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Legado x Fabergé x Rome de Bellegarde

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Barbados’ newest and most luxurious cigar brand, Legado Cigars – Rorrey Fenty Collection, has found kindred spirits in Fabergé, an iconic and prestigious name with an exceptional heritage, and Rome de Bellegarde, a cognac with a strong family legacy. Bonded by a mutual appreciation for unhurried craftsmanship, meticulous perfection and the desire to unapologetically celebrate our time on this Earth, these three distinguished names have come together to celebrate Legado’s first foray outside of Barbados. Rorrey Fenty personally chose London as the scene for this monumental occasion, which it will mark with a private launch event on Thursday 10th October 2019.

London is one of my favourite cities. Its great diversity and position as the cultural capital of the world makes it the perfect setting for Legado’s global launch.” – Rorrey Fenty, Legado

To celebrate this milestone, four collectors’ boxes have been created exclusively for the event, stocked with a precious collection of limited-edition timepieces and indulgences from each respective brand. The contents of the bespoke boxes are just as unique as the cases that house them, ranging in value between £800,000 and £1,200,000.

In keeping with each brand’s philanthropic spirit, a substantial portion of the proceeds raised from auctioning these unique lots will be donated to a charity – the identity of which will be revealed at the launch.

Fabergé has curated a selection of rare timepieces for these lots. Among these is the Special Edition Fabergé Visionnare I Rose Gold with Diamond Baguette Bezel Watch, a contemporary Haute Horlogerie men’s watch, which will be auctioned off in the headline ‘St Petersburg – Winter Diamonds’ box. Fabergé held back the first piece ever made in this exquisite design – the last that remains of its kind – for a very special occasion, signalling just how important this collaboration is.

Fabergé Visonnaire I Rose Gold Watch
Fabergé Visonnaire I Rose Gold Watch

To complement the offering, limited edition Legado cigars, handcrafted in the Dominican Republic with a unique blend, have been developed exclusively for the launch. The only two ‘El Unico’ cigars
in the world feature in the ‘St Petersburg – Winter Diamonds’ box, whilst two ‘Renaissance’ cigars are included in each of the remaining boxes. These cigars are the epitome of luxury and will not be available to purchase anywhere else.

Completing the collection of decadent, limited edition items, Rome de Bellegarde will be including a bottle of their rare 1894 cognac in each box. Named the ‘world’s most expensive cognac’ by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2018, only 67 bottles are available in the world. This cognac is unique by virtue of its rare liquid and hand-curated selection process. The embodiment of an ancestral savoir-faire, each 24-karat-gold-plated bottle can be described as an art piece.

Rome de Bellegarde 1894 Cognac
Rome de Bellegarde 1894 Cognac

The handcrafted boxes, designed and produced by Gemma M. de Ana, are named after and document the three brands’ ancestral journeys, from East to West, which ran in parallel through the 1900s. This started in St Petersburg for Fabergé and ended in Barbados with Legado, via Cognac – the home of Rome de Bellegarde – and London, the point in the map where all three collide for Legado’s international debut.

Decorative motifs, which have been painstakingly handworked onto the bespoke boxes using artisanal techniques, are inspired by, and represent, the location whose name they bear.

These four auction lots are collector’s pieces and wise investments for the connoisseur who appreciates the finer things in life, with a penchant for discovering and owning something so rare and precious.

For those interested in learning more about the auction lots with a view to bidding, Fabergé will be arranging ‘by appointment’ viewings at an exclusive location prior to the event.


Legado x Fabergé x Rome de Bellegarde – Questions and Answers


1) What was the driving force behind establishing the Legado brand?

The driving force behind establishing Legado was Team Legado’s passion to create a globally recognised boutique ‘New World’ luxury lifestyle brand that fearlessly redefines success on its own terms to create an enduring legacy for generations to come. Peter-Che Simmons, Legado’s co-founder says “Legado may not be your grandfather’s favourite cigar, but it’s so good that it could be”. An appreciation of the finer things in life, success, smashing goals, celebrations, achievements and special occasions have all influenced our innovative team of creatives in developing the brand, from the smooth balanced blends and distinctive box and band designs, to the hip influencers who we partner with. The men and women who choose Legado make time to enjoy luxury and have fun.
*New World – refers to Non-Cuban cigars
NB: Team Legado is Rorrey Fenty (Ambassador), Lester Brathwaite (Uncle of Rorrey Fenty) and Deborah Simmons and Peter-Che Simmons (Co-Founders of Legado)

Rorrey Fenty and Lester Braithwaite
Rorrey Fenty and Lester Braithwaite

2) Why did you choose London for your debut outside Barbados?

