Parmigiani Fleurier Objets d’Art L'Armoriale

Parmigiani Fleurier Objets d’Art L’Armoriale

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Introducing a new milestone within Parmigiani Fleurier‘s “Objets d’Art” collection, a tribute to the origins of Michel Parmigiani

  • L'Armoriale
  • L'Armoriale
  • L'Armoriale
  • L'Armoriale
  • L'Armoriale
  • L'Armoriale
  • L'Armoriale

L’Armoriale Pocket Watch

“L’Armoriale is not just a unique pocket watch; it is a Masterpiece from the Maison Parmigiani Fleurier that carries within it the story, passion, and excellence of a man out of the ordinary. It reminds us that sometimes, watchmaking can transcend Time to become a true work of art.

This masterpiece invites us to lose ourselves in the labyrinths of the Palazzo Te, to feel the essence of the Renaissance, and to celebrate the extraordinary journey of Michel Parmigiani.”

Guido Terreni, CEO Parmigiani Fleurier.
GIULIO ROMANO (1499-1546),
Fall of the Titans – 1525-35 – Fresco –
Hall of the Giants, Palazzo Te, Mantua

GIULIO ROMANO (1499-1546),
Fall of the Titans – 1525-35 – Fresco –
Hall of the Giants, Palazzo Te, Mantua

The inspiration for this project stems from a journey undertaken by Guido Terreni in the northern region of Italy—a voyage not only to explore Michel Parmigiani’s origins but also to revel in the architectural wonders of the area. Among the places visited was the Palazzo Te in Mantua, strategically positioned at the crossroads of Milan, Genoa, and Venice. This Renaissance-era royal palace, adorned with meticulous handcraftsmanship of its time, left a lasting impression. The Hall of Giants within the Palazzo Te, in particular, resonated with echoes of Michel Parmigiani‘s passions, embracing elements such as the Renaissance, architecture, nature, and the Golden ratio. Thus, it felt instinctive to breathe life into these influences, moving beyond their original two-dimensional expressions. In the creation of the extraordinary pocket watch case, each detail underwent a thoughtful reimagining in a three-dimensional reinterpretation.

The timepiece itself is a genuine work of art, meticulously crafted with care and attention. Michel Parmigiani, ever appreciative of exceptional craftsmanship, surrounded himself with artisans traditionally referred to as “Mains d’Or” or “Golden Hands” in the industry. These skilled “Maitre” craftsmen devoted their expertise to bringing L’Armoriale to life. Each artisan specialized in distinct crafts, including the intricate engraving of the case, the delicate enamel work on the back case, the meticulous crafting of the chain, and more.

L’Armoriale – A bridge between the centuries

L’Armoriale movement beats at a frequency of 2.5 Hz, equivalent to 18,000 vibrations per hour, providing a leisurely and refined experience for watch enthusiasts. Additionally, it features a minute repeater, enabling on-demand striking of hours, quarters, and minutes, coupled with a central seconds chronograph.

This exceptional calibre, by virtue of its origins and characteristics, seamlessly integrates all the fundamental functions and complexities inherent in the art of watchmaking. It stands as a timepiece of extraordinary intricacy and elegance. Every aspect of this movement, from its gears to the meticulously engraved and polished bridges, serves as a testament to the exceptional mastery of Parmigiani Fleurier.

  • Parmigiani Fleurier Objets d’Art L'Armoriale
  • Parmigiani Fleurier Objets d’Art L'Armoriale
  • Parmigiani Fleurier Objets d’Art L'Armoriale

In essence, the L’Armoriale movement transcends the realm of a mere mechanical watch; it stands as a heritage, a meticulously restored and enhanced masterpiece encapsulating the soul and excellence of Parmigiani Fleurier. Every component, every detail, and every complication narrates a captivating story.

Parmigiani Fleurier Objets d’Art L'Armoriale

L’Armoriale – Horological Harmony: an ode to art, technicity and elegance

The sumptuous dial, with a mordant brown hue delicately engraved in the “mezzo vibrato” theme, embodies a fusion of craftsmanship, art, and technical prowess. The engraved ring encircling the dial elegantly reflects the almond motifs present on the case and lugs. The white gold counters, also intricately engraved and adorned with delicate rings, add a subtle touch to the overall composition.


L’Armoriale – Master of art

Master enameller Vanessa Lecci

L’Armoriale by Parmigiani Fleurier, a horological masterpiece, owes much of its allure to the exquisite artistry of the Master Enameller Vanessa Lecci. With her meticulous craftsmanship and extensive experience in enamelling, every facet of this watch becomes a timeless work of art.

The 18-carat white gold case back of L’Armoriale stands as a grand feu enamel masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from the floors of Mantua’s Palazzo Te, the motifs are intricately engraved, with each cavity filled using coloured translucent enamel. The interplay of light between the engraved structure and the depth and transparency of the enamel yields subtle nuances and a distinctive texture, bestowing the case with captivating visual depth.

Master of art Master enameller Vanessa Lecci

The enamel shades adorning the back of L’Armoriale are meticulously chosen from a thoughtfully curated palette, featuring hues of yellow, red, and translucent brown. Inspired by the coat of arms of the Gonzaga family, owners of Palazzo Te, these colours contribute an additional layer of artistic richness to the watch. Each shade is perfectly balanced, creating a harmonious and visually captivating effect.

