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Louis Moinet Time to Race – the backstory with Jean-Marie Schaller

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TIME TO RACE is a set of one-of-a-kind creations. Collectors will be able to personalise their model by selecting a one or two-digit “lucky number” that will appear on the front of the timepiece, along with a dedicated colour code: Rosso Corsa, Green Racing or “Bleu de France”.

The dial side reveals the splendid chronograph mechanism, fully visible and highlighted in a whole new way, with the strongly domed crystal showcasing it even more fully.

Enjoy backstage insights into the creation of TIME TO RACE!

Jean-Marie Schaller is pleased to present the challenges, the technical feats, the artisans’ bold approach and the personalisation exclusive to this daring series perpetuating Louis Moinet’s chronograph legacy.

The mechanism

The chronograph is one of the most useful and certainly one of the most interactive horological complications that exists. TIME TO RACE enhances the engagement between wearer and watch by placing the mechanism on the dial side. Press the pusher at 2 o’clock and a unique choreography unfolds before your eyes. 147 dedicated chronograph components interact beneath a panoramic sapphire crystal while the 164 components comprising the self-winding movement work away behind the scenes.

The personalisation

TIME TO RACE is far from a usual chronograph. It is the embodiment of an essential theme in contemporary watchmaking: personalisation.
This watch is distinguished by allowing the customers to choose their “lucky number” as well as one of the three emblematic colors of motorsport (Racing Green, Rosso Corsa, or Bleu de France). Thus, each piece is unique, never again to be repeated.

The luminescence

The brightness of the TIME TO RACE dial is unique.
A special technology — color mixing and Super-LumiNova — is applied by pad printing rather than screen printing. This process is to thank for its matte and flat appearance (less than 1/10th of a millimeter thick compared to more than 2/10ths with screen printing). This is a truly artisanal process!

The design

The design of TIME TO RACE is spectacular and different.
The lightweight materials and reduced diameter aim to improve the watch’s ergonomic performance on the wrist. At just 18g, the polished and satin-brushed grade 5 titanium case merges seamlessly with the specially designed and brightly colored rubber straps exclusive to this daring series that continues Louis Moinet’s legacy of the chronograph.

The case

A totally innovative case !
In order not to exceed the diameter of 40.7 mm, a new case design has been devised. The central element is the crystal, embodied by a powerful chevé sapphire dome that occupies almost half of the lateral surface. This solution places the mechanism front and center of the design. The raised chronograph mechanism sits flush with the crystal, allowing for a panoramic view of the movement.


The TIME TO RACE collection is the brand’s most advanced and individual yet. This chronograph is a simultaneously classic and contemporary ambassador for Les Ateliers Louis Moinet as it looks to streamline its offering a continue striding into the future.

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