Apart from being one of my favourite cities in the world, our global expansion strategy since our 2017 launch in Barbados and the Caribbean, was focused on a global search for partners and opportunities in trending markets such as the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, who share a vision for delivering sophisticated luxury. One such opportunity is our collaboration with two well respected brands – Fabergé and Rome De Bellgarde, which will set our global expansion strategy in motion, seeing Legado distributed from the UK and Europe to these new major markets. The diversity of London as the cultural capital of the world makes it the perfect city for Legado’s global launch.

3) What is the concept behind the launch event?

Legado, Spanish for Legacy is built on a heritage of craftsmanship, perfection, and a rich historical journey through the Americas. The launch event is a celebration of time and the evolution of three luxury lifestyle brands who share similar values, a spirit of innovation and creativity, and a passion for excellence that everyone can be proud of.

4) Why did you choose to partner with Fabergé and Rome De Bellegarde for this special launch event?

As mentioned earlier, our global expansion strategy included a worldwide search for partners with similar corporate values and a shared vision for delivering sophisticated luxury – hence our collaboration for this very special launch event with two well-respected brands, Fabergé and Rome De Bellegarde. This event will set our global expansion plan in motion.

5) Tell us more about the cigars you have produced exclusively for the auction.

El Unico (‘The Only One’) and the Renaissance Collection are the most exceptional cigars Legado has created to-date.
These handcrafted ‘New World’ limited edition masterpieces have been skilfully blended and hand-rolled by our Cuban Master Blender Jose Matias Maragato in our state-of-the-art facility located in the beautiful city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, using some of the finest aged tobacco planted in the richest soils of the Americas.
The refined and undisclosed blend has been perfected throughout family generations of the Maragoto family and are wrapped in the revered Cameroonian wrapper.
This limited-edition cigar collection is unforgettably balanced, elegant and refined.

6) Which box in the auction is your favourite and why?

The Barbados box, of course, because it represents the beautiful 166 square mile island in the sun that Team Legado calls home.

7) Where will you be launching the brand next?

In keeping with our global expansion strategy, Legado’s next launch is scheduled for South Africa in Q3 2020. We are finalising our discussions with a potential partner there.

Rorrey Fenty
Rorrey Fenty

8) What does heritage mean to Legado?

Heritage to Legado means traditions that have been passed down through generations. This is demonstrated by the Maragoto family of our Master Blender, Jose Matias Maragoto, who migrated from Cuba to the Dominican Republic with his family in the 1960s. Jose’s family passed along artisanal traditions, techniques of tobacco growing and cigar production, secret blends, and even tobacco seeds, to their descendants. These traditions and rich legacy are Legado.

9) Like Fabergé and Rome de Bellegarde, your ancestors play a huge part in your brand. How do you weave your family’s rich heritage into your modern offering of cigars? How have your ancestors influenced Legado?

The rich legacy of our ancestors was built on the traditional craftsmanship of artisans, and inspired by a family history of a journey through the Americas from the tobacco plantations in the south of Brazil with Manoel Francisco Lourenco, the Great Grandfather of Co-Founders Deborah and Peter-Che Simmons, who had a penchant for cigars, and his journey to Honduras and Panama in the early 1900s. Manoel’s ancestral influence perhaps was a foreshadowing of the business his descendants would found decades later in Barbados. More than 50 years later, the new generation is building on a rich Cuban legacy in the Dominican Republic to artfully produce Legado Cigars in a modern state-of-the-art facility. The skilled craftspeople in the Dominican Republic are proudly keeping a fading tradition alive using the artisanal traditions, and techniques of their Cuban descendants to perfection.

10) What is ahead for Legado in 2020?

Team Legado are working around the clock to expand the product offering and are now in talks to create a full range luxury lifestyle experience which will include a clothing line, cigar lounges, a line of spirits to pair with our cigars and further collaborations with other well-known global brands.



