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Ralph Lauren’s Stirrup Collection: 2 novelties & 15 years of history

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When the Stirrup Collection was launched in 2009 in Geneva, it elegantly fused Ralph Lauren’s equestrian heritage with the finest in Swiss watchmaking. Since then, the Stirrup Collection has consistently evolved while staying true to its foundational codes: the unique stirrup-shaped case and a timeless Roman numeral dial. Now introducing the latest iteration of the Stirrup Collection: The Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds.

“I wanted to celebrate the grace and beauty of horse riding, an elegant equestrian heritage – but at the same time create something that would be iconic and timeless.”

Ralph Lauren

With the Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds, Ralph Lauren opens a new chapter in the story of the making of an icon.

In 2009, Ralph Lauren presented an unprecedented collection of nine watches, each with a stirrup- shaped case and a saddle-inspired leather strap – symbolizing the brand’s equestrian heritage – at the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) in Geneva. Depending on case size – 27.7 x 29.3 mm (small), 32.4 x 34.3 mm (medium), and 36.6 x 38.5 mm (large) – and complications (hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph etc.), the watches featured hand-wound and self-winding mechanical movements, developed exclusively for the new brand by such renowned Swiss watch Manufactures as Jaeger-LeCoultre (caliber RL701 for medium models, and RL750 for large models with chronograph) and Piaget (caliber RL430, for small models).

Building on the inaugural series, 2010 saw the introduction of the Medium Stirrup in white gold, featuring a 348-diamond pavé-set case, alongside models in yellow gold. The innovative Stirrup Link in rose gold – with a chunky chain-link bracelet replacing the strap – introduced in 2011 then firmly cemented the brand’s legitimacy at the nexus of Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie. Link models in rose gold, and steel followed in 2012, broadening the appeal without watering down the image of the icon in the making.

Stirrup Petite Link Mother of Pearl
Stirrup Petite Link Mother of Pearl

In this spirit, 2014 introduced a new Petite Link (23.3 x 27.0 mm) collection address smaller wrist sizes with styles in stainless steel and red or white gold, with or without diamonds. The Stirrup Petite in steel introduced in 2015 with a saddle brown leather strap presented a slightly smaller case (23.3 x 25.0 mm), creating a new aesthetic, more wristband than wristwatch.

In 2018, Ralph Lauren revisited its straps for the Stirrup Collection. The new interchangeable straps allowed for more possibilities of personalization. The straps featured a metal stud that simplified the process, combining practicality with a new distinctive design element that is truer to the equestrian aesthetic. Size mattered again in 2019 as the Stirrup Collection celebrated its 10th anniversary with an even smaller case (22.5 X 16.8 mm), the discretely conspicuous Stirrup Mini.

In 2021, the brand offered all Stirrup models in a stealthy matte black PVD-coated steel finish. The Black Stirrup collection – in all sizes and all iterations –proved how a ‘classic’ aesthetic can be infused with modernity.

In 2023, Ralph Lauren introduced two models with added radiance. On the Stirrup Petite Link, the jewelry-inspired bracelet is composed of alternating stainless steel links set with a single row of diamonds. The supple chain-link bracelet, set with 84 stones (~0.72 Ct), seamlessly complements the iconic stirrup-shaped case (23.3 x 27 mm) whose bezel is set with 60 diamonds (~0.69 cts). The slightly larger Stirrup Small (27.7 x 29.3 mm) marries an eye-catching diamond-set bezel (60 brilliant-cut stones for a total of .69 cts) with an elegant alligator strap. The sporty elegance of stainless steel and the dazzling extravagance of white diamonds; effortlessly captures the equestrian heritage.

Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds
Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds

2024: The Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds Unveiled

Fifteen years since its debut, the introduction of the “Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds”embodies Ralph Lauren’s vision of combining timeless elegance with unparalleled craftsmanship. Adorned with meticulously set diamonds, this exclusive timepiece is limited in availability to ensure its distinguished allure.

Throughout its first decade and a half, the Stirrup Collection has time and again proved a testament to Ralph Lauren’s commitment to design and quality, and has become a symbol of the brand’s enduring legacy in the world of luxury timepieces. In Ralph Lauren’s words: “A watch expresses something personal. It reflects your individuality and taste — from its functionality to its aesthetic.” A decade and a half ago, the Stirrup Collection struck a chord. It continues to resonate…

“The common denominator of all my designs and my passion is the same: timeless elegance, quality and craftsmanship. I aspire to create watches that portray a way of life and authenticity. Like everything else I design, I want them to have character and an enduring sense of style and luxury.”

