Open letter to the watch industry – follow up

Picture by Viktor Hanacek
Picture by Viktor Hanacek
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A lot has happened since I wrote my letter. More than 1 million refugees are on the run to escape a mad war. A lot of people have died, too many civilian including women and children.

In the last week, the world has shown an unprecedented support. Big and small donated money, medicine, clothing and goods. Heck, even the European states donated fire power to Ukraine. They need any help we can offer.

I wrote my letter in despair, seeing a numb industry that failed to react. But I was partly wrong, not knowing that things are on the way. With that, I want to say that a lot of positive things happened.

I found out Timur (the young watch enthusiast and blogger) is safe and sound. a bit shaken, but hopeful (as far as the situation allows it). I have also had a long conversation with Natalie Yarova from Watches in Ukraine. She is also well, but afraid for Kyiv and her people. What impressed me to tears were hers and Timur care for others. They always speak about helping and what can we do to help others.

After my letter was published, I have also sent an even tougher message directly to all people from the watch industry I know. And believe me, I didn’t use the nicest words. But because I was so absorbed in my own anger, I failed to notice that a lot of wheels were already turning. And I want to apologize for that.

With that sad, I want to especially thank all people that did something for those in need. I received countless emails and messages with people helping people. From my friends in the industry that shared with me their anger, disgust and fear but also their exceptional helping gestures.

I am very grateful for the support shown by media colleagues that shared anti-war words and helped pass my message further.

I want to specially thank to all those who helped in a quiet but very efficient way. I want to mention that a few brands have gone an extra mile and openly expressed against war and started charitable actions.

I thank Georges Kern that he showed us that you can go on the streets and shout against war even when you are not 16 anymore. Because every voice counts.

I want to thank those small independents (that depend on each client they have) that let the politics aside and started charitable auctions, even if some of them received not the nicest words for doing so.

Richemont, LVMH, Kering, SWATCH and basically all the groups and big brands are now actively acting to help. Money, goods and direct support is given. From Red Cross to UNICEF and other specialised organisations can count now on a huge financial aid. Thank you for that.

Please don’t stop giving, don’t stop shouting. We want a world without wars. #givepeaceachance

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