patiently hand polished, making it a jewellery piece in its own right and a part of the eye catching miniature garden of gems bloom ing on the dial. I personally assemble every dial and I source, choose and buy, every stone that we use in our creations. Accompanied by a team of friends who have between 10 and 40 years of experience in stone cutting, I’m having the time of my life !

The diamonds on your Lili are all certified VVS quality and DEF color. The setting is carried out by the most renowned workshop of Geneva widely recognized in the industry for their flawless, exacting work.

As it was done in the golden age of the swiss watches, the components of our watches are crafted by manufactures all over Switzerland. We take pride in our decentralized approach and are grateful for the chance to work with the very best in their trades. In that spirit, the case of every Lili is made in Porrentruy, the hands in Le Locle, the setting in Chêne-Bourg, the straps in Geneva, the packaging in Vernier and the joaillerie dial in Montreal.

Kind regards,
-Alexandre Beauregard

Beauregard Lili

Beauregard Lili Technical Specifications


  • 18k Gold collection & Steel collection


  • 180 Diamonds VVS DEF


  • 33 hand Polished Stones Petals


  • Natural Leather handmade


  • 18k Gold Pin Buckle


  • High Precision Swiss Quartz Movement


  • Hours, Minutes


  • Individual reference number YEAR 2020


  • 3 ATM


  • 24.50 x 33.20 mm


  • 8.55 mm

The Beauregard Lili web catalogue with individual specifications and prices can be downloaded here: Beauregard_Lili_catalogue-v2.3-web.

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