Phillips Announces Inaugural Jewellery Auctions in Geneva

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Following Strong Results for Global Jewellery Sales in 2022, Phillips’ Schedules Regular Annual Auctions in Geneva, Underscoring the Company’s Commitment to the Jewellery Category Internationally 
Inaugural Auctions on 6 November in Geneva to Include Precious Art Deco Objects from an Important Private Collection, in collaboration with Understanding Jewellery

Tiffany & Co
Onyx, enamel, rock crystal, jade and diamond desk timepiece, 1920s
Estimate: CHF 60,000-100,000

GENEVA – 10 JULY 2023 – Phillips is thrilled to announce inaugural auctions of jewellery in Geneva on 6 November. Phillips’ Jewellery department achieved historic annual sales totals in 2021 and 2022, with an impressive +185% increase in value during Fall 2022 compared with Spring 2022. The decision to hold jewellery auctions in Geneva follows in the wake of the strong results achieved in Phillips’ jewellery auctions in 2022, and further affirms Phillips’ international investment in the category, now spanning across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. With its rich heritage and reputation as a global hub for luxury and collectibles, Geneva serves as an ideal location for these prestigious auctions, attracting discerning collectors from around the world.

The inaugural Geneva auctions will take place on 6 November and the presale exhibition will go on view in the week preceding the sale from 31 October to 5 November. These highly anticipated auctions will include a various owner auction and the auction of a remarkable private collection. The various owner auction will feature splendid diamonds and gemstones and an impressive selection of vintage and modern jewels by renowned houses such as Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. The private collection includes an array of exquisite and precious Art Deco objects featuring renowned names and beautifully showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship and diverse aesthetics of the period. The collection will be exhibited alongside other auction highlights in several locations, including Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taipei, inviting collectors and enthusiasts to witness these remarkable pieces firsthand.

The private collection of Art Deco objects included in the Geneva auction this November features over 120 lots, meticulously assembled over time and highlighting the splendor of the Art Deco era. The rarity and significance of this collection cannot be overstated, as it encompasses a remarkable array of boxes, vanity cases, timepieces, and objects from prestigious names such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Raymond Templier, Sandoz, Ostertag, Lacloche Frères, Marchak, Tiffany & Co., Janesich, Jean Després, Black Starr & Frost, Boucheron, and more. The estimates for these pieces range from no reserve to CHF 100,000, offering a broad spectrum of price points for collectors.

Benoît Repellin, Worldwide Head of Jewellery, Phillips, said, “We are privileged to bring such a rare and comprehensive Art Deco collection to the market. This lovingly assembled collection pays homage to the discerning eye of the collector, who thoughtfully selected the finest jewellery houses and designers of the Art Deco period, capturing the diverse styles and trends of the era, from elaborate and bejewelled designs to those with clean lines and geometric forms by Jean Després and Raymond Templier. We are excited about the continued growth and expansion of our Jewels department, and we look forward to presenting these extraordinary pieces to collectors and connoisseurs.”

The lead highlight of the collection is an exquisite Tiffany & Co. Onyx, enamel, rock crystal, jade, and diamond desk timepiece from the 1920s. This remarkable piece exemplifies the artistry and opulence of the Art Deco period, showcasing the impeccable craftsmanship for which Tiffany & Co. is renowned.

Asian Elegance: Exploring the Chinese and Japanese Influence

The collection showcases the captivating allure of Chinese and Japanese aesthetics, and includes many exotic materials such as jade, onyx, coral, and amber. Departing from traditional gemstones, these precious treasures feature motifs of dragons, chimeras, pagodas, Buddhas and breathtaking Chinese or Japanese landscapes. These pieces demonstrate how the fusion of cultures transcended boundaries, inspiring a new wave of artistic expression.

Nephrite, mother-of-pearl, onyx, enamel and diamond desk timepiece, circa 1925
Estimate: CHF 40,000-60,000

Lacloche Frères
Enamel and diamond vanity case, 1920s
Estimate: CHF 30,000-50,000

Enamel and gem set vanity case, 1920s
Estimate: CHF 40,000-60,000

Lapis lazuli, amethyst, onyx, moonstone, and diamond cigarette case, circa 1920
Estimate: CHF 35,000-45,000

Eastern Allure: Persian and Islamic Inspirations

Inspired by the grandeur of Persian and Islamic influences, this collection unveils the interplay between simplicity and opulence in Art Deco design. While dresses embraced a minimalist cut, the fabrics danced with rich patterns, reminiscent of the enchanting motifs found in Persian art. Stars and geometric themes create a mesmerising tapestry of Eastern allure, inviting one to indulge in a world where elegance knows no boundaries.

Van Cleef & Arpels
Enamel, pearl, and diamond minaudière, 1920s
Estimate: CHF 30,000-50,000

Mother-of-pearl, enamel, and diamond vanity case, circa 1924
Estimate: CHF 20,000-30,000

Precision in Form: Geometric Marvels and Architectural Delights

A selection of pieces in this collection celebrates the geometric designs and architectural marvels that defined the Art Deco movement. Inspired by the development of innovative modern industrial machines, these creations encapsulate that streamlined elegance. Symmetrical patterns, clean lines and bold shapes pay homage to the harmonious fusion of art and technology during this transformative era.

Paul Brandt
Silver, gold and lacquer vanity case, circa 1930
Estimate: CHF 5,000-8,000

Gérard Sandoz
Enamel vanity case, 1920s
Estimate: CHF 5,000-8,000

Blooming Beauty: Art Deco’s Flourishing Floral Motifs

Delicate and resplendent, jewels by Boucheron, Ostertag and Strauss, and Allard & Meyer showcase the floral motifs that graced the Art Deco landscape, creating a world of intricate blossoms, where nature intertwines with modernist aesthetics. From vibrant petals to sinuous vines, this collection encapsulates the romance and elegance of Art Deco’s love affair with the botanical realm.

Enamel vanity case, 1920s
Estimate: CHF 12,000-18,000

Gold, gem set and diamond compact, 1920s
Estimate: CHF 16,000-24,000

Gold, enamel and diamond lighter, 1920s
Estimate: CHF 3,000-5,000

Phillips is a leading global platform for buying and selling 20th and 21st century art and design. With dedicated expertise in the areas of 20th Century and Contemporary Art, Design, Photographs, Editions, Watches, and Jewelry, Phillips offers professional services and advice on all aspects of collecting. Auctions and exhibitions are held at salerooms in New York, London, Geneva, and Hong Kong, while clients are further served through representative offices based throughout Europe, the United States and Asia. Phillips also offers an online auction platform accessible anywhere in the world. In addition to providing selling and buying opportunities through auction, Phillips brokers private sales and offers assistance with appraisals, valuations, and other financial services.
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*Estimates do not include buyer’s premium; prices achieved include the hammer price plus buyer’s premium.

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