Grand feu enamelling is an intricate art, demanding, exceptional mastery of temperatures and techniques. The Enameller Master has applied an expertise to elevate the background from traditional craftsmanship to a true contemporary masterpiece.

In short, the Master Enameller’s work on the Parmigiani Fleurier Armoriale stands as a remarkable artistic achievement. The proficiency expertise in grand feu enameling has given rise to a background of extraordinary beauty, talent and dedication to preserving this ancient art. The Armoriale is a horological work of art, embodying a perfect harmony between watchmaking tradition and contemporary artistic expression.

Master chainmaker Laurent Jolliet

The chain on L’Armoriale pocket watch stands out as a remarkable creation by the master chain-maker Laurent Jolliet. Notably, Laurent Jolliet holds the distinction of being one of the last practitioners of his craft, infusing exceptional creation with a rare authenticity.

Collaborating closely with the Parmigiani Fleurier team, Laurent Jolliet ensured that the chain was in perfect harmony with the overall design of L’Armoriale. The chain’s motif mirrors the hand-engraved patterns on the watch case, as well as on the latch, establishing an elegant aesthetic continuity. The watch chain is shaped by hand with meticulous precision. Each individual link of the chain has been carefully designed to ensure maximum flexibility and durability while upholding Parmigiani Fleurier’s distinctive aesthetic and style.

The craftsman mastery is evident in the creation of an extraordinarily fine and delicate chain that gracefully follows the flow of gravity, adding an element of great elegance to the pocket watch an element of great elegance.

His work stands as a testament to Parmigiani Fleurier’s unwavering commitment to authentic art and the preservation of rare crafts. As one of the last remaining chain-makers in his profession, his contribution imparts a unique and invaluable aspect to the L’Armoriale timepiece.

Master engravers Eddy Jacquet & Christophe Blandenier

At the heart of L’Armoriale, a creation designed to commemorate Michel Parmigiani‘s birthday, resides a horological masterpiece of extraordinary complexity and beauty. A significant contributor to its splendid aesthetic lies in the engraving by master engravers Eddy Jaquet and Christophe Blandenier, internationally acclaimed artists renowned for their world-class talent and expertise.

The 18-carat white gold case of the L’Armoriale features the Maison’s distinctive motifs, consistently present in other unique creations crafted annually for Michel Parmigiani‘s birthday. Christophe Blandernier’s contribution to this case is nothing short of an artistic triumph. The pattern, which runs across the handles, creates a fascinating visual effect of depth and texture. Every detail of this motif has been meticulously engraved by hand, showcasing Christophe Blandernier’s undeniable mastery in of the art of engraving.

The caseband itself stands as a masterpiece of engraving, embellished with palmettes chiselled into the body of the precious gold, and while polished fluting adds an additional layer of sophistication. Every facet of the case band reflects exquisite precision, a testament to the attention to the meticulous attention to detail that Christophe Blandenier devotes dedicated to every stage of his work.

The master’s touch extends even to the dial of L’Armoriale, where a stylized “Florentine” motif enhances the overall refinement of the watch. Executed with exquisite precision, each element of this decoration contributes to a dial of timeless beauty. The attention to detail doesn’t waver, extending to the latch that activates the minute repeater. Treated with the same meticulousness as the case middle, it boasts fine engravings and impeccable details. The watch’s pendant and crown also undergo refined engraving, adding an overarching touch of elegance.

Inspired by a pocket watch featuring Jaquemarts and an automaton scene titled “Moses Striking the Rock,” the engraving on the L’Armoriale case introduces an ornamental motif that imparts richness and depth to the piece, elevating it to a remarkable artistic dimension.

Parmigiani Fleurier Objets d’Art L’Armoriale Technical Specifications


  • Hours, minutes, small seconds, minute repeater, chronograph, perpetual calendar
  • Pfh993-2010001-200100
  • One-of-a-kind


  • Calibre PF993 – original movement manufactured by Golay Leresche & Fils in Geneva,
  • Numbered 19052,
  • Manual winding,
  • Hours, minutes, small seconds, minute repeater, chronograph and perpetual calendar


  • Hand engraved and polished according to the theme ‘L’Armoriale’ in 18ct white gold PD210, Lépine pocket watch.
  • Diameter: 58.2 mm. Thickness: 17.5 mm.
  • Crown: Ø 9.5 mm.
  • Bow: hand engraved.
  • Crystals: anti-reflective sapphire and chevées.
  • Case back: polished and chevé, hand engraved according to the theme ‘L’Armoriale,’ ‘grand feu’ enamelled with translucent yellow, brown, and red.
  • Water-resistant: dust resistant.”


  • Colour: brown-treated 18ct white gold
  • Finish: hand-engraved according to L’Armoriale theme Rectangular hour-markers, PF logo appliqué and counter contours in 18ct white gold
  • Moon disk: aventurine sky and hand-hammered 18ct white gold moons


  • Hours and minutes: Delta-shaped 18ct white gold, openworked
  • Seconds and counters: Baton-shaped 18ct white gold
  • Chronograph: blued steel


  • 18ct white gold, entirely handcrafted
  • 35 square and 33 oval links, bevelled and polished, one oval link with PF logo engraved
  • Length: 300 mm

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