1) What drew you to partner with Legado and Rome de Bellegarde on this special event?

All our brands share a joint appreciation of history, legacy and the honour and responsibility that comes with this. We also share a current quest of wanting to address our past in a modern and contemporary way. All three industries are full of notable historic milestones, but we wanted to do something together which could highlight a poignant moment in time.

2) How does the craft of Fabergé pieces relate to cigars and cognac?

High complication watchmaking and the appreciation of jewellery making and gemstone selecting is one which takes a lot of time, patience and consideration. The same is true of a great cigar and a rare cognac. None can be rushed or ‘scrolled through’ at lightning speed. We are three companies whose clients might have very little time, which means the time our clients have is spent in a very considered way.
As part of our collaboration, we have traded stories of our amazing craftsmen and women, and as such we work in a very similar way: seeking out the absolute best in each respective field and working with experts and artisans to deliver a product of exceptional quality and integrity – no matter how long it may take.

3) Tell us more about the beautiful Fabergé Timepieces used for the collaboration of the collector’s boxes which are up for auction

The selection of the 6 Fabergé Timepieces were made on the basis as to their individual significance.

Box 1, named Cognac, boasts the Visionnaire I – the last of a limited series of 15 Flying Tourbillon and this one showcases 28 beautiful baguette diamonds totalling 14cts. This watch is a totally unique and rare design made of seven polygons which reveal the interplay of wheels, giving the movement visual depth; it’s an exceptionally modern and masculine interpretation of the world of Fabergé with the flying tourbillon at 9 o’clock, which is highly unusual in this category. Also, a wonderful twist is that the 72 hours power-reserve is on the back to keep the front of the watch entirely undisturbed.

Box 2, St Petersburg, includes a one-of-a-kind piece – the Visionnaire Dual Time Zone with baguette diamonds. Our award-winning watch highlights the extraordinary achievement of utilising the centre of the dial (normally required to hold the watch’s hands) in a new and clever way to showcase a second timezone. This extraordinary watch also features 38 baguettes diamonds, totalling 9.5 carats; this movement has been exclusively developed for Fabergé by the artisan watchmakers at Agenhor.

Boxes 3 (Barbados) and 4 (London) also feature a different version of the Dual Time Zone watch, coupled with a beautiful iteration of our Peacock watch: Box 3 includes another Fabergé award-winning watch – the Compliquée Peacock. The truly innovative retrograde movement elegantly articulates through
the (individually) moving peacock feathers. As far as I am aware, this is the only watch in this category without hands! Box 4 features a special edition of our Dual Time Zone, the Gallivanter, and the exceptionally charming Dalliance Peacock with a hand-painted dial.

4) Which box in the auction is your favourite and why?

I would have to say that each one has their own charm and theme, so I like each one for different reasons. But needless to say, Box 1 is extra special!

5) What part of the evening are you most excited about?

I am most excited about bringing together such a wonderful mix of stakeholders and clients. This is about honouring, but also breaking tradition at the same time. Each brand and its identity represent history and legacy in their own right, and this coming together in the here and now brings us a modern intersection of culture, lifestyle and celebration – all encapsulated in these beautiful collector’s boxes.

6) Will Fabergé be showcasing their collections of jewellery, timepieces and objets d’art at the event?

We always showcase our core essence as a brand, and this lives in all our creations. Our objet d’arts are mostly made-to-order so these are usually not readily available but are created from very personal conversations with individual clients. These events do always stimulate a conversation around the Fabergé egg. However, few people know the wonderful history of Fabergé collaborating with renown watch workmasters such as Moser and Vacheron Connstantin. This history continues today with our esteemed workmasters Aghenor (and Guilio Papi of Audemars Piguet in the past). Our jewellery also deserves a mention in that we have some of the best high jewellery and fine jewellery workmasters in the world. Our art of enamelling is unmatched in its fineness, and we support some of the dying arts in jewellery making. This event is a great opportunity to show off all our skills!

Fabergé CompliquÇe Peacock
Fabergé CompliquÇe Peacock

7) Like Legado and Rome de Bellegarde, ancestors play a huge part in the Fabergé brand. How are you using the brand’s infamous heritage in a modern way? What does heritage mean to Fabergé?