Ralph Lauren

The Stirrup Collection – The becoming of an icon

January 2009 – The Magnificent Nine

The inaugural Stirrup Collection presented at the SIHH in Geneva in 2009, crafted in 18-carat white or rose gold and available in three distinct sizes—small (27.7 x 29.3 mm), medium (32.4 x 34.3 mm), and large (36.6 x 38.5 mm). It featured hand-wound and self-winding mechanical movements, depending on case size and complication (hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph), developed expressly for the new brand by such renowned Manufactures as Jaeger-LeCoultre and Piaget.

Unveiled alongside the core line-up, this limited edition Stirrup Platinum Chronograph, ref. RLR0034700, further affirmed Ralph Lauren’s status as a premier watchmaker. Behind the striking, now iconic dial lies the self-winding calibre RL750, developed exclusively for Ralph Lauren by Jaeger-LeCoultre. The watch’s platinum case, measuring 36.6 x 38.5 x 12.15 mm, marries bold elegance with an unmistakable presence – the essence of Ralph Lauren’s luxury watch design. Only 67 were made and the watch has become quite sought-after by collectors.

January 2011 – Exploring new style dimensions

RLR0020700 in stainless steel. 36.6 x 38.5 mm. The minute markers on the dial of steel models railway-style minute tracks on gold versions.

The Stirrup Large Chronograph, ref. RLR0031700 in rose gold. Case dimensions: 36.6 x 38.5 mm. Note the choice of buckle as a function of case material.

The spectacular Stirrup Small Diamond Link White Gold, ref. RLR0012200. Inside the case measuring 27.7 by 29.3 mm with a height of just 7.1 mm, the Piaget-designed caliber RL430.

January 2012 – Iconic design, boundless creativity

The Stirrup Gold Link, ref.‘ RLR0011100 in rose gold with a 27.5 by 29.3-mm case. Entering its third year, the Stirrup collection expanded with models that further explored the fusion of luxurious design and functional elegance. Among the new creations, the standout Stirrup Gold Link featured an intricate chain-link bracelet

Stirrup Small for 2012: ref. RLR0010701, steel (27.5 x 29.3 mm) with black dial.

2013 – The duality of elegance                                  

Stirrup Small Link Steel, ref. RLR0010000, introduced in 2013 with case and chain-link bracelet in stainless steel. This watch was one of the first in the Stirrup collection to feature the RL688 quartz movement, allowing for a thinner, lighter and more compact case while providing exceptional accuracy and worry-free wearability.

Case size: 29.3 x 27.7 mm.

Stirrup Diamond Link Medium, ref. RLR0022200, in white gold, set with 1,911 white diamonds (35.58 carats). Case dimensions: 34.3 x 32.4 mm.

January 2014 – Petite perfection, graceful evolution

Stirrup Petite Link models at the starting gate in 2014: ref RLR0040000 in steel; ref RLR0040003, red gold, black lacquered dial, rose gold hands and markers; ref. RLR0040001 in steel, mother-of-pearl dial; ref. RLR0040002 in steel, diamond-set bezel; ref. RLR0040004 in rose gold, diamond-set bezel. Ralph Lauren premieres the Stirrup Petite Link series at the SIHH, the watch industry’s beacon event in Geneva. Six distinct references with a 23.3 by 27 by 6.7 mm case, slightly more discreet than the ‘small’ version (27.7 x 29.3 x 7.15 mm). Again, the brand juxtaposes two worlds in a manner as surprising as it is self-evident, blending the iconic stirrup-shaped case with a jewelry-inspired bracelet.

Stunning: Petite Link Diamonds, ref. RLR0042200 in white gold, set with 2,017 diamonds (approx. 20.35 carats).

January 2015 – Stirrup Petite: discreetly sporty, distinctly elegant

Stirrup Petite, ref. RLR0040700 in steel with saddle brown calfskin strap, tan stitching. Case size:

23.3 x 25 x. 6.7 mm. (2015)

2019 – 10 years already…

The Stirrup Mini, ref. 469836776001 comes in a new case size: 16.8 mm x 22.5 mm and is powered by the RL1032

Swiss manufacture quartz calibre

2021 – ‘Black Stirrup, in tune with the times

Proof of the power of design with a pure intent – the ‘Black Stirrup’ collection demonstrates a willingness
to zig where others zag, and more importantly, the agility required to do so. The entire collection is now also available in an elegantly stealthy matte black PVD-coated steel finish. The models shown here illustrate how a ‘classic’ aesthetic can be infused with modern edginess – as if this contemporary flair had always been an underlying element, now brought to the forefront.

