ochs und junior settimana raw brass

ochs und junior settimana raw brass

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This is the settimana raw brass, the ideal counterpart to the settimana raw. The independent launched the silver dialed settimana raw last November (2021). The settimana raw allowed ochs und junior to go back to the beginning and reestablish Ludwig Oechslin‘s design grammar for ochs und junior. The dial of the raw brass comes directly from the CNC machine, and just like the silver-hued settimana raw, it takes minimalism to the extreme, eschewing Arabic numerals and even nickel plating itself. The hour, minute and second hands have a light coating of black Super-LuminNova®, as does the rotating dot (day indicator). The settimana raw brass is fitted with a black Cordura strap and a leather case, both handmade by designer Sabina Brägger.

ochs und junior settimana raw brass

Elegant, minimalist, yet warm to the senses, this watch is available in either 36 mm or 40 mm sizes. The settimana raw brass embodies Ludwig Oechslin‘s design principles and further distils the original settimana design, leaving only what is absolutely necessary.

ochs und junior settimana raw brass
ochs und junior settimana raw brass 40mm

settimana raw brass

Weekday watch in brass designed by Ludwig Oechslin | Indication of hours, minutes and seconds | Indication of 7-week days by a black dot which rotates clockwise between 1 and 7 o’clock | 36 mm and 40 mm grade 5 Titanium pouch | Sellita SW 200-1 | brass dial | weekday dot, hour, minute and second hands with Super-LumiNova® coating in black | available in two sizes Ø 36 and Ø 40 mm | Non-customizable | Black Cordura strap and leather pouch handmade by Sabina Brägger.

CHF 2400 — incl. 7.7% VAT.
CHF 2215 — Export price.

Reading the functions
The settimana brings the focus to the 7 days of the week by way of a rotating dot located between of 1 o’clock (Monday) to 7 o’clock (Sunday). At the beginning of the week, the dot moves quickly to cover the 8 to 12 o’clock segment, restarting the new week each Monday morning.

ochs und junior settimana raw brass
ochs und junior settimana raw brass 36mm


The 7-weekday module invented by Ludwig Oechslin consists of the following components:

  1. Brass dial with functional back
  2. Gear with weekday display (point)
  3. Triple function wheel
  4. Transmission wheel

The settimana raw brass is powered by the SW 200-1 movement furnished by Sellita SA, La Chaux-de-Fonds. The settimana is produced and assembled by ochs und junior in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

ochs und junior settimana raw brass

Further information

Dimensions: Available in Ø 36 or 40 mm. 10,8 mm thickness
Weight: 55-57 Gram
Water Resistance: 50 m (5bar)
Case: Made from two parts designed by Ludwig Oechslin, available in grade 5 Titanium. Visible machining and milling traces
Base Movement: SW 200-1 by Sellita SA, La Chaux-de-Fonds
Crown: Screw-down crown made of titanium, designed by Ludwig Oechslin
Buckle: 22 mm width in titanium designed by Ludwig Oechslin
Straps: Black Cordura straps handmade by Sabina Brägger
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Night visibility: Swiss Super-LumiNova®
Swiss Made: The entire watch is made in Switzerland and assembled by ochs und junior in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
Warranty: The settimana has a warranty of 2 years.


Orders can be placed by e-mail to oj@ochsundjunior.ch or directly on our homepage https://www.ochsundjunior.swiss
Delivery is estimated for 8 weeks from order.
Order with a 50 % prepayment in accordance with the ochs und junior standard guidelines: Payment via stripe (homepage), via credit card (saferpay-link) or via bank transfer to our bank account:
Credit Suisse
ochs und junior AG
IBAN: CH31 0483 5039 2684 4100 0
Clearing No. 4835
Account No. 0463-392684-41


  1. This watch is supercool but I don’t understand why the dots (for the days of the week) are distributed between 1 – 7? Why are the dots not perfectly spaced equidistant in a full circle? Why does the dot rapidly go from 8 -12? What is the purpose of this design decision? Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi David,

      I suppose it is a mix of design with mechanical restriction but, that date between 1 and seven can make it easier to comprehend it (e.g: if it is at three, we know it is Wednesday), and 8/to 12 to have a nice animation (that was revealed for the pleasure of the viewer).
      But I will ask further.


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