Our founder Peter Carl Fabergé was an extremely forward-thinking man, a pioneer and someone who reinvented how jewellery and precious things were perceived. He introduced fun, playfulness and humour into his ingenious creations. One of our company mantras is: If Peter Carl Fabergé was still alive today, what would he do? We know for sure he would not be repeating the things he did over 150 years ago! So we don’t re-make things which have been created pre-1917 but our mission is to evolve Fabergé into today’s time (and beyond!) and pay homage to our founder’s amazing spirit.

8) Reuniting the Fabergé name with the Fabergé family back in 2007 was a landmark moment in the brand’s history. How does the family play a role in the business and why is this important to your future success?

The Fabergé family is an important aspect of what we do because it represents the bridging between Fabergé ‘then and now’. The Fabergé family had actually lost the (commercial) rights to their own name after the Russian Revolution and as a result were unable to utilise the Peter Carl Fabergé trademark until very recently. It was in 2007 when our current owners re-united the family with their own name. Emotional, exciting and also daunting, the task began of re-building this extraordinary name. We are all very honoured and excited to share this journey with the whole Fabergé family of stakeholders and employees as well as new friends such as the Fentys and David Smeralda (of Rome de Bellegarde). Together with these and other friends and partners, such as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars,
Harrods, Knight Frank, and of course our incredible clients, we keep re-defining this new chapter for Fabergé now and beyond!

Fabergé CompliquÇe Peacock
Fabergé CompliquÇe Peacock



1. How long have you been planning this event with Legado and Fabergé, and how did the discussions begin?

The discussion with Fabergé started nearly 2 years ago following an introductory meeting with Sarah Fabergé in London, and a genuine love for the brand that created the famous Fabergé eggs as well as their connection with Place Vendome in Paris. Legado reached out to us through a common acquaintance about 6 months ago and after discussing our respective strategies we felt that their positioning and representation through their ambassador Rorrey Fenty was the perfect match for this project.

2. What synergies are there between the three brands?

Despite being different, our stories/identities are very similar in many ways. For one, we all see ourselves as lifestyle brands offering unique products which are recognised for their incredible quality and rarity. We are also very creative in our approach and very similar in our desire to become the ‘world best’ in our respective industries. Last but not least, we are incredibly resilient and want to create a positive social impact.

Fabergé Visonnaire I Rose Gold Watch - Sketch
Fabergé Visonnaire I Rose Gold Watch – Sketch

3. You’re hosting a lounge within the event where guests can discover more about your one-of-a-kind cognac, what’s the inspiration behind this room?

With our amazing interior design partner, Liaigre, we wanted to create a place where our guests could feel at home and appreciate the minimalist view so they can let their mind, as well as their sight, take them on a journey of unique flavours with our Cognac.

4. Can you reveal more information on the rare cognac that will be included in the auction lots?

Each box will contain one of only 67 bottles ever made that was blended by the Fillioux family in the best region in Cognac – Grande Champagne. The Cognac contains only 3 very old Eaux de vie which make this product one of the rarest available on the market today and probably the only one with that sort of quantity still available. Furthermore, the four bottles have been entirely 24-carat gold plated.

Rome de Bellegarde 1894 Cognac
Rome de Bellegarde 1894 Cognac

5. Which box in the auction is your favourite and why?

Box 1, for obvious reasons as it is named after Cognac, but it also contains highly unique pieces from all three brands.

6. You were granted the accolade of the ‘world’s most expensive cognac’ by the Guinness Book of World Records. What makes your special blend so sought after?

There were only 67 bottles ever made and, as mentioned earlier, the fact that this Cognac was made in the best region of Cognac, which is Grande Champagne, and with only 3 eaux de vie all aged for over half a century it makes it an incredibly rare product. It tastes exceptional!

7. All three brands are centred around their ancestral heritage but developing it in a contemporary, forward-thinking way. Reclaiming your family name was a poignant moment; when did the journey begin?

For me and some of my family, it started about 5 years ago when we felt it was time to resurrect our family legacy and started executed our new plan in late 2017.

8. How do your ancestral roots influence your product and brand?

It influences our product as through the family we have managed to reconnect with some of the best producers in the Cognac region, and our master blender knows what we desire to be representative of our family heritage. In terms of the brand, we see ourselves as a leading lifestyle brand which is very much in line with what some of the family members who were leaders able to influence others to create positive changes. This explains why we are very engaged with social impact as it specifically relates to less advantaged countries.


