Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition

Green Forest Special Edition - A Special Edition Collaboration with Esperluxe

Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition
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In 2019 Christopher Daaboul of EsperLuxe first met with Stefan Kudoke at Baselworld’s dedicated AHCI (Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants) space. There was so much to love about Stefan’s work – strong German watchmaking aesthetic and high quality craftsmanship at great prices. So immediately Chris knew this was a perfect match for EsperLuxe in line with the philosophy of promoting boutique and independent watchmaking. 18 months later, Kudoke and EsperLuxe are proud to unveil an exclusive collaboration: The Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition (Green Forest Special Edition).

Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition

The name for this Esperluxe exclusive relates to the dial’s colour, a deep textured green inspired by Stefan’s forest surroundings in the German watchmaking haven of Saxony. But more than dial colour variation, this special edition is really about the watchmaker’s speciality: hand-engraving.

Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition

While understated, the dial features a frosted green that can be described as a deep teal colour. It is grained to achieve a coarser texture that reflects beautifully in various lighting.

Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition

The Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition also features the unusual and quite creative, mirror polished, infinity-symbol hour hand accompanying a raised chapter ring for the minutes.

Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition

The timepiece retains the eye-catching design emblem of the Kudoke 2: its day-night indicator at 12 o’clock. It’s a stunning visual highlighted by the domed disk with hand-engraved gold plating to represent the day and white and black rhodium for the night.

Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition

If the dial side of KUDOKE 2 represents more subtlety and elegance, the caseback displays the overt look of artisanal craftsmanship.

Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition

Stefan’s first in-house calibre, KALIBER 1, is used in the KUDOKE 2, and makes its link to 19th century, English pocket watches with gilded bridges and a large, hand-engraved balance cock across the centre of the movement.Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition

Accompanying the floral engraving work is the “Sonderedition” designation as a special edition in German, along with the plaque indicating the limited “one of ten” description. Lastly, a subtle EL is hand-engraved representing EsperLuxe branding.

Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition

The KUDOKE 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition is a special edition of 10 pieces available exclusively from EsperLuxe delivering November 2020.

Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition

Kudoke 2 Grüner Wald Sonderedition Technical Specifications


  • Manual Winding KALBER 1
  • Power Reserve 46 hours.
  • Constructed in collaboration with Habring²
  • Frequency is 28,800


  • The movement is hand finished with beveled angles and relief engraved with gilded plates as well as a hand-engraved balance cock.


  • 39 mm stainless steel case with sapphire crystal dial and case back side


  • Frosted forest green dial,
  • with hand-engraved 24-hour day/night indicator.
  • It features signature mirror-polished infinity hands


  • The timepiece is delivered on a stone suede strap and includes an additional brown calf grained leather strap.

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