Review: Bell & Ross BR03-92 Green Bronze Diver, Part 2

Bell & Ross BR03-92 Green Bronze Diver
Bell & Ross BR03-92 Green Bronze Diver in the sand as a part of the exposition (in the time I was playing with it)
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I reviewed last week the Bell & Ross BR03-92 Green Bronze Diver. That was the descriptive part of the review. Today, I want to present you a photographic review of the diver. The piece was a loan from Bell & Ross, the No. 441 of 999. The diver has joined me and my wife on a long weekend to Luxembourg. The most complex work that the Green Bronze Diver had to do is to stay on my wrist and to accept my photographic experiments. Some of the images are done with my phone, a Samsung S9plus since I forgot the camera in the car several times. These are my experiments and some comments.

Bell&Ross BR03-92 Green Bronze Diver
Bell&Ross BR03-92 Green Bronze Diver after a full sunny day out

Bell & Ross BR03-92 Green Bronze Diver Photographic Review

I have made a lot of pictures with the  Green Bronze. A lot! I will split the pictures into topics.

Preparing for the road

As mentioned before, we did a short trip to Luxembourg – one of my favourite city. Luxembourg is a green city, clean and well organised. Parking spaces everywhere but also an excellent public transportation system (that is intended to be free of charge in the near future). This nature-friendly region is populated with nice people. Luxembourg is a multicultural city. Rarely I switched from German to French, to English and vice versa so often.

Luxembourg outdoor pictures

We visited the Vianden Castle. This spectacular castle has a wonderful tour. We have seen simulated sword fights, firings with medieval weapons and we have heard many cool stories. Definitely, a recommendation if you are in the area.

The Museum of Modern Art Luxembourg

We also visited Luxembourg’s Museum of Modern Art. I don’t have too many pictures from there since I was absorbed by the art. Another recommendation.

Low-light experiments

Most of the images were realised in my small home office. I have experimented various light scenarios. When the SuperLuminova was too weak, I have helped a bit with some extra UV-Light. The metallic surface is a car sun-shade. I liked the way the light was reflecting.

An explosion of light and colour

For this set of pictures I have used two coloured reflective plates: blue and rainbow. Depending on the combination of both and the surrounding light, the result is coloured in unusual ways. All are photos minimally corrected in Photoshop.

Adding some X-Mas lights for fun

Missing some colours, if that was possible, I thought it will be a good idea to use some Christmas lights. Just to spice up a bit. Again, the watch was placed on one or other of the plates and used the other plate for light manipulation.

Final words and pictures

The Bell & Ross BR03-92 Green Bronze Diver was a fun companion. On the trip, in Luxembourg and in the studio. The watch shows like SIHH and Baselworld lack the time for experimentation and creative thinking. There, I just wish to have as many watches as possible photographed, to have enough material to cover the year. So it is a great opportunity to have a loan for testing. Thank you Bell & Ross for the opportunity. If you didn’t read the descriptive review (with its own pictures), you can find it here.

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