Fabergé Visionnaire I 18K Rose Gold and Diamonds

Calibre: Hand-wound Calibre TOF14
Diameter: 38.0 mm (16 3/4 lines)
Thickness: 8.05 mm
Number of jewels: 29
Number of components: 330
Power reserve: 72 h
Cadence of balance: 21’600 vph

Dial side: bridges and mainplate in German silver, microbeads, hand-polished edges, NAC treatment German silver decorative plates, microbeads, guilloché upper, black PVD treatment
Case backside: German silver, microbeads, guilloché, NAC treatment
Functions: Hours, minutes, flying tourbillon, power reserve
Case: 18kt rose gold 4N and black PVD treated titanium case, 48.5mm (90grs), 28 baguette diamonds (F+ VS+) 14cts Sapphire crystal and case back with single-sided anti-reflective treatment
Dial: Black dial with TC1 luminescent coating, 5-minute indicators
Hands: 18kt rose gold, curved, skeletonized hands with TC1 luminescent coating
Power reserve hand: red transfer
Strap: Hand-stitched alligator strap, 18kt rose gold 4N and black-treated titanium Fabergé folding clasp (10.96grs)
Water resistance: 50 m


Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ Diamond 18K White Gold

Calibre: Self-winding 6924
Diameter: 34.80mm (15 1/2 lines)
Thickness: 8.30mm
Number of jewels: 30
Number of components: 320
Power reserve: 50 hours
Cadence of balance: 21,600 vibrations/hour

Main-plate: Circular-grained
Bridges: Cotes de Genève, hand-polished chamfering
Case: 18kt white gold case, 45.5mm, domed dapphire crystal and case back with single-sided anti-reflective treatment Bezel: 38 baguettes diamonds (total carats of 9.5 cts)
Dial: dark grey dial with TC1 luminescent coating 15-minute indicators Sapphire with metallic treatment (smoked) on the external part and applied numerals and hour indicators Dark grey decorative part applied on the rotor Centre: dark grey decorative “bombée” part
Hands: Dark grey treated steel with TC1 luminescent coating
Strap: Alligator strap
Clasp / Buckle: 18kt white gold Fabergé folding clasp
Water resistance: 50m


Fabergé Compliquée Peacock Watch

Calibre: Manually wound 6901
Diameter: 32.7mm (14 1/2 lines)
Thickness: 3.58mm
Number of jewels: 38
Number of components: 242
Power reserve: 50 hours
Cadence of balance: 21,600 vibrations/hour

Main-plate: Circular-grained
Upper bridges: Horizontal Côtes de Genève
Functions: Hours, minutes, retrograde system with multiple display elements
Case: Platinum case, 38mm, sapphire crystal and case back with anti-reflective treatment Gem-set bezel: 54 round white diamonds (1.83 carats) Platinum crown
Dial: 18 karat white gold dial, snow-set with 127 brilliant cut white diamonds (0.38 carats), 31 round Paraiba tourmalines (0.23 carats), 57 round tsavorites (0.27 carats) 18 karat white gold hand-engraved peacock White mother-of-pearl rotating hour ring White mother-of-pearl minute track
Hands: Four fixed and four moving blades, LIGA Technology, opal powder or white lacquer applied by hand
Strap: Alligator strap
Clasp / Buckle: Platinum Fabergé pin buckle
Water resistance: 30m



Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ 18K Rose Gold Watch

Calibre: Self-winding 6924
Diameter: 34.80mm (15 1/2 lines)
Thickness: 8.30mm
Number of jewels: 30
Number of components: 320
Power reserve: 50 hours
Cadence of balance: 21,600 vibrations/hour

Main-plate: Circular-grained
Bridges: Cotes de Genève, hand-polished chamfering
Functions: Hours, minutes, central GMT (second time zone)
Case: 18 karat rose gold and titanium case, 43mm, domed sapphire crystal and case back with anti-reflective treatment 18 karat rose gold and rubber crown 18 karat rose gold pusher
Dial: Opaline dial with TC1 luminescent coating, 15-minute indicators Numerals and hour markers applied on sapphire with metallic treatment Dial side rotor with opaline decoration Central GMT aperture with opaline decoration
Hands: Fabergé hands with TC1 luminescent coating
Strap: Alligator
Clasp / Buckle: 18 karat rose gold and titanium folding clasp
Water resistance: 50m


