Moving creativity for true connoisseurs the Rolls-Royce Wraith inspired by Franck Muller´s Crazy Hours

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Rolls-Royce Franck Muller

Fine watchmaking and the pinnacle of motor cars share the same philosophy – excellence, craftsmanship and creativity. Franck Muller and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Geneva teamed up for a very personal journey to create a unique masterpiece which reflects the exclusive aura of both worlds. The ultimate Gran Tourismo for the connoisseur and most powerful Rolls-Royce, Wraith Black Badge, is the natural choice to serve as a face for such unique project. The individual personality of both brands will materialize in a Bespoke Black Badge collection inspired by Franck Muller’s famous “Crazy Hours”. Today, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Geneva has published design sketches which hint towards Wraith “Crazy Numbers”.

Rolls-Royce Franck Muller

A motor car with a fine watchmaking touch

Bespoke is Rolls-Royce, the programme of the British car manufacturer allows customers to make their motor car as unique as their own fingerprint. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Geneva has a legacy in facilitating outstanding projects to personalize customer cars.

«Distinction, leadership and genuine expression is at the heart of the Bespoke Programme. The car is regarded as a key element of one’s taste and personal style, so it’s only natural it’s bespoke, « commented Matt Danton, Bespoke Designer at the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood.

From the colour selection to unique details, the style of “Wraith Crazy Numbers” will reflect the design of Frank Muller’s iconic Crazy Hours. The watchmaker’s audacious collection will leave its mark on Wraith´s exterior and interior – all set to send its passengers on a magical journey.Rolls-Royce Franck Muller

The motor car comes in a stunning Velvet Sparkle exterior finish, with a Twin-Coachline motif in Silver/Cobalto Blue pointing towards the «numbers» theme. The interior presents perfect harmony with the main colour Cobalto Blue and refers to the theme with a unique dashboard fascia and embroidered numbers on the rear console. Interior highlight is the Starlight Headliner depicting the “Crazy Hours” watch face. The carefully thought-out details follow the Rolls-Royce traditions and represent a decent sense of personal style.

«The only element which can match such artistry is refinement. Quality of automotive precision and engineering integrity is paramount to the success of the Bespoke programme with our customer, « emphasized Thilo Martin, General Manager Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Geneva.

Production of «Wraith Crazy Numbers» will commence shortly, the actual motor car will be presented in the 4th quarter 2020.Rolls-Royce Franck Muller

A unique timepiece collection inspired by Rolls-Royce

For this exclusive partnership, it was only appropriate for Franck Muller to select its most iconoclastic complication, which has been fascinating horological aficionados for years: the Crazy Hours™. The collection combines boldness, creativity and poetry with the exceptional Haute Horlogerie know-how of Franck Muller.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the world’s finest car manufacturer to produce this bespoke car and this exclusive watch collection. To see our exceptional know-how of haute-horlogerie be interpreted into such an exclusive car has been a fascinating experience….“ commented Nicholas Rudaz, Director of Franck Muller Watchland.

To celebrate the masterpiece car, Franck Muller is watchmaking a unique Crazy Hours™ collection inspired by the world of Rolls-Royce. The collection will show Franck Muller numbers in the well-known unconventional order, typical of the Crazy Hours timepieces.Rolls-Royce Franck Muller

The dial displays the color codes of the car and its sophisticated details that we can found on dashboards and Rolls-Royce seats’. The self-winding mechanical movement offers 42 hours of power reserve.

Thanks to its patented Crazy Hours mechanism, the collection offers a new reading of time. The central hour hand literally jumps from the numerals one to twelve placed atypically on the dial, as such, after every 60 minutes, the hour hand would jump to the next correct number. Meanwhile, the minute hand follows a conventional 60-minute cycle revolving around the dia l.

Time becomes a value that is personal, individual that you can forget, behind the wheel of your Rolls-Royces car. You are free from constraints – time is ultimately what one makes of it.

About Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Geneva

In the heart of Pegasus Automotive Group in Nyon, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Geneva is the only dealership of the British manufacturer in Swiss Romande. In this spacious location, the showroom stands over a surface o f over 420m2 where the elegant and refined design sublimes each model.

This temple of luxury automotive had been established in Nyon 8 years ago and has been completely revisited in 2018, when changing location, a few steps away from the previous address. Beneath the 7 meters high ceilings, everything has been thought through to enhance the beauty of each car and to offer a space as bright as it is prestigious to the clientele. The timeless design of the showroom has been intended as an intimate place to allow Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Geneva to host and advise its clients with the highest level of comfort.

About Franck Muller

Founded in 1991 by master watchmaker Franck Muller and a watch case specialist Vartan Sirmakes, Franck Muller Manufacture is one of the most acclaimed independent watch companies in contemporary watchmaking. An award-winning brand, Franck Muller is known for its highly exclusive technical complications, which are proprietary innovations, produced in-house within its Manufacture in Genthod, Geneva. From the Revolution 3, the first triple-axis Tourbillon, to the most complicated watch in the world, the Aeternitas™ Mega 4, Franck Muller created exceptional timepieces that left his hallmark in the story of Swiss watchmaking forever.

With more than 50 world premieres and patents, Franck Muller has been dazzling the world with creations that have been received with great enthusiasm by watch connoisseurs and celebrities alike throughout the world, and designs that represent major technical advances in the history of Haute Horlogerie.

Groupe Franck Muller Watchland SA

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