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Press Release: Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 Series Diving Deeper with Ultra-lightweight CARBONOX™

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Luminox continues its support of Scott Cassell’s missions by launching the latest edition to the Deep Dive series, the Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 series. A firm believer of the brand, Scott was using Luminox as his Essential Gear when he was active in military service as an expert military operative, a counter-terrorism dive instructor for special operations and a sniper.

Luminox Deep Dive 1553
Luminox Deep Dive 1553

Now retired, Scott continues to trust his Luminox when he is out on his diving adventures. He is a consummate adventurer, having founded the Undersea Voyager Project, a non-profit organization which helps marine researchers, educators, students, and “citizen scientists” explore and learn about the underwater environment through dives in specially equipped submarines. Scott Cassell is also the founder of Sea Wolves Unlimited, another non-profit organization that collects evidence against poachers who are endangering the lives of ocean creatures. Luminox is proud to support Scott’s mission through the launch of its latest Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 collection. This also marks the first time Luminox is using the precision lightweight CARBONOX™ in its Deep Dive collection.

Luminox Deep Dive 1553
Luminox Deep Dive 1553

Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 Series

All four models in the Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 Series come in 46mm Carbonox™ cases. Carbonox™ is a carbon-based material exclusive to Luminox. The Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 Series are water resistant to 300 meters, a feat noteworthy when working on carbon as special gaskets and case designs mean that these watches can dive deeper and continue performing flawlessly in such extreme pressures.

Luminox Deep Dive

All the Scott Cassel Deep Dive 1550 series watches feature a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, screw down crown, a stainless steel screw down case back and a genuine rubber strap. The cases back also feature an embossing of a submarine that is specially designed to look like ‘The Great White’. The Great White is a submersible that Scott Cassell personally refurbished in his garage and is now used for his missions with Undersea Voyager Project.

Luminox Deep Dive
The new Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 watches are powered by a super-reliable Swiss Made quartz movement with an eight-year lithium battery. There are four colour executions for the Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 Series – black dial with white accents, blue dial with white and yellow accents, black dial with white and yellow accents and green dial with white accents.

Luminox Deep Dive

The collection also kept the iconic Luminox patented Bezel Locking System that is typically found in all Deep Dive collections. This prevents the bezel from changing position. A conventional unidirectional bezel is a requirement for a true dive watch, but if a non-locking bezel is knocked, it can move and indicate less time available under water. All divers want to stay underwater for as long as they safely can hence with the Bezel Locking System, this ensures that the time the diver set with their turning bezel, will stay. The Bezel Locking System also doubles as a crown protector which allows the watch to withstand more shocks while diving on a mission.

Luminox Deep Dive

As with all Luminox watches, the Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 series uses the proprietary Luminox Lighting Technology (LLT), which guarantees unlimited night vision 24 hours a day for up to 25 years through their use of tritium gas tubes. Unlike other luminosity systems, which depend on external light sources to charge luminous paint or a pushbutton to illuminate the watch, the luminosity is built right into Luminox watches, ensuring that you will always be able to see the time, no matter the light condition. This is an important feature while diving as light penetrating through the water can be scarce and reading time underwater accurately can be a matter of life and death.

Luminox Deep Dive

As an avid supporter and believer of Scott Cassell and his missions, Luminox is proud that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 series will benefit two of Scott Cassell’s nonprofit
organizations that aim to “Save the Sea.”

Luminox Deep Dive

Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 – Main product features

Case size: 46 MM
Water resistance: 30 ATM
Patented Bezel Locking System
Glass: sapphire crystal
Strap: Rubber
Movement: Ronda 715 Li
Stainless steel caseback
Swiss Made
RRP: SGD1095 / SGD 1171.65 with GST

Aways visible

Navy SEALs, law enforcement, emergency personnel and more wear Luminox watches, and these professionals need to be able to see the time no matter the conditions. That’s why Luminox uses tiny tritium gas tubes, which will provide illumination for up to 25 years. Unlike other luminosity systems, which depend on exterior light sources to charge luminous paint or a pushbutton to illuminate the watch, the luminosity is built right into Luminox watches, ensuring that you will always be able to see the time, no matter the conditions.

About Luminox

Luminox, the original self-powered luminous watch brand, is the watch of choice for U.S. Navy SEALs, F-117 NighthawkTM stealth jet pilots, other elite forces and professional divers. Luminox watches glow up to 25 years in any light condition, Always Visible. Tough, powerful and accurate, Swiss-made Luminox is the ultimate night vision gear for serious athletes, rugged outdoorsmen and other peak performers.

For more information please visit Luminox Website.

In Singapore, Luminox watches are available at leading department stores (TANGS at Tang Plaza and VivoCity, Robinsons The Heeren, OG Orchard Point and authorised watch retailers.
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