Planet double-axis watch winder by Bernard Favre

Bernard Favre Planet double-axis watch winder
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Bernard Favre manufactures some of the most beautiful watch winders available on the market. Besides the good-looking design,  the winders are excellent executed. We present you a short presentation of the collection. The text and the images are taken from the official press kit. 

Planet double-axis watch winder

Bernard Favre’s double-axis Planet watch winders keep your automatic watches wound at an optimal level so that they are ready to wear at a moment’s notice, look fantastic and are mesmerizing to watch in operation.


Unlike many watch winders on the market, the double-axis Bernard Favre Planet does not overwind watches thanks to the nine program options, ensuring an optimal winding setting for any timepiece. There is even an eye-catching «Exhibition» program if drawing attention to a featured watch is the aim. A concealed switch in base selects programs, while a slot for a USB key allows for loading custom winding programs adapted to your watch’s calibre.

The Planet double-axis watch winder is made to the highest Swiss standards and features a black sandblasted base with leather option, and with polished, black or gilded stainless steel rotation rings. The quiet, high-efficiency motor runs for three months on a single charge on the standard program and is ultra-silent thanks to acous-tically-sealing O-rings in the base. The battery is quickly charged by a simple USB cable and can be left permanently connected. An elegant glass dome both protects the watch from dust and curious hands as well as adding to the mystery of the kinetic ballet within.

Black sandblasted aluminium base with double-axis movement in different finishings, Dimensions:  140 mm diameter x 210 mm high (glass bell cover), 120 mm diameter x 150 mm high (winder without cover). USB charger, glass bell and travel case included

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0. Charging does not rotate.
1. Completes 800 clockwise rotations in 40 minutes.
2. Completes 1000 clockwise rotations in 50 minutes.
3. Completes 800 anticlockwise rotations in 40 minutes.
4. Completes 1000 anticlockwise rotations in 50 minutes.
5. Completes 480 clockwise and 480 anticlockwise rotations in 40 minutes.
This programme winds 99% of watches.
6. Completes 680 clockwise and 680 anticlockwise rotations in approx. 50 minutes.
7. Completes 800 clockwise and 800 anticlockwise rotations in approx. 65 minutes.
8*. Carries out the following sequence 150 times: 3 clockwise rotations, 6-second pause,
3 anticlockwise rotations, 6-second pause, approx 105 minutes
9*. Carries out the following sequence 800 times: 3 clockwise rotations, 6-second pause, 3 anticlockwise rotations, 6-second pause. This programme is ideal for display cases, approx 7 hours
* Customisable by yourself

Power supply

Battery with a 120-day life, rechargeable via PC or the mains


Warranty of twenty-four (24) months
Registered design CE certified



For more information please visit the Bernard Favre Website.

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