Fabergé Dalliance Peacock Watch

Calibre: Hand-wound 6911
Diameter: 30 mm (13 lines)
Thickness: 3.20 mm
Number of jewels: 15
Number of components: 149
Power reserve: 50 hrs
Cadence of balance: 21,600 vibrations/hour

Main plate: circular grained
Bridges: Cotes de Genève, hand polished chamfering
Functions: Hours, minutes
Case: 18kt white gold case, 31mm x 39mm, domed sapphire crystal and case back with anti-reflective treatment Gem-set bezel: 25 brilliant-cut diamonds (5.92 cts) 18kt white gold crown with 0.10 carat diamond
Dial: Cloisonné enamel dial 50 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.30 cts)
Hands: Rhodium plated
Strap: Satin strap,18kt white gold Fabergé pin buckle
Water resistance: 10m


Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ Gallivanter

Calibre: Self-winding 6924
Diameter: 34.80mm (15 1/2 lines)
Thickness: 8.30mm
Number of jewels: 30
Number of components: 320
Power reserve: 50 hours
Cadence of balance: 21,600 vibrations/hour

Main-plate: Circular-grained
Bridges: Cotes de Genève, hand-polished chamfering
Case: 18 karat yellow gold and titanium case, 43mm, domed sapphire crystal and case back with anti-reflective treatment 18 karat yellow gold and rubber crown 18 karat yellow gold pusher
Dial: Satin finish gilded dial with TC3 luminescent coating, 15-minute indicators Numerals and hour markers applied on sapphire with metallic treatment Dial side rotor with blue decoration Central GMT aperture with opaline gilded decoration
Hands: Fabergé hands with TC3 luminescent coating
Strap: Brown Leather strap
Clasp / Buckle: 18 karat yellow gold and stainless-steel folding clasp
Water resistance: 50m


About Legado

Legado, Spanish for “legacy”, is built on the tradition of cigar craftsmanship but is also forging a new path in the industry with an unapologetic boldness. Legado claims Barbados as its birthplace, where its founders conceptualised a luxury cigar brand for disruptors, innovators and creators, that would be uncompromising in quality, and unconventional in presentation. Its first collection “Origen” by Rorrey Fenty debuted in Fall 2017. Rorrey Fenty, serial entrepreneur, rap artist, influencer and brother of global icon, Rihanna, collaborated with the brand to challenge the status quo and to continue the legacy for generations to come. The Legado luxury lifestyle experience will include “New World” handcrafted Dominican Republic cigars, apparel, cigar lounge bars, a line of spirits, and collaborations with global labels.

About Fabergé

Fabergé is renowned for creating unique decorative pieces – objet d’art, timepieces and jewellery – painting with coloured gemstones and delighting with the element of surprise. Fabergé’s love of the unexpected began when Peter Carl Fabergé, artist-jeweller to the Russian Court, presented the first of his legendary Imperial Eggs, the Hen Egg, in 1885. The egg opened to reveal a golden hen set with ruby eyes, concealing a gold and diamond replica of the imperial crown, complete with a tiny ruby pendant suspended on a chain. Today’s Fabergé collections celebrate Peter Carl’s love of a life in colour and his legacy of inimitable bespoke pieces, crafted by peerless workmasters, each bringing a modern twist.

About Rome de Bellegarde

Rome de Bellegarde is the embodiment of an ancestral savoir-faire; each decanter can be described as a unique art piece. Following the Renaissance era brought to France by King Francois 1er born in Cognac in 1494, each master blender working with the family Domaine has always selected the finest eaux-de-vie for Rome De Bellegarde Cognac. Today, Rome de Bellegarde’s vision is to resurrect its legacy by sharing its family history with the world using a disruptive approach paired with the incredible savoir faire and thirst for excellence that has always resulted in their eaux-de-vie being described as true miracles of nature with unique aromas, evoking beeswax, cigar boxes, leather, orange blossom, toasted hazelnuts and coffee beans.

Legado x Fabergé x Rome de Bellegarde Image Gallery

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