Stirrup Small Link Black

Reference: 469851115001
Case size: 27.40 x 29.30mm
Case material: Black PVD-coated stainless steel
Movement: Quartz, caliber:976.001
Power reserve: 38 hours
Water resistance: 5 ATM (50

Stirrup Large Black

Reference: 468846082001
Case size: 36.60 x 38.50mm
Case material: Black PVD-coated stainless steel
Movement: Automatic, caliber RL300- 1
Power reserve: 38 hours
Water resistance: 5 ATM (50 m/160 ft)

2023 – A study in steel and diamonds

On the eve of the 15th anniversary of the Stirrup Collection, Ralph Lauren introduces two new additions to its iconic creation, blending the sleek elegance of stainless steel and the dazzling extravagance of white diamonds. : the Stirrup Petite-Link and the Stirrup Small. Both capture Ralph Lauren’s equestrian heritage with their hallmark stirrup-shaped silhouette. Both reflect a spirit of nobility and adventure, of casual yet deliberate elegance, with the purposeful but also playful combination of steel and sparkle.

Stirrup Small, ref. 469938332008 in stainless steel; bezel set with 60 white diamonds (approx. 0.69 cts.). Calibre: RL688 Manufacture movement (quartz) with Côtes de Genève decorations. Case size: 27.7 x 29.3 mm. Water resistant to 3 ATM (30 m / 100 ft).

The Stirrup Petite-Link, ref. 469942833001, for 2023 comes with stainless steel case and chain link bracelet, both gem-set. On the bezel: 60 diamonds (~0.69 cts); on the bracelet: 84 diamonds (~0.72 carats). RL057 quartz movement with Côtes de Genève circular-grained stripes. Case size: 23.3 x 25 x. 6.7 mm. Water resistance: 3 ATM (30 m / 100 ft).

Stirrup Petite Link Mother of Pearl

This creation rekindles the daring spirit that caught the watch industry by surprise – and marked the birth of an icon – a decade-and-a-half ago: ever so discreetly, the Stirrup Petite-Link dazzles.

Stirrup Petite Link Mother of Pearl
Stirrup Petite Link Mother of Pearl

Set along the outer perimeter of the polished stirrup-shaped steel case – measuring a petite 23.3 by 27 mm with a height of just 6.7 mm – 56 brilliant-cut white diamonds (approximately 0.41 ct) draw attention to the white mother-of-pearl dial, where glossy black sword-type hands alone indicate the hours and minutes. The curved sapphire crystal subtly amplifies the mesmerizing effect of the material’s natural iridescence.

Stirrup Petite Link Mother of Pearl

This modern interpretation of Ralph Lauren’s classic watch design artfully juxtaposes the collection’s hallmark stirrup with a bracelet inspired by high jewelry. However, with a twist: made from the same polished steel as the case, the intertwining links are set aglow with a single row of brilliant-cut diamonds (84 in total, approximately 0.72 ct), naturally embracing the wrist. Beneath the lacquered and polished white mother-of-pearl dial, a Swiss-manufactured movement, caliber 976.001 – hand- finished with vertical Côtes de Genève stripes and circular graining – provides the precision and practicality of quartz with a battery life of at least 74 months.

Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds

2024 – Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds

With this latest iteration, Ralph Lauren presents the feminine timepiece, the Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds, a dazzling addition to the Stirrup Watch collection.

The dial is a sparkling sea of 307 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 1.46 carats) set in 18K white gold. Meticulously positioned, the gems play off each other, setting the watch face aglow.

Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds
Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds

Adorned with 282 diamonds (approximately 1.77 carats, brilliant-cut as well), the watch case in 18K rose gold amplifies the dial’s luxurious design. The discreet elegance of the black alligator strap creates a contrast that marries luxury with simplicity.

The Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of precision. At its core, the six-jewel Swiss Manufacture movement calibre 976.001 operates flawlessly with a battery life of about 74 months. The oxidized black watch hands are silent and sleek as they glide across the dial.

Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds

The Stirrup Rose Gold Full Set Diamonds watch embodies Ralph Lauren’s commitment to master craftsmanship, innovation, and the essence of luxury. The pinnacle of fifteen years of excellence that has defined the Stirrup collection, this watch is not only the celebration of a moment but also a pledge of enduring reliability and excellence.

As a tribute to women’s watches and jewellery, the Stirrup collection has evolved from a daring vision to a timeless icon of simplicity and elegance. A decade and a half on, the Stirrup remains as faithful as ever to its original ethos of equestrian-inspired grace, continuing to stand as a testament to the timeless beauty and elegance that Ralph Lauren embodies.

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