Maurice Lacroix #TIMECODE in LONDON has just started !

Maurice Lacroix #TIMECODE
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Maurice Lacroix #TIMECODE: #TIMECODE.LONDON has begun!

This revolutionary interactive game coincides with the launch of the AIKON Venturer Limited Edition.

The concept? It’s a race against time
10 different cities around the world. First stop, London.

For 7 days in each city, the #Timecode will appear on a map in constantly changing locations, or via a series of clues that can be found on social media.

Players must be ready to go at any moment. The finalists will be those who collect the most #TIMECODES at the end of the week.

Everyone can play!

Are you up for the challenge?

Maurice Lacroix button

The winner of each city will receive the first model of the limited edition of the AIKON Venturer watch released in a limited series of 500. This is a watch made for urban adventurers who don’t like to play it safe.

#mauricelacroix #TIMECODE

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